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  1. In my quest to begin role playing again I ran across this site today and joined.
    I am thrilled to find a place with so many people interested in twisting words into something fun and wild.
    I also like the fact this site allows 18+ role playing which is hard to come by on a lot of sites. Freedom of RP imagination is a great thing!
    I come from the old school role playing days in the AOL chat rooms. (Yeah I'm older but only in turns of the world not of body, mind or spirit. )
    My role playing skills have rusted out but I am sure with the right tale I will get right back in gear.

    Currently I am a manager in the fabulous world of EDI and I need a creative outlet. All I do all day is mess with data, files, and people.
    I live in Utah (its not that bad) but am originally from San Francisco. What a change right?
    It worked out. Heh.

    My main character is a slaver/privateer/horse trainer named Brenna Stormwind. She is quite the hard ass and has a weak spot for big burly men with a smart mouth.
    I tend to lean more toward fantasy role playing.
    I have many other characters I play as well.
    I am also very skilled at creating characters and stories on the fly. I write daily as a hobby and hope to publish something someday. (only poetry has made it into the public realm so far).
    I enjoy role playing because you never know what someone will reply to your scene and that keeps things interesting. I love a good surprise!

    Please feel free to touch base with me any time. I love to chat and adore meeting new people of all walks of life.

    And hit me up for any role plays. I am ready to sharpen the skills!
  2. Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku Sky! Enjoy your stay in this whimsical world~
  4. Thank you for the welcome!!! :bsmile:
  5. My understanding is that active people here seem to be later on in their years. To a degree. It's an interesting thing to note...

    Anywho I hope your writing goes well! I'm sure many of us here write a lot and would love to see it become something real that people can read. I enjoy roleplay for much the same reason you do, too. A story is nice, but you're ultimately interacting with yourself. There's a few surprises here and there when things happen to click together and you go "Woah that's probably a great idea!" but even then it lacks the personal touch of sharing a story with someone like-minded.

    I'll see you around sometime, I'm sure!
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.