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  1. Hi Greedy donuts here,

    I'm a new member or not (1 month) in here so, I was wondering if I can help people so I decide I'll be taking a request although some rules apply. (AND DON'T CLAIM MY WORK AS YOURS unless you request it)

    1. I'm not that great so if you want to talk bad things you can go do it on pm ^-^

    2.don't push me as I have a life

    3.Well if you need anything or request anything ask me~

    4.Follow my rules and write Donuts are the best~! in the first line of your post.

    5. I can do banner or some rough sketches but my sketch are really bad~(still learning map)

    6. just credit me for everytime you use my banner or sketches

    7.And I only do request for people who will use the banner for this site <--(and I'm sorry for that)

    8. I only do face portrait and some coloring if it is needed

    9. and remember IT'S FREE so no need to pay me.

    without further a do I'll let you know request form:
    Sub title:
    style: (so what's it look like)
    anything to add?:


    Type: chibi or anime:

    MY WORK:
    WORK (open)
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  2. Donuts are the best~?

    I was wondering if you can do a sketch. Like...a gritty themed kinda sketch. Of a man whom's skin texture is in between rotting corpse and stone statue.

    A little something about this person:
    He's a creation of science and magic, put together from varied corpses to produce the most fit man. He has medium long (like a little past the jaw line) well sculpted figure, circular scars where tubing would have run through like in his pecks, abdomen, back, bicept etc etc. He has strange eyes. Where eyes are normally white, its just deep black with yellow glowing iris. If teeth are shown they'd have to be all sharp teeth sunken in cheeks and... I dunno what else o.o

    ...Its an old OC of mine, and I havent had any good inspiration to draw him myself x__x

    should I have sent this through a message xD
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  3. I bump you around 2-3 days~ and sorry if it's bad X( okay~?
  4. I dont mind o.o,
    I figured the harder the request the more XP-points you get B)...

    and I'll probably learn something myself seeing your style. Like Megaman when he finishes off a boss enemy. Except here I dont have to destroy you to learn something... hmm, I lost my train of thought
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  5. To tell you the truth I'm still finding my style so I have an awful proportion and badly technique, I was hoping that I can sharpen or hone my skills through this~
  6. @SpiritMachine Sorry didn't do the attire and other thing T^T is more to step by step than sketch <--(and for that I'm sorry T^T)

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  7. Your art is actually really quite good, I donno why you say it's bad... but then again I do the same thing... :/ Hey! Since your doing free requests I would be interested in seeing my character Dameyen in chibi style. The only difference from my pic that I need to fix is to pronounce his freckles more on his face. If you end up coloring it he usually wears khaki pants and bright or tie-dye shirts. I'd love to see what you come up with!
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  8. Ahh certainly l'll draw it asap~ oh and thanks~ (for compliment my drawing)
  9. wow, nicely done. I needed an update on the head anyways :p,

    I think I'll go with your eye option on the left @Greedy Donuts

    You did pretty good
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  10. Thanks spirit glad you like it~
  11. Just curious though, what program do you use?
  12. Photoshop~
  13. Donuts are the best~!

    Hey up Greedy I wonder if you can help me

    Im starting a new RP and I want a drawing of a hybrid. Its a half zombie half Imp. My mother is a zombie and my father is a imp. Have fun :)

    Also Ive let lillith know about you so you might get a request from her as well if thats ok
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  14. Sure" will be done in 2/3 days? Since i 'm planning to make a huge rp and thanks for coming ~
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  15. Donuts are the best~!

    Hi Greedy Donuts Scrubz said that you might be able to help me in his hybrid rp do you want me to pm you with details?
    Please and thank you so much in advance.

    Thanks :)
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  16. Sure"
  17. Spirit I'll be done yours in another 2 days~? sorry XS
  18. HEYS MAJOR UPDATE I won't be coloring everyone's character and drawing their body (I'm hugely apologize for that) BUT I decided to go back to my original style since I look back and said to myself "be more of yourself Greed!" and so apologize if there's any in constancy between but nevertheless peeps here are my drawing:

    @SpiritMachine : Sorry he became so asian I'll put that later on my next post

    @Captain Scrubz and @++Lillith++ : Imp and Lilith are yours~


    and for @Zizikitty :
    Sorry for bad chibi X( I already try my best!

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  19. @Spirit Machine : HERE's yours~
    request fix copy.jpg
  20. Omg haha! The way he's drawn reminds me of the blocky characters from Final Fantasy VII! I love it. ^_^ Thank you!!
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