Greek Gods Reincarnated

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  1. I seriously just thought of this up on a whim but I do apologize if anyone else around me already has an idea set in motion for something similar. Who likes the idea of Greek Gods being reincarnated as humans? The age range would be around 20-30 years old. I prefer to play as a young adult than high school student, so this is the idea.

    Some Suggestions/Ideas:

    Each character would have powers based on what their the god of. For example, Poseidon is the god of the sea. If someone were to have their character reincarnated as Poseidon, they could do a limited number of water-based abilities.

    Each character is "reborn" meaning they have no past memories of their life as a god. They're like babies, starting a new life with new memories like any other human being.

    Powers do not manifest until adolescence, but in this roleplay, we will be portraying our characters as young adults, so they would already have their powers intact and be able to control them to an extent, depending solely on emotions, willpower, and whether the power itself can be made active or inactive.

    Olympus is a parallel world that has gone under an apocalypse, possibly taken over by some evil god. Either way, later on, characters will be placed into situations that lead them to this parallel world.

    The main setting will be outside of America, in a large city of some sort, be it in Asia or Europe, or anywhere else.

    Greek Gods Reincarnated

    Athena- Reserved for PinkArrow
    Persephone- Reserved for Seraph's Embrace
    Khione- Reserved for Cicatrix
    Ares- Reserved for F L Y
    Hypnos- Reserved for MaladaptiveDaydreamer
    Pan- Reserved for NoobCW ​
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  2. Oooooo that could be super cool. I'd just have to brush up on my knowledge of Greek mythology. How big of a group would you want, and how often would people have to post? (I'm a college student so sometimes I go a few days without being able to post...)
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  3. The biggest I'd want for a group would probably be a maximum of five people. At least one post a day to one post a week would be my preference. I'm a college student as well, so I got crap on my back too. Welcome back, by the way! You may call me whatever you wish! (:
  4. Thanks! and that sounds perfect, I'll definitely participate if it becomes a rp (I really want it to). Just let me know if anything comes up outside of this thread! :)
  5. It will become a roleplay, don't worry. If you're interested in wanting to know about what comes up related to this idea, you can watch this thread and I will update with the signups and plot discussion thread as soon as I get more people, unless it happens to be just you and me for a while, haha! On the other hand, do you have an idea of what Greek god you'd like your character to be reincarnated as? I've chosen Athena for my character. (:
  6. I think I'd like Khione, but I have to do more research. I might also claim one of the guys if we want/need more characters (probably Hades tbh)
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  7. Awesome! It's great that you're interested in taking up more! Any suggestions/ideas for plot and/or mechanics, you can just throw them at me, but for now, we'll wait and see if anyone else is interested. (:
  8. I'd be interested in playing as Persephone - would it only be the Greek gods that have reincarnated, or would other aspects of Greek mythology be around in the story?
  9. Do you mind explaining your question in simpler words? I'm not sure what you're asking me.
  10. Would the Greek gods be the only parts of Greek mythology in the story, or would there be other parts of Greek mythology (like the Muses, the Fates and the Titans) be in the story as well?
  11. Ahhh. Well, I used this to reference to my idea. So yes, the Titans, the Muses, and the Fates, would be in the story. (:
  12. Count me in for this as well! What would be the storyline/era for the R.P?
  13. It's modern fantasy. (:
  14. Count me in too :)
  15. I am also interested!
  16. @NoobCW @F L Y

    Great! Do you both have an idea of what Greek God you would like to play?
  17. Hmmm... I'd have to think about that. I was thinking Ares? But would we be able to switch genders for our character? So say I do choose Ares, can I reincarnate him as a female (my character)?
  18. Eh, I'm kind of iffy on that idea. I know reincarnate means to be reborn into another body, but I think it'd be better to keep the same gender so everything is balanced. We don't want a ton of females over males just because the majority of members wanted to have their characters reincarnated as a male Greek God, but wanted to make them female.
  19. Could I reserve a spot as Khione?
  20. @Cicatrix Thanks for the confirmation. Yes, you can.

    Anyways, to no one in particular: It looks like our first batch of characters will be females, to be honest.
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