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  1. Thanks :D

    I'll get to answering in a bit. Mood a little wonky at the moment.
  2. Anytime, this might be a little more convenient for both of us. I'm about to go run some errands so I'm in no rush.
  3. OKeedokee :3

    Should be up in an hour or two. Amazing how ranting to someone can make your mood much better :D See ya later.
  4. I probably won't be posting tonight, spent all day either out or cleaning the apartment so I'm just gonna lay down and shut my eyes, if I fall asleep then it is what it is :P
  5. Okeedokes no probs!
  6. Before I post again, are there any basic themes we want to follow or are we making it up as we go?
  7. Hmm... I think the latter although we can add basic themes, like a guideline. For example, the kind of geography, fauna and flora, etc.
  8. I was more going for story themes, like in Rothendust I plan on the main theme being "nothing is more important than ordinary people". That kinda thing.
  9. Hmm... I'm going to have to think on that. I guess for the time being we can make up as goes? Unless you have some ideas, I'm eager to hear :3
  10. No ideas yet, I'll start brainstorming tonight but can't promise a post, definitely sometime tomorrow though.
  11. That's alright :3 I'll try to think something as well. Just feeling rather anemic today x.x Hopefully inspiration will strike after supper. Or itis XD
  12. I'm making home-made chicken soup today, which is relevant because it's an all day prep. I make my soup with love, everything from scratch, which means my head will be occupied until after it's finished. About 4-5 hours, really.
  13. Okeedokee :3 Have fun.

    I should probably get up now and be productive x.x
  14. I should have the free time to post either today or tomorrow, sorry it's taken me so long.
  15. Yay :D and that's alright, don't worry about it :3
  16. It's not an incredible post but it's all I could come up with x.x
  17. That's fine :) I'm thinking we can probably timeskip soon, maybe to the next day or so, to the fight?
  18. That works for me
  19. Posted :3
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