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  1. Hello everyone i'm Prolific Heart though most call me Kimi, I am a 25 year old divorced mother to a beautiful 4 year old named Ariana. I started roleplaying back in Junior High but sadly stopped shortly after I started college but then returned to it after my divorce. I greatly enjoy traversing new areas of roleplaying be it in canon verses such as Fairy Tail or original verses all together. I am able to post a minimum 5 sentence paragraph all the way to 2-3 per post if im truly into the story. I have come to Iwaku Roleplay in hopes to find a reliable site to unleash my creativity, I am very active on another site called AniRoleplay. Sadly due to issues with their servers I am nervous that it may have more in the future so I have come here to ensure that I can still roleplay to my hearts content and possibly find new life long friends to gain. I suppose I shall quit rambling for now before I bore too badly, I look forward to traveling the reaches of many multiverses with you all!

    Kimi aka Prolific Heart
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    I'm October nice to meet you.
  3. Welcome the the Madness xD please do enjoy your stay..;)
  4. Hallo Kimi, welcome to the site! :D
  5. Hey and welcome .