Greetings comrades

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  1. " A lone soul who is in search of a humble abode found this place"
    Greetings every one
    I am Vyren hailing from far off subcontinent
    I am new to role playing but not to writing . I am a writer for 4 years and I found a new interest in role playing and found this site which cater my needs.
    My friends usually call me multi tasker. And yes I am prone to moods
    But when I am in my writer mode I am free going , mysterious yet expressive person.Over all I am a simple 20 year woman who was interested in one; on one role playing ....
    Hope to find some good partners for sharing my stories
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  2. Hallo there Vyren, I hope you enjoy our abode! :3
  3. [​IMG]

    Welcome to Iwaku Vyren! Enjoy your stay!
  4. My my, what do we have here, another very sort of in character wayfarer.
    I have a welcome for you, here in this land of Iwaku.
    Enjoy playing roles here.
  5. Yo! Welcome to the place where you will meet amazing people! Enjoy your stay!