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  1. I'm very excited to be here! I hope everyone is doing okay, and I hope we can make some great roleplays together! I, am not sure how to go about this whole introduction business but, for now I think I'd like to say that, I'm really hopeful that I can make friends here. I, may not be the best roleplayer but I will try my best! And well, I guess i should warn people that i may seem a little, off, or shy. So, please forgive me, I have problems with new people as I'm not sure how to approach them. But, anyways, thats it for now! Just, hope this wasn't confusing for ya.
  2. Heya Dusky, welcome to Iwaku! The friendliest role-play community in all of the internet! Your introduction doesn't have to be fancy, but since you want to get some great role-plays going be sure to check out Role-play Search. If you ever need help don't hesitate to ask the staff or another site member such as myself. Smoosh Smoosh.
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  3. Hey there! Welcome to Iwaku :) Peruse our fine selection of group and 1x1 RPs, make your own, or hang out at General Chatting! If you need help, don't hesitate to ask a Staff member-- We're the red guys~

    Have fun!
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  4. Welcome to Iwaku, friend! Make yourself at home, I'm sure you'll love it here. c:
    I'm not very good at introductions and tend to be a little shy myself, so don't worry about it at all. People here are very considerate and friendly, so you are in a good place! If you ever need someone to chat with or want a partner to role play with, just give me a holler! I'm always around.
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  5. Hi Dusky! :D Welcome to Iwaku!
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  6. Thank you so much! Should I pm you for advice or?

    Hello! And thank you so much!

    Thank you! I appreciate it.

    Alright! Will do! Hope you're having a wonderful day!
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  7. You're more than welcomed to if you ever need it. Currently I'm in school so my responses will be a little laggy.
  8. Welcome! It's nice to meet you, Dusky!

    And if you're not feeling confident in your RP skills, we have a large library of helpful stuff, and I'll be happy to help you out, as well. Everyone deserves to feel confident in their skills! ♥

    Nothin' wrong with being shy, either. I am too. It takes a lot of guts coming in and posting an introduction. Be proud of yourself!
  9. Hey Dusky! Welcome to iwaku - I'm sorry for being so late with my welcome!! ♥
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