Greetings! c:

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  1. Sorry, but I'm warning you early: This may be the most random, and stupidest (is that even a word) introduction you'll ever be reading. Let us get to the point.

    Hello! I'm L u n a, but you can call me or type Luna when addressing to me.
    I'm a female, if that's not obvious.
    I'm thirteen years old, but I've seen the dark sides of the internet. And so, I know a mature thing or two.
    I'm not so new to roleplaying, but I know I can learn more than what I have at the moment.
    What I would love in a roleplay is adventure and a little speck of romance.
    I like single-partnered roleplays and group roleplays, either way.
    I'm an anime otaku and gamer, but only minimally.
    I'm an aspiring waterbender. Don't ask me about it though. cx
    I like potatoes so much, that I named some guy that I liked Potato.
    I have a soft spot for cute things.
    I roleplay maturely often.
    I was not born on 1999.
    I like Asian things, because that's what I am. c:

    ...and I totally love stomping on crunchy leaves.

    I like having new friends, too. And I don't like anyone who's toooo serious! D:
  2. I think

    I think we have a lot in common, sister <3 Except, I'm like, seven years older or something.

    Welcome to Iwaku, Luna! I'm probably just about 10 days old here on the website, but I'm loving it very much! I hope you have as much fun here like I do.

    By the way, would you like your mashed potatoes chunky or creamy?

    The correct answer is chunky.

    i'm kidding.
  3. Welcome to iwaku! Need help? We have a community hub! don't message me for it though, I'm madder than the hatter.

    and I too, love potatoes. Mashed, creamy, I am hungry.
  4. Welcome to Iwaku L u n a! where randomness is the norm. You'd fit right at home ^_^ I hope you have fun and enjoy your stay!
  5. Hi welcome to Iwaku this place is never quiet or dead it just keeps going 24-7
  6. Welcome to Iwaku! You should check out the Groups to find other iwakuans who share your intersts; maybe you can lend some expertise to Focus on Asia!

    Which part of Asia are you from? Have you ever travelled outside your country? Your English is very good! Is it your second language or your first?

    Feel free to PM me if you're ever bored or stuck :)