Greetings from the Eternally Confused

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  1. Hiya! I'm Alex. Fair warning, I'm easily confused and even more easily distracted. It's a good thing to know in case you are interested in starting up a conversation or roleplay with me. I used to roleplay a lot, but life got extra chaotic causing me take a break from a lot of things I enjoy very much. Now that I've learned to manage the chaos that is my life, I'm getting back into a few of my favorite pastimes. This, of course, includes roleplaying. I may be a bit rusty... I'm hoping to find some patient people on here to help me get back into things. The place I used to call my roleplay home has changed drastically since I had last been active there, and it is no longer a friendly environment. So here I am. I hope this will become my new roleplay home. From what I've seen here so far, it looks very promising.
  2. Hello Alex, welcome to Iwaku! My name is Melancholy, but please call me Mel. If you ever need anything, send me a PM! ^^
  3. Hello Alex. Welcome to Iwaku!!
  4. It's nice to meet you, Mel. Thank you very much. Will do.

    Thanks for the welcome! :)
  5. Your welcome. As I can tell by your name your obviously a harry potter fan?
  6. Yes. I am a Harry Potter fan. Muggles is actually my high school nickname I decided to reclaim.
  7. Oh okay. I love Harry Potter myself, would love to do something revolved around the third generation.
  8. Welcome! I have seen your profile picture so many times -- it's quite popular.
  9. Hihi Alex, welcome to Iwaku! ^o^
  10. I'd be interested in doing something involving the third generation with you. Send me a PM?

    Thanks, and I wasn't aware of that. Oh well. I like it.

    Thank you! ^_^
  11. Hello. Welcome to Iwaku. I would love to roleplay with you, given the chance. I am a harry potter fan myself, btw. cx Well, I am a fan of anything magical and fantasy.
  12. Thanks. I would love to roleplay with you as well. PM me maybe?
  13. Welcome to Iwakuuuu, Alex! ^o^
  14. Thank you!
  15. Welcome to the site, -insert gender here-! If you happen to want to like fantasy settings, to which it is a group, then I may have an option for you. The plus side to it being a group is that it allows you to disappear for a bit while life does what life does whereas a 1x1 is a little more...confining. Give it a thought, yea?
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.