Greetings and Salutations!

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  1. Salutations Everyone,
    I am new to this whole thing never really ever done this before, but my love does it everyday and asked me to join so here I am trying it out! Sorry in advance for any bad posts I might do it can take me a while to get use to things.

  2. Aaaaawwwwwwwww. How sweet.

    Woohoo. Fourth victim of the day. I hope you like roleplaying.

    I'm D'evil, the friendly neighborhood daemon. Have any questions comments concern, don't hesitate to ask. I wont bite, much. Hehe. Don't worry, I like my victims to be happy.
  3. Thanks for that I would love any advice I can get on how to exel at this. by the way great pic I am a brony myself.
  4. *squeels* my victims a brony!? Wwwwwooooohh. Hehe. Send me a visitor message of RP interest or if you want, ask for one that's open. I'm not subscribed to this so a visitor message will alert me of what you want.
  5. I do hope your love doesn't get jealous because it gets really easy to fall absolutely in love with RP. Anyway, welcome to Iwaku!

    I'm the... uhh... hmm... uhm... I'm the fluffy blue dragon of Iwaku!

    Also, don't worry about bad posts. If anything, Iwaku is a place to be creative and while grammar and all that are still important, giving life to your ideas is extremely important as well!

    If you have any questions, don't hesitate to harrass interrogate ask!
  6. Hey thar, since you're new to this all; check out Role Play 101 for some awesome information and workshops.
    Also, to practice there's a plethora of challenges that can help you refine your growing skills!

    Everyone here is pretty much nice and willing to help you, so if you get lost or confused; don't be too shy to ask for help.

    Way too long <3

    Hi baby! I figured I'd type up your greeting while you're away at work so you can't look over my shoulder every five seconds muahahahahahha! Don't worry about your grammar, just like you proofread my posts, I'll proof yours! That way when you're tired and what not you can type up some as;dklfj and I'll help decipher it xD

    I'm so excited you're finally on this forum with me. I've grown to find these people as my...internet family almost.
    All my rantings are on here! All my sad moments and happy moments are shared here. In other words this place doubles as my hobby and therapist.

    Now that you're on here I can open your eyes to the world of roleplaying that's not the kinky, sexy stuff that everyone thinks of xD I can't wait until we start collaborating on our own roleplays. Our creative minds would be way better together than apart. I can't wait until you come home and see this!

    I love you (more)!



    You can be Leon


    As long as I can be your Ada Wong <3