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  1. (moving my thread~)

    Hi Greedy donuts here,

    I'm a new member or not (1 month) in here so, I was wondering if I can help people so I decide I'll be taking a request although some rules apply. (AND DON'T CLAIM MY WORK AS YOURS unless you request it)

    1. I'm not that great so if you want to talk bad things you can go do it on pm ^-^

    2.don't push me as I have a life as well

    3.Well if you need anything or request anything ask me~

    4.Follow my rules and write Donuts ! in the first line of your post.

    5. just credit me for everytime you use sketches

    6. and remember IT'S FREE so no need to pay me.

    7.I'll be solely only be accepting Iwaku member only~

    without further a do I'll let you know request form:

    Type: chibi or anime:

    MY WORK:
    WORK (open)
  2. Hello, i would like you to draw me art picture.
    I wanna as an anime art.
    Draw a boy with short black hair (if you want the same hair style as on my profile picture, to the left)
    red eyes ( if your coloring it) a black hoodie. Thank you.
  3. Kay I'll be working on him in 4 days

    edit: MAKE THAT monday!
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.