Greetings from Caprica City

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  1. Heya :)
    I'm JKAmaryllis. I'm not really new to roleplay, but the roleplays that I have done before were organized a little differently and were actually (very) loosely based on sims 3. (Mainly using Sims 3 as art for your avatar and for fanart). So kind of hoping it's okay to continue that here since I can't draw for the life of me.

    I work full time as a registered nurse, so can't promise to be like.. super active or anything but I'm certainly going to try. Hrm... what else do you want to know? Interests, maybe? I do dabble in making jewelry, but really haven't had time for that lately especially since the hub and I just bought a new home and have been in the midst of moving. Into a few TV shows, including obviously BSG, Lost Girl, Arrow, Community, Homeland, and Vampire Diaries as a guilty pleasure. Musical inspiration... I've loved Garbage for like fifteen years, lol. Used to kinda be into metal and such like Lacuna coil, Killswitch Engage and Nightwish etc, but I'm becoming a softie and getting more into uuh.. like Lana Del Rey and Florence + the Machine. Soo... other than that feel free to ask me any questions :)
  2. Welcome to the site ^^
    It's nice to see that you decided to roleplay on here. You seem like a nice person and thus will make a great addition to this site. c:
    Don't mind if you can't draw. You can use a picture, screenshot from sims 3, or even a description, to show what your character looks like. It's all up to you.
    Also, don't feel bothered that you can't post on a too regular basis. Make sure to notify your fellow rper of this, but aside from that it'll be fine. It's normal that people have busy lives. We understand. :)
    Hopefully you'll have a great time on this site here~!
    Have fun rping~
  3. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!
  4. AMBIE! I'm so excited and AH LURVE YOU! Welcome to Iwaku sister-girl! Can't wait to get my RP on with you at last!

    *squeees and bounces before running away!*