Greetings Carbon Based Units

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  1. Hello all! My name is Adrianna (well, I would assume so, as it does read amongst wherever it is that my name is displayed). I have been searching for a new role playing website to become "attached" to after I lost touch with my other preferable websites. So, I came across this lovely place, and I have a feeling it is just perfect and exactly what I am looking for. I know that I will get along famously with my fellow role players, and I greatly look forward to the many adventures and stories we will experience together. I cannot wait to get to know all of you better. Of course, I certainly have not the time, room, nor knowledge to write down my life story, or everything about myself as my extensive exploits would consume all the space, and I have not yet experience it all, or even know all there is to know about myself. Henceforth, I will simply leave this post as a greeting, opposed to a novel about many other things. Though I must warn you, I happen to have an addiction to Transformers, so mind not my Transformers or Cybertronian jargon that I tend to use. By the AllSpark, look at me ramble on! I am sure you have posts to post and role plays to venture throughout. Have a wonderful night, Live Long and Prosper all.
  2. Well welcome to Iwaku. I would like to be the first to welcome you to this sub culture of adventurous exploits. On the tier of presenting an olive branch of peace, I can't wait to venture with you and the madness that is my mind. Welcome again to this new world of enjoyment.
  3. Thank you very much Horus, I greatly appreciate your welcome. My excitement in venturing with you through the adventures which lay ahead are equally so. Ah, I cannot wait to have both of our madness's work together in creating intricate and wonderfully excellent works of art throughout the realm of writing and role play.
  4. Hello and welcome to the forum. I hope to see your creativity flourish here.
  5. Welcome to Iwaku! I am guessing you are a fan of the Sci-fi genre?

    I'm October leche, I think you'll fit in well here. Hope to see you in some threads soon.
  6. Welcome form another newbie. I'd like to add you as a friend because I read your resume and as soon as I have it prepared I would love to invite you to my game. Not transformers in it (yet) but if you read my intro you will find that practically anything and everything can be included if players so desire. I sincerely hope that you like what you see and when the game thread goes up i hear from you.

    Oh and since it's appropriate now Happy Holidays!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku. I am Phoenix's Wrath, known also as Morgan. I hope you enjoy this site, and glad to have you here.
  8. Heyo! Welcome! Hope to see you around!