Greetings all

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The Marine

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I am the Marine... obviously a United states Marine (a Marine who like to roleplay weird right?)

i am a 20 year old male, I am a huge Fantasy fan so i tend to stick with that genre of RP. I do a little Scifi as well because Scifi is also awesome. I tend to stick with loner characters who are skilled with the sword and i tend to augment them with some form of lightning element. i do branch out form time to time but i tend to stick with that.

I use to RP a lot but sort of stopped for a while and recently started back up again. I and stumbled across this site and it seemed like the best place to be. I look forward to working with everyone here.
Welcome back to roleplaying! :D I think we all stop and then come back to it after all. (Except those poor souls that grow out of it entirely.. what do they do with their lives?!)

Make sure you fill out your profile, and the roleplay resume in there! It's the perfect start! And then... take a browse around! >:D There's more things to do than I can keep track of!
Welcome to Iwaku, Marine. Glad you found the site! I am a carpenter myself, we have people in all sorts of trades and professions here, all brought together by the awesomeness of Rp! lmao, ok maybe that was a bit much.

Anyway, check out the forum, and if you have any questions or are looking for a good RP to join, shoot me a message and I'll hook you up.
Welcome to Iwaku. I hope you find this a second home like I have. Let me know if you have any questions by pming me. No problem with a marine joining and liking roleplaying you are human to.
Well hello and welcome to Iwaku, Marine.
You're actually not the only service member we have right now, but we're happy to have you. :3
I'm Kitti, by the by, and it's nice to meet you!
You should get to know our members and General is a great place to do so, with fun topics like "When Toilets Attack"!
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.
Semper fi!

I'm Rory, Evil Mastermind one of the admins of the forum! Glad that you choose to check us out.
-Draws a rainbow on the wall with crayons, saying WELCOME NEW MEMBER.~-
>:3 . . . Don't tell anyone I did that.<3
I just drank some coffee. >:D WANNA DANCE?!?!
-pokes the marine repeatedly.-
Don't agitate the Jarhead Staci, all that keeps them in check is booze.

Welcome x3

Always great to see a new face around Iwaku! Hope you'll enjoy it here!