Green Valley High

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  1. It is the beginning of a new year and everyone is thrilled to see their friends again. The only people who aren't thrilled to see their old friends are the new students. Laughter, friendship, studies and romance await you at Green Valley High. Oh! I almost forgot this is a boarding school, so yes, there will be dorms and no, there will not be gender mixing.

    Have Fun!
  2. Name: Andrew
    Age: 17
    Appearance: Golden-Blonde hair, sea-salt-blue eyes. Has abs and is masculine. White teeth, two dark eyebrows and long lashes. Wears tank-tops, blue or black jeans with the occasional brown corduroy hoodie or a black cotton one.

    Personality: Friendly, Popular, Kind, Romantic, Tough on the outside but on the inside is a little sensitive.

    Hobbies Include: Football, Reading, Running, The Gym, Basketball, Occasional TV and Movies.

    Skills: Agility, Archery, Kindness, Intelligent, Friendly.
  3. "Well, that's just great, isn't it!" Andrew shouted as he banged his iPhone 5S as it ran flat. He groaned in frustration and slipped it into his pocket. He put a key in his locker, twisted it and waited for a 'click' of approval before swinging it open, pulling out a graphed sheet labeled 'GVHS TIMETABLE' before shutting the locker door and locking it tight.

    He whispered quietly,
    "Where is Classroom B27?"
  4. Name: Hayley Fox
    Age: 17
    Appearance: long brunette hair with side bangs, she's skinny and stands around 5'7/8. She had green eyes and a pretty smile. Wears skinny jeans and band t-shirts and fashion tops
    Personality: Bubbly, girly, friendly, kind, romantic, sensitive.
    Hobbies: shopping, riding horses, swimming, reading, watching Netflix, listening to music
    Skills: she's pretty good at reading people and when she actually try's to study she's usually pretty smart.

    Hayley was leaning against her locker chatting to a friend when Andrew walked by. She was laughing at something her friend had said and her hair bounced as she did. Long curls fell down her back and shoulders and her eyes lit up. Her friend waved goodbye and Hayley said her goodbyes as well before heading off to her first class. She noticed Andrew and causally walked up to him holding her books in her arms and carrying her book bag on her back. "Hey, do you need some help?" She asked tilting her head a bit to the right.
  5. Andrew side-glances at Hayley. "Oh, uh hey. Do you know where B27 is?" He says, moving his gaze back to his color-coded sheet. "Hey I know you, Hayley... right? Hayley... uh, Fox?" he questions."You're in my English class at B27, you must know where it is, right?"
  6. Hayley nodded her head a couple times and her bangs flopped into her face. She twirl her hair with a finger and flipped it back over her shoulder and out of the way. "Yeah," she replied, trying to remember who he was "Oh! You're Andrew, we had bio together last year right?" She questioned again. "Yeah English is my first class, this way." She said as she started to walk down the hall and turning right.
  7. Andrew smirked and replied, "Why do I always forget where classes are?" He noticed how she fiddled with her hair and bit his lip. He wasn't surprised by her recognition of him, since they had Bio class before, but it felt good to be known. He wondered if it was obvious that he liked her, he had tried to hide it so he didn't make people angry...though, how could he?
  8. Hayley laughed at him. "Maybe you need a map" she joked and looked at him. "You got taller" she added, noticing how he suddenly towered above her. Andrew was pretty popular, while Hayley was just well known. She nodded down the hall. "It's the third classroom on the right, for future reference" she winked at him.
  9. Name: Tess Smith

    Age: 17

    Appearance: Sandy blonde hair to her shoulder blades, light blue eyes. Stands at 5'11 with an athletic build due to her love of sports. Has freckles and is usually wearing glasses. Nose stud. Fashion is all over the place. One day shorts and a sweatshirt, the next day could be a skirt and blouse.

    Personality: Witty, sarcastic and funny. Loyal as well and very kind, friendly. Can be quite hyper when she wants to be.

    Hobbies: Her sports, basketball, volleyball and track. Reading and writing, being with people. Likes to doodle.


    Tess was walking down the hall playing with the straps of her backpack. She smiled at some familiar faces and even said a few hellos along the way. She felt shy today for some reason which wasn't like her, maybe because it was the first day but she couldn't be sure. She looked to her schedule again and bit her bottom lip, her brows furrowing together as she tried to figure out where to go from here. She noticed her friend Hayley helping a boy she recognized as well and smiled at the both of them in acknowledgment. She looked at the schedule once more. B27. She found it. With a grin she walked inside and took a seat near the middle, setting her bag on the ground next to her desk.
  10. "Hey, thanks." Andrew replied and winked back. He wasn't sure if this was flirting, but he wanted it to work. His feet inching one after the other, he was walking into his first class of the new year. When he finally stepped through the doorway there were only six people inside. A girl with pale blonde hair, who he recognised, just couldn't remember her name— Tessa or Tess? — though, she had some new freckles on her face which probably meant she was out in the sun. There was also Hayley, my friend Tobias, a guy named Derek, the teacher, Mr Hopkins, and finally... me. "Where is everybody?" I asked. All I got in reply were shrugs and shaking heads. Hopefully it wasn't gonna be like this all year
  11. Hayley walked into the classroom and took a seat next to her Tess. "Hey girl hey" she said as she placed her bag on the ground and laughed at Andrew softly. "I like small classes, more fun to me." She smiled at the teacher. "Plus it's easier to learn. It's proven" Tapping her manicured nails on the desk as they seemed to boom in the quiet class. You could almost hear a pin drop and Hayley stopped her tapping and hummed softly to herself.
  12. Tess smiled at Hayley and nodded in agreement. "I have to admit I like the small classes better too, I learn a lot more." She chuckled and looked around at some familiar faces she had seen around the halls.
  14. "Oh my freaking God," Andrew remarked. The work was much harder than last year's. Andrew hated it.
    When class was over he walked up to Hayley and asked her a simple, cliche question;
    "Are you free, this afternoon?"
  15. Hayley groaned as she finally got up. Jeez that teacher loaded on the homework and on the first day. She noticed Andrew walking up to her and he age him a smile as she bent over to grab her bag. "Well if all my classes go the way this one did I don't know" she joked and laughed softly. "But seriously yeah I'm free, why?" She asked curiously and started walking out of the classroom with him. She made a mental note to talk to Tess right after this and waited outside the door for her friend.
  16. "Umm, do you wanna see a movie?" Andrew asked nervously while he ran a hand through his blonde curls. "I mean you don't have to but—" he broke off.
    "I'm not good at this, sorry,"
  17. Hayley giggled softly. "Like a date? Sure why not" She laughed softly and put her hand on his shoulder. "You're not that bad at it." She kissed his cheek and waved to him as she started to walk away slowly so Tess could catch up.
  18. Andrew blushed the darkest shade of red, an unimaginable red when she kissed his cheek. "See you at 6:30?" He replied then ran to his dorm and put up a few posters of Bands and movies and athletes. He shared his dorm with his best friend Tobias (spot available).

    Tobias walked out class right behind Tess. He had a crush, but was too afraid to do anything about it. He didn't want to come off as a pervert or a stalker. He also didn't want to stare at her petite, but well built figure for too long. He finally worked up the courage to ask her out. "Uh, Tess?" He asked. "Do you want to go with me to the uh, Italian Restaurant a few blocks over, tonight? I mean, whatever suits you because you don't have to come if you don't like me, but, would you consider it."
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  19. Name:Courtney Willhaim


    Appearance: 5'4, Brown eyes, skin color like the picture to the right, curly brown hair that reaches to shoulder, hour glass shape, doe- like eyes, and is wearing a red v- neck t-shirt with black skinny jeans, and red converse.

    Personality:Usually keeps to her self reading a book. Kind of shy when meeting new people but once she gets familiar with you all her eccentricities come out, hopeless romantic, sarcastic, loyal, completely random at times, a bit clueless on what to do when it comes to romantic matters.

    Hobbies: Reading, drawing, sleeping, hanging out at the library, videos games etc, and art.

    Skills: Very good at finding quiet places empty places, can appear and leave without anyone noticing, can make crafts with her hands.


    Courtney was frustrated. She had missed the first day of school because there was a problem with the office and her registration papers and it was cleared up right in the last minutes of he last bell, if it wasn't already bad enough that she had completely up and moved before school had started again, today she had missed any chance to make any friends because now even the new people would have their newly formed cliques, and she would be totally left out. Just great. Tomorrow would be a loooooonnnggg day and she was not looking forward to it. She would just speed walk down the halls find her class, and go to the back and blend in with the walls until school was out. sigh
  20. Name: Jayson Down

    Age: 17

    Appearance: (Picture to the left oops) Bleached and dyed white hair, natural blue eyes. His hair brushes his shoulders and he sometimes puts it in a small ponytail. Wearing blue skinny jeans and a white v-neck to match his eyes and hair. His jeans are slightly dirty from kneeling in dirt. He stands at 5'5.

    Personality: Shy and blushes frequently when talked to. He stutters a lot and seems absent minded. He has insomnia.

    Hobbies: He hides himself in his art and gardening.

    Skills: He's wonderful with plants and animals. They take to him well due to his quiet and caring nature.


    Jayson sighed as he looked at his clock. He had slept through his alarm. He finally slept for the first time in over a week and of course he would miss his first class of the day when he actually was able to gain some rest. He huffed and quickly got ready for the day. He had just moved recently so he had to dig into the boxes labelled 'CLOTHES'. When he was finally dressed and had brushed his hair and teeth, he put his hair into a ponytail and got to work on watering his plants. "Hello, Toby," He cooed at a venus flytrap in a planter. He didn't like having people over often so instead he talked to his plants. People thought he was weird, but he thought people were weird, so it was fine by him.
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