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  1. Plot

    Welcome all first year students to Greenland High, a public school in Crieya were all the local and none local kids go to. Some people may be your childhood friends, but feel encouraged to bring new people into your friend groups because, well, some people are shy. Also If our schedules very too much, I'll just force everyone into a club so we can all chill at one point or another.

    As far as classes and schedules go, I'll make up some classes for you to choose from, but its your job to remember what your schedule is, so writing is down somewhere until you remember it is wise. I had to for my other high school rp...
    Though keep in mind we're only doing four periods a day, with a Lunch break, and a 10 "minute" break between each class.

    Oh and hey THERE'S NO UNIFORMS... your welcome...

    School Rules
    all schools have rules, so I figured to make it more realistic I'd add some high school rules... ew...

    unless its in the locker room, everyone is a slut in the locker rooms
    no asses hanging out
    keep your boobs in your shirts
    Guys this isn't a strip tease, keep your shirts buttoned up

    I get it, there's some sexy people out there, but keep your legs shut and your dick in your pants until you get out of school horn dogs and if your gonna have sex fade that shit blacker then a black hole, this is role play not a porno dick waffle.

    3) Oi! Don't be a bitch
    in other words don't bully people, we're a group of teenagers of course there's going to be fights and shit, but don't be decking people a crossed the face for no reason, ya know? Like be nice!

    even though i know you're going to, but whatever right?

    4)No vandalism or you're..idk a bad kid!
    I know its funny to draw dicks all over the school, but dude.. this isn't middle school anymore grow up. Now if its that really cool stuff thats on the sides of buildings and looks dope, I applaud you, but your still getting in trouble.

    5) eeerrrmmmm be a good child (?)

    6)Anyone with an C or lower gets put in a help class.....mawhahaha
    not that I really care >_> I dont even know if well be in the same classes together or not lol all the teacher is gonna do is give you instructions then you're on your own, minus a few questions here and there but i don't like being a teacher unless its beating kids with rulers, so take what your get or get a ruler to your face baka!

    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]Everything else can be found in the OCC/sign up thread [/BCOLOR]
    [BCOLOR=#ffcc00]OPEN SIGNUPS - Greenland High School |[/BCOLOR]
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  2. Throwing on a pair of tattered jeans and a band-tee, Yukki grabbed her backpack and headphones, "MOM I'm leaving for school!" the young girl yelled well running down the hallway to the front door. Off in the background Yukki could hear her mom say a goodbye of some sort well she pulled on a pair of worn out sneakers. Taking a deep breath Yukki tried to calm her uneasiness by pulling her fluffy white tail into her lap and petting it, but of course all that seemed to do today was make matters worse. Yukki was excited to be reunited with all her friends, but the thought of being a high school student seemed to be her issue. Biting the corner of her lip she checked her phone for messages and the time, and like any normal teenager would do, she got distracted by Facebook. Going to her wall she clicked the post box at the top of the page and began to type, First day of high school!...Ugh I'm so nervous.. wish me luck! lol when she was done writing she hit the enter button on her keyboard, and finally detached from the wall to leave for school.

    It was the clear that winter was approaching as the morning air seemed to bit at Yukki's checks and nose well she stepped outside her house. Rubbing her arms Yukki had realized that she had forgot a jacket inside. For a short moment she debated going back inside to grab one or not, after all she was only on her front step, but decided to continue on without it. Walking to the sidewalk she let the cool air wrap its arms completely around her as she stepped out onto the streets and headed to her new school, I wonder what it'll be like.. She thought with a little bit of nervousness that caused her white tail to sink closer to the sidewalk and her ears to go down slightly. Rearranging the straps of her backpack Yukki pushed the bad thoughts out of her mind as she could see the school building starting to show through the city houses.


    It didn't take long for Keaton to get from his house to Greenland, being he live right behind the school tack. "And the fun begins~" Keaton said to no one as his shoes started to dampen from the morning grass. Almost halfway acrossed the football feild, Keat noticed other kids entering the school. Being he had no idea where the enterence was from this side of the school he decided to follow casually as the kids lead him to the back door of the school.

    Walking inside he was greeted by a gymnasium with sky high ceilings, green lines outlining a basketball court on the smooth polished flooring, and bleachers lining each long side of the gym, each set crawling about halfway up the walls themselves. Though the sound of wet shoes on the wooden floor made his ears go flat against his head as the squeaks echoed in the gym. Quickly walking out the gym he followed a kid out of the gym and into a short hallway that had a bathroom on the left and a drinking fountain on the right. Looking ahead Keat could see that the building had two floors as the hallway opened up into a huge room with windows all along the left and right walls, with doors sitting side by side the windows he notied that the doors on the left were most likely the front doors, and a crossed the room was the office. Walking over there he noticed there were a long of kids already here, and he made sure he was at lest 30 minutes early.

    Approaching the office he gave the older worked a smile, "Excuse me ma'ma my name is Keaton Ryings, I was wondering if I could get my schedule?" He asked the worker well pulling out his school I.D to prove he was a student.

    "Yes one minute." The worker smiled at him before typing something into her computer.

    "Thanks~" He said sharing it own smile as his ears flicked a little as the doors opened to another student walking in.
  3. Roman didn't even attempt to stifle his yawn as he walked through the front doors of Greenland High. It was just his luck that his dad had remembered today was the start of school.

    Old fart can't even remember to buy food for us to eat half the time
    he thought. His stomach growled loudly Speaking of eating, I need my fix. He pulled a watermelon blow-pop from his pocket and popped it in his mouth. His ears buoyed slightly in satisfaction and he sighed in relief. Sugar craving momentarily sated, he crumpled the wrapper up and tossed it in a nearby trash can. Meandering through the throngs of students Roman made it to the main office. There were students crammed inside and lined up and what not but he simply bypassed them to get to the emptiest looking desk. Which currently had some guy standing at it.

    "'Scuse me," he said stepping around the cat-eared boy. The office lady gave him a once over that soon turned into a disapproving scowl. Roman tilted his head to the side one of his ears lowering as well, and gave her a lopsided grin around his lollipop. She scoffed eliciting a chuckle from him.

    "Can I help you," she inquired like she was being bothered.

    "Yeah, I need my schedule It's Blake, Roman," He informed her, grin still in place.

    "I don't suppose you have your ID now, do you?" Roman shoved his hands in his pockets and felt around, even though he knew he didn't have it he checked anyway.

    "Guess not," he said with a shrug, quitting his fake search.

    The lady heaved a sigh and murmured something about 'snot nosed brats' as she looked him up. She stood form her seat and went to the printer behind the desk and retrieved two papers. She shoved Roman his schedule along with a replacement ID, and then gave another paper to the cat-eared guy along with a polite smile.

    Roman rolled his eyes, Favoritism he thought. Turning from the desk he left the office to search for his locker.
  4. Keaton's ears flickers with interest as he watched the lad from the corner of his eye, he doesn't look that bad. He thought to himself as he picked up on the different reactions from the worker between him and the boy. Shrugging it off, Keat nodded in appreciation to the worker and took a peak at his schedule well walking aimlessly, lets see... First period is art, then drama...after lunch is History then music~ He read the sheet of paper his ears perking up in excitement as the first time in a long time he looked forward to his schedule. Reading the rest of the paper his tail swayed contently as he looked up the teacher names and finally his locker number. Just has he was about to go search for his locker the door opened once more causing him to jump a little and look back.


    Yukki had her earbuds in so the noises around her wouldn't cause her to get anxious. Looking around partly excited, partly nervous her tail swayed to and from, but hung close to the ground. Timidly she approached the office and pulled one of the buds out of her ear, "U-um do you think i could get my schedule?" She asked as her ears flattened and her cheeks turned slightly pink from shyness adding to the mix of emotions she already had hurling around her chest.

    "Sure dear, do you have your I.D?" she asked with a smile

    "oh! u-um.." Yukki mumbled as she started to panic well searching her pockets. Finally finding it she handed it over, "H-here!" she said well the worker took it. Standing in awkward silence the girl starting to play with the end of her shirt or whatever she could get her hands on without drawing to much attention to her well the worker typed in her name and walked over to the printer.

    Holding out the schedule and Yukki's I.D the worker smiled, "here you go hun." She said kindly.

    "Thank you!" yukki said as her ears perked up when she saw her stuff being handed to her. Slipping the I.D into her back pocket she looked at the locker number first and aimed to find it. Though on her way there she passed a boy with a cat tail and longed to pull on it, but decided not to since she didn't know the boy, and walked passed him to find her locker was next to a boy with rabbit ears. Walking up to her locker she gave him a smile, "H-Hi!" she said well her ears went down again in shyness as she started to fiddle with the lock, not having much luck getting the stupid thing to open.
  5. Shiro had left the house very early this morning. Though she didn't live particularly far from the school, her journey there took her via a lovely park on the side of a cliff with an amazing view of the sunrise. As usual, she had decided to leave at the break of dawn in order to catch this spectacle. Once the blazing sky had faded to its normal blues, she set off again, stopping by a manga cafe she frequented to kill some time before the day started. When she got to the campus, she found herself slowing down and looking up at the main building. "New school, huh?" she muttered under her breath, then headed to collect her schedule. When she reached the front desk, she was asked for her ID, as she had expected. She couldn't be bothered getting it out of her bag, so she spoke the number to the receptionist instead, who, after a slight surprised pause, typed something into the computer then handed her a piece of paper, still warm from the printer. She glanced over it briefly, before folding it up, putting it in her otherwise rather empty bag and headed toward the classroom in which her first lesson - science - was to be held.
  6. Roman grunted in response to her greeting and glanced at the struggling girl from the corner of his eyes.

    "Ya' have to turn to the right till your first number, then to the left passing zero as you go to the second, then back to the right for the last number-pull," he instructed to her, it was kind of awkward just standing and watching her fumble with it.

    Instructions delivered he opened his own locker with ease and shoved the meager supplies, he'd scraped up the night before, inside it. That done, he fished out his schedule from his pocket. He schedule included Technology 1, Math, lunch, History, and finally Language arts.

    His ears drooped, he could feel his sugar levels dropping, he'd only packed five suckers, a pack of jelly beans, and a jolly rancher. Way under his usual quota, No he'd need more. Or at least an extra sucker.

    Desicion made he turned to the girl next to him,

    "Hey, ya' got any sugar?" He held a package of jellybeans in front of her and waved it enticingly. "I'll trade ya'," he offered. It was no small bribe, he hardly ever gave away his jellybeans; jellybeans were his second favorite next to suckers. This was for the greater good though since more sugar equaled a happier Roman.
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  7. Yukki attempted to follow instructions on her locker, but kept messing up. Her ears flattening in frustration she glared at the locked and kicked it, "Stupid thing.." she mumbled though as soon as her foot left the locker the door swung open. As confuzlment took over, one ear raised well the other stayed down, "Huh?.." she said, but shortly shrugged it off and started putting her extra belongings in the small space.

    When Romen asked about sugar Yukki's ears perked up, "Yea i have a cinnamon roll with icing on it from my family's coffee shop!" she said well digging in her bag and finding the little plastic box containing the sweets, "you can have it if you want, i already ate today hehe" she told the boy as her tail waged a little well holding the box out for him to take.


    Keaton saw a pretty girl enter the building and took off to her class, I wonder if we have any classes together.. He secretly hoped well continuing his journey to his locker. Where he saw the bunny dude and some chick with a fluffy tail talking, maybe they would know where my locker could be.. He wondered slightly but decided not to go ask them and find it on his own. Watching the numbers, he walked all the way to the science hall to find it locker right next to one of the science rooms, "Found it!" He cheered feeling slightly victorious as he opened his locker.
  8. Roman wordlessly took the container from the fox-girl's hands, he brought it eye level with him and sniffed at it. Seemingly satisfied with what he found he opened it and grabbed the roll out of it, handing its container back to the girl. Bring it up to his mouth he ate half of it in one bite and chewed slowly. His ears bounced slightly with each chew before relaxing completely as he let out a sigh.

    "If your family can make stuff like this, then I might need to marry into it," he said leveling the treat with a dreamy look.

    He ate the rest much in the same manner before he turned back to the girl, instead of the jelly beans he'd bribed with her with earlier he fished five different blow pops from his pocket . Including, blue raspberry, grape, cherry, strawberry, and apple. He held them out to her and grinned.

    "Take your pick, there was watermelon but I ate it " he informed "I usually don't give them out, but since you looked out for me so well..." He trailed off "You'd better take it too, you just don't refuse a man's candy, it's rude." He held them out closer so she could take what she wanted.

    "Since this makes us practically family, I'm Roman," he said giving her a languid kind of smile.
  9. Yukki blushed at his mention of marrying into her family, "I-instead of that you can just come by whenever you want~" She told Romen though when he held out the suckers her ears perked up in excitement as she took the strawberry one, "Thank you hehe and um I'm Yukki." she said offering her own smile to him tagged with a giggle. unwrapping the sucker he popped it in her mouth happily and finished putting her stuff away, "so what class do you have?" she asked around the sucker, then remembered she didn't even know the answer to her own question yet, pulling out the piece of paper she looked it over.

    first period: Science
    second period: Drama
    third period: History
    fourth period: Music

    this should be fun! She said wondering if anyone she knew would be in the same class as her.


    Keaton not having anything better to do grabbed what he needed for art and headed to art class. I wonder if i'll make any friends today~ He thought for a moment wishing he had at lest someone to talk to, though as he left his locker he saw the pretty girl from earlier, Now's my chance! He though for a moment and gave the girl a nervous wave and a smile, "Hey i saw you earlier at the office, my name's Keaton." He told her his cheeks turning a faint color as he awaited to see if she would talk back to him, though his self doubt told him she wouldn't.

  10. Shiro paused her walking for a second when she heard a voice that seemed to be directed towards her. She turned around and saw a black haired boy waving weakly at her. She thought for a second, then realised she didn't know this person, and concluded that he was from a different middle school to herself. "Oh, hello. Did you need something?"

  11. Keatons ears flickered slightly out of nervousness, "oh um nothing I just saw you earlier and didn't get the chance to say hi..u-um my name is keaton. " he said well holding out a hand his tail sways slightly.

  12. Roman peeked over Yukki's shoulder to get a look at her schedule. "I have Technology, Math, Hstory then English". He pointed to her third period

    "We have this one together." He informed.
  13. Yukki pouted a little hoping to have more than just one class with her new friend, "at lest we have one together!" She said with a giggle her tail wagging happily. Though as she tried to say positive she wondered if they're was anyone else in her classes that she knew.
  14. Roman nodded at Yukki "True, and you can always come and bother me during lunch," he said grinning back at her.

    Roman looked over to a nearby clock to see tha the bell was going to ring soon.

    "While I'd love to stay and chat Yukki, we should probably at least try to make it to class on time. Just for fun on the first day y'know, if not ya' get on the teacher's watch list." He said as he began to wander in the general direction of his class.
  15. Yukki blushed a little, "true hehe." She giggled, but having no idea where she was going she simply walked with Romen until she saw what looked like the science hall.

    "I'll see you later then!" Yukki cheered to Romen giving him a little wave and bounding off down the supposing sceince hall. Though she saw a boy with black hair and a pretty chick she giggled a little, I wonder if they're together or not she thought for a moment though she didn't really recognize the two at first as she walked closer to the class room and slipped inside.


    Keaton noticed that the hallways had gotten emptier, "I better get to class." He told the girl with his ears going down in a bit of sadness that he didnt get the chance to make an conversation with the lass.

  16. Shiro watched the boy named Keaton leave, before heading to her own classroom. When she arrived, an adult invited her in, so she took a seat on the window side of the room, 3 desks back. She had picked it because of the view of the gardens outside that it gave, which relaxed her.
  17. Roman waved goodbye to Yukki as she went into her class. On his way to technology he happened to see the same cat-boy talking to some white-haired girl. The boy's ears drooped sadly and he walked off.

    Looks like a swing and a miss, poor guy he thought with a snicker.

    He made it to his class and sunk down in an empty seat towards the back of class.
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  18. Yukki's ears flickerd slightly as she looked for a place to seat. She saw a few of her friend from middle school, but they weren't entirely the closest of friend so Yukki decided to sit by the window a few seats behind the girl with white ears. Class would start in a few minutes though Yukki was already bored. Getting up from her chair she walked over to the girl with white ears and poked her arm, "You're pretty, you wanna be friends?" She asked cheerfully.


    Keaton sighed then saw the boy with bunny ears, I wonder if i'll ever get a chance to talk with him. He thought for a moment before heading to his art class. Entering the class room he was hit by an overwhelming sent of chalk, paint, and clay all mixed together, yep diffidently art class.. He noted taking a seat in the back of the room.


    The technology teacher smiled at Romen as he as well had rabbit ears, only difference is his were an off whitish color, "Hi you must be Romen, im Mr. McCarty." He greeted with a little bounce of his ears, then he placed a class packet filled with how McCarty excepted notes to be done out, and what to expect in the class, "Here's what you'll need for today!" he said offly cheery, and stayed for a brief moment to see if Romen had any questions.
  19. Roman squinted his eyes and one of his ear fell to the side. Giving him an overall incredulous and confused look.

    Real life Peter White captured He thought. He tried to force himself not to laugh at his own joke, but couldn't stop the smirk that made its way on his face. In the end he laughed, he couldn't get the mental image out of his head. It wasn't in a mocking way like most of his laughs, but it was one of those truly amused laughs he rarely got.

    "Thanks, teach," he said after his chuckle died down.

    Zany people sure are fun he thought before turning to his packet and skimming over it, grin still in place.
  20. Now it was McCarty's turn to look confuzled as one ear lowered as the boy laughed, but simply shrugged and smiled at Romen well returning to his desk, "Five minutes till class." He announced to the total 10 kids in his class so far. Getting bored he started playing with a toy hellicopper and zoomed it all over the room, occasionally landing it on student's desk and zipping it away after a minute of resting. Feeling playful he tried to land it on Romen's head.
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