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Greetings from another planet

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by RoranHawkins, Dec 30, 2014.

  1. *Steps out of his personal spaceship*

    "Greetings Commander. I do hope my arrival was announced?"

    "Eh - o - ofcourse Lord Roro! P-please follow me this way!

    In other words, the eternal doom that is me has arrived in your site, after 2 years on the RPG.
  2. Greetings to you from the planet of Iwaku. Welcome I am Hollow, enjoy your stay.
  3. Hallo! Welcome to Iwaku!
  4. Hi there Roran! :D Welcome to the community!
  5. Welcome to Iwaku, Roran.

    What site are you referring to with the acronym RPG? I know of a couple that could apply, and I come from one of them myself.
  6. I've seen you on the Roleplayer Guild. Your avatar gives you away easily.
  7. Haha, yes, I suppose it does.

    Well, I hope you find Iwaku to your liking. You'll probably see a lot of other names you recognize around here, due to all of the people who have migrated here from RPG, so it might not feel entirely unfamiliar to you. :lol: