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  1. I have arrived
    Okay, silliness aside...hey! I'm Cubchoo, but you can just call me Cub. I'm an agender (they/them) 21 year old Psychology student from New Zealand, but that's all I'm gunna reveal about me for now.

    I've been role-playing for over seven years now, but I am coming back from a rather long role-play hiatus so my skills are probably a little rusty. I mostly go for group role-plays in paragraph format, but I am open to one-on-one role-plays as well. Hit me up if you want a role-play! I'm very flexible in what I can do, so as long as you put effort into your posts I'll be happy to role-play with you!

    My interests include video games, science fiction, music, drawing and being borderline agoraphobic. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, aliens fascinate me, and I love 2 minute noodles almost to a point of obsession. I used to be a competitive swimmer...then I took a hockey ball to the knee.

    Come introduce yourselves to me!
    To make things interesting, why not tell me what your favourite animal is as well? My favourite animal is humans bats, they fascinate me and I love things that are able to fly!

  2. Aye, Cub! A warm- or, heh, 'cold' -welcome to Iwaku! ^_^

    Pokemon is freakin' awesome. Cubchoo is a great one. :D ALSO, THAT SKYRIM REFERENCE <3

    I'm Hospes, but most folk call me Sav. My favorite animal has definitely got to be the Gray Wolf. :3

    Anyways, if you ever need anything, feel free to message me. ^^
  3. Haha, yes very cold indeed ;D

    And I agree wholly on Pokemon being awesome. Cubchoo is adorable and I don't know why so many fans hate it </3

    Gray wolves are pretty awesome~ I used to run a wolf pack rp back when I was still a rp newbie and kinda grew to adore them.

    Thank you Sav! It was lovely meeting you ^^ and I'll be sure to!
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  4. So cold that I think I may be getting a brain freeze. ;3

    Definitely! Personally, I think Gen III was my favorite. ^^ And yeah, I don't know why they do, either. D:

    Agreed. And that's cool; I'm sure it was a wonderful RP~

    Not a problem! Pleasure to meet you, as well. =D
  5. Gen III was one of my favourites too~ I definitely love the ORAS remakes, very much worth my money <33

    Ahh it was! I might bring it back some day, I kinda miss it ^^;
    Hi there! Thank you for the welcome, I'm already really enjoying the site haha
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