Greetings Fellow Roleplayers!

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  1. Hello there everyone :)

    I'm kind of back after a few net issues and real life problems I've had :( That also forced me to change around all my accts on the net, abandon my old and the like I'm not really new here, but I haven't really found out or figured how the site works out exactly to be honest.

    I'm an article, essay/article, fiction, poet and erotica writer which means a bit of everything, but I also have other hobbies amongst them include psychology, reading hell a lot, music ( listening and playing), roleplaying and well making new acquaintances provided they are worth it.

    I posted up a kind of introduction/quick resume for you to know more or less what I like and what works out for me if you're interested to PM me with some of your ideas please do so, I'm more than willing to negotiate :)

    I roleplay mostly by e-mail, PM's and on threads. The rest obviously is to be determined depending on the kind of roleplay you wish to engage in with me.

    Anyhow I hope to meet you and make some new friends too besides roleplay :)

    See you all around hopefully

    Vold3mortia XD
  2. Hello there, Vold3mortia! :) Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hi there!

    Thank you :) I like feeling welcomed *blush*
  4. We're glad to have you (back?)! If you're ever looking for a partner to roleplay with, feel free to send me a quick message. :)
  5. Will do thanks *smiles*
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  6. Welcome back to the madness xD

    Enjoy your stay more than last time ~. Gives Oreo biscuits :)
  7. Hehehee :)

    To be sure that I will, just need to get used to the place a lil bit again it's huge!!! *smiles biting into an Oreo biscuit* :)
  8. Hallo! :D Welcome to the site!
  9. Hey there thank you Diana :)
  10. Salutations! and welcome to Iwaku =D