Greetings, from Ameronis

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  1. *A cloaked figure steps out of the shadows and bows deeply*

    Greetings to you all! I am Ameronis, a newcomer to these lands, though some of you may have heard my name on the wind before.

    I am an experienced RPer of over 10 years, and after travelling far and wide, I have discovered this fine establishment. From what I can see, this is just the place I have been looking for...

    I come bearing stories to tell, and look to take part in the tales of others. I like chat-based RPs above all (speedy!), and do anything from 1x1 to large group RPs.

    Here's hoping I can make new friends (and why not a few enemies too, eh? Having a nemesis is always good fun ^-^) and have a good time doing so. :D

    When I'm not the dark, mysterious, silent type, I'm a joker who's not afraid to have a good time, so if you're up for some serious storytelling marinated in silliness, then come find me. I'll be around...Watching...

    Let's do this!

    *Fist pump*

    ~ Ameronis
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  2. Welcome fair traveler, i am Gabe or Gabriel, Welcome to Iwaku
  3. Is there anywhere a weary traveller can kick back, rest and watch people as they come and go?

    ~ Ameronis
  4. Welcome traveller I am vyren
  5. *Curstie* Welcome to the site, Ameronis! :D
  6. Welcome to the site, Ameronis! I hope you enjoy your stay :D
  7. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Iwaku nice to meet you :D
  8. Hello and welcome to Iwaku, It's a pretty big place and seems to span across multiple timelines and universes.

    And weird people.... they exist here too....

    Enjoy not being yourself while being yourself, alright.
  9. Oh, hey, visitors! Tanks :D Please have a complimentary balloon as thanks for the warm welcome! ^_^

    Also, OMG, Diana! There you is! :o I've been looking for you. I have some things I'd like to...discuss with you...*Grits teeth, cracks knuckles* Over a nice cup of tea, of course!