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  1. Hello, you can call me Kc
    I keep a uniqueness through keeping my gender hidden so i can be anyone i want ^.^
    Though soon it will change like in a month and 5 days i am currently 18 ((19 on april 14))
    Ummmm, i have roleplayed a bit but i am new to this style if you would't mind helping me along id appreciate it.
    I havent really done any multiple people rps so i hope to try them.
    Usually i would be the first to jump out into the snow and make a snow angel but with the weather like it is i prefer my warm house.
    I listen to a fair bit of techno music when i listen and no songs are currently in my head.
    So again nice to meet you and hope to be good friends, or rp partners ^.^
  2. Cool! I'm fairly new here too. Welcome to Iwaku and I hope you have fun!
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  3. Welcome! :D I find your free-spirited genderless idea pretty awesome! :D I'm Mittens and a girl! ^^ It's wonderful to meet you! :D I hope you get into the RPing world quickly and have fun making friends! ^^ Which I'm sure you would, because this wonderful community is great for both! ^^
  4. Hi there Kasey! welcome to Iwaku! :D
  5. Thank you for the warm greeting, i hope to get friends soon/
  6. Awesome! If you want to RP with me, just PM me and we can get started!
  7. Welcome to Iwaku, Kasey : )

    Come play in the cbox and post lots, soon you'll have ALL THE FRIENDS!
  8. cbox, meaning Chat box. You can find it under the "chat" section at the top of the home page.
  9. Hello and welcome!
  10. Welcome to Iwaku, Kasey!
  11. Im glad i joined, i was kinda ify on joining at first worrying about being an outcast. But im glad to find out its not like that
    so thanks to all the nice people on here.
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  12. Welcome to Iwaku ^^

    And there are no outcasts here, only wierd and wierder people xD

    Hope you enjoy your stay :)
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