Greetings and Salutations

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  1. Hello there,

    It's a pleasure to meet you all here on IR.

    Though I'm not a senior here on Iwaku I'm a fairly experienced roleplayer having been at it for four years now on a variety of sites, I've made a lot of good memories and am looking forward to making more here :3. From the little that I've seen of the site you're well put together, organized and talented group by the looks of it, which only adds onto how ecstatic I am to be here. As for personal likes and such I'm a bookworm, and otaku/weeabo/ whatever else you want to call it as well as fervent fan of a variety of video games, my favorite being the Legend of Zelda series.... Not really sure where I'm going with this because I am the worse at conversing with people I don't know as of yet while I'm not in character, so please forgive my awkward self >.>". Basically if you see me around say hello, invite me to whatever if you would like, I'm pretty open in regards to most genres of roleplay and... yeah, see you around.

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  2. Hi Namora! :D We're happy to have another longtime roleplayer to play with! Welcome to the community! <3
  3. OMFG zelda roleplayer zelda roleplayer zelda roleplayer!! *jumps up and down*

    Also your avatar is amazingly creepy

    Hi! I'm Minibit! I'm also a huge LoZ fan! Which is your favourite game and which one did you play last?
  4. @Diana ; Thanks for the warm welcome. I hope we get a change to rp together sometime.

    @Minibit ; Haha, what a greeting, so glad to find a fan of the Zelda series here. As for games, my first (the one that got me hooked on games when I was six) was Ocarina of Time. As for favorite I can't have one, that's like asking to pick you favorite child with the rest watching xDDD They all have the perks and moments of pure amazingness. Finally the one I've played most recently is Skyward Sword.

    About the picture, well if you think the picture itself is creepy just wait til you here the story I came up with to make her a character on my past rp site ^.^
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