Green/Silver/Blue/Silver [Hogwarts; BxB; Semi-Advanced]

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  1. I'm so glad you clicked here! Here's what I've been thinking:
    Two boys, Slytherin and Ravenclaw, respectively, meet in the Room of Requirement. What did they require, you ask? Well, it so happens that they had both been thinking something along the lines of "give me a place to vent about judgmental bastards and their idiotic opinions on sexuality and love." Not verbatum, obviously ( XD ), but something like that. Your charrie enters and is totally shocked to find mine already in there, throwing random crap at the walls (the Room of Requirement really knows how to get people to vent out their frustrations!) and ranting about stupid judgmental freaks and how he wished he could just get out of the proverbial closet and not be scared of being judged for the rest of his life.

    Things happen, blah blah blah, and they find themselves dating by the time they leave the room at the end of the night, right before curfew. They keep their relationship a secret, but find that they enjoy it. They'll laugh together about close encounters, run away from Mrs. Norris together, and arrange secret meetings in abandoned classrooms and the Room of Requirement.

    This'll be in Hogwarts, obviously, but they're will never be/hasn't been any Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ronald Weasley, Voldemort, or Dumbledore (More minor characters, such as the other Weasleys, any aurors, the Minister of Magic, and Hogwarts Professors may remain the same). The current Headmistress is McGonagall.

    .: Keeran. Chance :.

    I barely managed to keep the snarl off my face as I stalked through the Hogwarts halls, leaping off a staircase right before it started to move me in a different direction. I found myself pacing in an empty hallway, a large set of double doors the only thing there, apart from me. As soon as I noticed them, I advanced in their direction and grabbed the silver handles, pulling them down and stepping into the room. I hardly managed to keep myself from slamming the doors shut as I thought about the words I'd just heard a fellow Slytherin say about homosexuals; he'd mentioned that apparently, gays were disgusting monsters who couldn't control their libidos and would attack men and women alike, despite only desiring one gender, and would prey after children. I let a snarl tear its way out of my throat and lifted a glass vase that was conveniently placed on a small table beside me, launching it at the nearest wall. " I hate the revolting slime who call themselves people, along with their idiotic prejudices against gays!" The words tore themselves out of my throat without my permission, ringing off the walls around me with their volume. My next words were a frustrated sound, halfway between a grumble and hiss. "Dammit! I wish I could just already leave the fuckin' proverbial closet!"

    .: BIO :.
    Keeran Chance

    Age: 17
    Year: 6th
    Gender: Male
    House: Slytherin
    Patronus: Tarantula
    Personality: Although Keeran is in Slytherin, he would fit just as easily in Ravenclaw. He uses his cunning and ambition to get access to knowledge than isn't accessible to ordinary nerds.
    Best Subject: He's good at pretty much everything, and best in potions.
    Worst Subject: History.
    Favorite Subject: Potions
    Outfit (when he doesn't have to wear school uniform): Keeran tends to just wear low-slung jeans and any shirt he can get his hands on, usually either a tee with some slogan on it, movie/book reference, or something that just looks good on him..
    History: No one knows but him, so if it's revealed, I want it to be IC.
    Wand Wood: Blood Wood; A fierce companion for those of a passionate nature. Draws off the element of fire. Recommended for one with experience and discipline. This is a wood of strength and energy. Will produce potent magic out of love or anger. Excellent for increasing magnetism in rituals.
    Wand Core: Dragon Heartstring; Would also make an excellent companion to woods that feed off the element of fire.
    Wand Length: 9 inches.
    Any other wand features: It's a swishy, bendy wand, that makes a whipping/whooshing sound if moved quickly enough.
    Pet: Cat
    Name: Phoenix
    Pet Appearance:

    Use this to make your bio & stylize it however you want:

    .: First Name . Last Name:.


    Year: 6th
    Gender: Male
    House: Ravenclaw
    Best Subject:
    Worst Subject:
    Favorite Subject:
    Outfit (when he doesn't have to wear the school uniform:
    Wand Wood:
    Wand Core:
    Wand Length:
    Other Wand Features:
    Pet Appearance:
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