Greetings Folk of Iwaku: Karazura

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  1. Greetings People of Iwaku Roleplay, I am Reno Karazura. I use Karazura as my username because I choose to, and no other reason. I am an experienced Role-Player, so this will be interesting. Let us work as one magnificent group.
  2. Welcome, Karazura! How long have you been roleplaying and what's your favorite genre?
  3. Hello Reno, you can call me Vanille c:
    welcome to the community!
    I sure hope you have lots of fun!
    if you need any help, please don't hesitate in asking.
    oh and if you need a friend then here I am :) *open arms for a hug?*
  4. I have been roleplaying for a few years, with my favorite genres being fantasy and science fiction.
    Vanille... That name is familiar, and yes. *Hugs Vanille*
  5. Ohhh! Fantasy, my forte!
    I don't believe you know me but emm, I got the name from a final fantasy game character XD
    *enjoys the hug*
    I believe we will get along pretty nicely.
  6. Woohoo. Two victims in one day. I'm on a roll.

    Hey there. I'm D'evil, the friendly neighborhood daemon. If you have any questions, comments, ideas, concerns, don't hesitate to ask. I like mi victims to be happy.
  7. You're in luck then as those two genre have their own section, so don't hesitate to check it out!
  8. Vanille, the very place I recognize it from. The L'cie Vanille from final fantasy 13. I beat both 13 and 13-2 with the former being more difficult. And a daemon, I am liking this place more and more.
  9. Hello and and welcome to Iwaku!
    It's good to see so many fresh faces joining the old ones.

    If you ever need any help or just want someone to share a conversation with, feel free to hit me up.
    You posted this 8 hours ago, so I was just wondering what parts of these forums you've checked out and if you had checked out any of the super awesome creative challenges? That's one of my favorite parts of this site, not including all the awesome members,

    I hope that everyone has been friendly so far, and that nobody has scared you too badly. ;)