Greetings, darlings.

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  1. They call me Isaac James Flowers. I dream of being an elegant poet/writer/philosopher, although I lack the self-control. Obviously, I am new here. I have high expectations and hopes for this site. Maybe, I will make some temporary, shallow friendships. More than anything, I am here to hone my craft as a linguist. Is it selfish? Maybe. But that is okay, because I admit that I am a narcissist. Anyways, I appreciate any and all attempts to tolerate me, although all of them will certainly end in failure.

    Thank you for your time,

    P.S: Roger from American Dad is my spirit animal.
  2. Greetings and salutations oh Virgin of Paris. Welcome to iwaku. In my opinion one of thee best sites for role playing. I hope you have fun here and I wish you good luck.
  3. Thanks Jamie. I dedicate this song to you.

    We'll have to rave together sometime, but first I need to get rid of this fucking baby on my hip.
  4. Hi expectations? ;____; we're always disappointing!

    Welcome to the site, though! 8D
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  5. Honestly, the site has satisfied me so far. The only issue I have had is that setting up a roleplay takes longer than I would have hoped--even with the Jump-In section. However, I suppose that is more the players' fault than the site's. Anyways, thanks for your hospitality.