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  1. Things have changed, Ari thought as she wandered up the front steps to the dark, intimidating college looming over her head. School used to be so simple and easy; the girl with the same socks as you would be your best friend, the teacher would work one-on-one with you if you had any trouble understanding the curriculum, guys were gross. Everything seemed to turn upside down since middle school, and had only gotten worse ever since. Maybe it was puberty, maybe it was just people becoming the horrible creatures they truly are.

    Ari sighed and sat down at the top of the stairs, pushing her satchel to the step below her and pulling out a sketchpad and pencil. Her muscles relaxed as the graphite smudged against the porous paper, leaving a silky trail behind it as the nib naturally moved around the white surface.
    She wished she could stay there on the concrete steps forever, not exactly a child, but not quite venturing into adulthood. Just sketching.
  2. "Whatcha drawin'?" The girl would appear out of nowhere to the one drawing on the steps. In all actuality, she had been hiding in a bush. But she was funny like that, and she did not notice if any of her fellow class looked at her strangely. She was more focused on the girl. She hooked her chin over the girl's shoulder, only to see just how far she could push her personal space boundaries. "The name's Triolet. Like the poem!" Her name wasn't really Triolet, but who wants to be called some boring name that they didn't even pick out for the rest of their life? She grinned at the drawing girl, getting a few strands of cerulean blue hair stuck in her strawberry flavored lip gloss.
  3. "Oh!" Ari reflexively pulled her sketch pad to her chest. "Uhm, I wasn't really drawing anything," She blushed, shoving the book into her satchel. She looked up at Triolet, her sunny smile melting Ari's defensiveness. It was strange how someones disposition can drastically change the mood of the moment.

    "I'm Ari," She laughed, standing up to shake Triolet's hand. "You new here, too?" She fluffed the back of her hair, feeling self-conscious next to the beautiful blue-haired girl.
  4. Triolet took Ari's hand daintily. She had dressed up in a lacy white dress this morning, and she had tried her hardest to act a delicate part all day. "Not as new as you are!" Triolet had arrived at five twenty-two that morning to be exact. She didn't like waiting for life to happen to her. "Ooh, are you dorming? What's your dorm number? Wait, wait! Is it 246?" Triolet leaned forward and grinned excitably.
  5. Ari pulled her long red hair in a pony-tail before fishing around in her pocket, emerging with a wrinkled slip of paper.
    "Yeah! How'd you know?" She laughed, already enjoying Triolet and her upbeat attitude. She hoped that they'd be roomies, she seemed like the kind of girl who could instantly make anything-- even arithmatic fun.
  6. "I'm a psychic." Triolet was already heading towards the building, and she giggled over her shoulder at the girl. "Come oooon! The window bed's mine, but the room is so tiny, yours is window too. Ha! I just made a haiku!" The great doors opened with a grand sweep of Triolet's arm, and she hurried down the hall towards the staircase.
  7. "You're quite the poet!" Ari chuckled, following close on Triolet's heals, nearly tripping over her white Doc Marten's. Triolet led her through a maze of stairwells, hallways and doors. Ari ticked off each number in her mind as they passed. 244, 245, 246.
    The door was made of inviting mahogany, accented by a silver knob. She held her breath as Triolet swung the door open with a musical creak. She squealed as the quaint little room was revealed, it definitely wasn't much, but the cozy little space was enough to make her heart flutter.
    "Oh, it's lovely!" She sighed, throwing her satchel at the foot of the bed farthest from the window, and flopping down on the bare mattress.
  8. Triolet skipped over to her side of the room, and pirouetted once, her lacy dress swishing in a lazy twirl, before thumping down on her mattress with a whoosh. "Isn't it?" She glanced around the dorm. Triolet's half looked as if a rainbow had exploded on it. Her bedsheets were lime green, and she had taken it upon herself to start painting her nightstand purple. If it was against the rules, Triolet didn't care.
  9. Ari laughed, bemused with Triolet's antics. It wasn't very often she met someone so enchanting, everyone back home was utterly dull and boring, they all wore gray suits and frowns-- such a contrast from Triolet's lace and smiles. She also noted how off the bat friendly Triolet was, something nobody'd ever been towards Ari. She beamed in spite of herself, her thoughts happy and light-hearted. "What do you say.." She paused, with a faux-grim shadow across her face. "We paint the whole room?" She broke out in a grin.
  10. "Oh. My. God. That would be amazing!!!" Triolet instantly jumped back up from the bed and bounced around the room, scrabbling for the bag of paints she had in a plastic bag somewhere. Ripping it open, she frowned for the first time that day and said reflectively, "We're gonna need more paint..." Triolet glared down at her, for once, insufficient amount of colors.
  11. Amber woke up irritably. She heard noises from next door, and it was ruining her nap time. She ran her hand through her blazing red hair, while using her other hand to cover her mouth while yawning. She stood up, wore her neko slippers, and went out to knock the next door.