Greetings everyone.

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  1. Hello everyone.

    I'm new here and generally new to role-playing. I wish to improve and meet people to rp with too.
    I don't really know what to say right ! I hope to spend a fun time here with everyone !
    I think that's all.
  2. -pokes ned pyon's chest- ORANGE OWO. You shall make your post longer! D<
  3. Hey Nevyel!
    Iwaku is the place to be! People here really nice and super welcoming. ^^
    Check out the Roleplay Academy. It'll help you out with getting started for RPing. :D
    Also, don't be afraid to add me as a friend! And it's a pleasure to meet you! ^^v
  4. Kyaaaaah ! Not my chest ! >///> Fine fine fine ! I'll make it longer !
    So...What did I forget to say...Oh yes ! I seek training, first of forgot...Oh yes ! I tend to forget stuff easily... I'm a nice person overall so if you wanna know anything about me, just ask. I don't bite...Rarely...Well,just when I'm annoyed...
    All in all, I hope to enjoy myself here.
  5. Lol, your funny! I'm new to this too!
    Just come to any one here and they will help you! Trust me, i haven't come across anyone that i don't find friendly on here!
    And by the way,
  6. Kyah ! Not my chest again ! *covers his chest with his arms.* Is everyne here so pervy ?!
  7. Yes, ned pyon! OWO -pokes ned pyon's chest harder- NOW THEY SIZE OF APPLES 8D
  8. Ha ha!
    Very sorry, i am the last person to be pervy i am afraid! Though, poking people randomly is fun!
  9. Greetings, Nevyel!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
    Since you're new to RPing and such, I'm going give a link to
    das Academy
    If you need anything, please ask! Enjoy your stay!
  10. -grabs ned pyon's chest- I WIN. APPLES. OWO
  11. *contemplating poking the new members chest, but doesn't on account it may involve some sort of Yaoi!*......*shudders*

    Welcome to Iwaku.*thinking*

    Nice to have you here and enjoy your stay. That link should help you with anything you need to know about rp and our mentor program is great as well.

    We also have a Role Play Guide to give you a break down on your rp needs. *doesn't make any moves*

    I hope that helps you out and enjoy your stay here. ^^
  12. Welcome! As someone who constantly returns after breaks, I'm sure you'll love it. It draws you back in :)
  13. Welcome to Iwaku Nevyel ^^
    My name is Krystal, It's a pleasure to meet you x3
    If you have any questions you can ask anyone here since we're all nice XP
    And if you ever want to RP one x one with ur own plot I'm here to assist :P
    And if you show that something bothers you (aka poking) more people are gonna do it.
    *poke* :3
    But all in all i hope you feel welcomed and loved here in Iwaku *Huggssss*