Greed, lust and lot's of Ammo.

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    In a city full of corruption and greed; a cesspool for the seven deadly sins. Where the moral fibers of society have been corrosively devoured by the vices of the flesh. Those which hold power and influence are often viewed as demons. Little did this neon lit city know that there was more truth in this statement, then one would ever care to admit. Even now as the rich and popular convened as one within a penthouse to sedate the desires of the flesh. A demon hunter who went by the name of Krystian Martinez was plotting one hell of a party all his own. Alcohol, drugs and strippers littered the scene. Woman and men being auctioned off as slaves for a single nights pleasure. Could be found being hoarded off to the highest bidder.

    For a demon hunter Krystian was no saint; he too suffered from demons of his own. He was a foul mouthed, narcissistic, egotistical, alcoholic who cared little for human life in his own right. However next to those which truly pulled the strings he'd come off looking like Jesus himself. Just as the party was young and the rich smoked their fine cigars and sipped on the finest wine and scotch the city could offer. A helicopter could be seen floating far above the roof of the penthouse. Leaning out the door wearing a parachute and binoculars pressed against his eyes. Krystian would recon the area, luckily the outside wasn't too heavily guarded. No doubt these pigs thought themselves as untouchable. A delusion soon to be shattered.

    "You see anything?" The female pilot inquired. A high school friend of his and ex girlfriend who went by the name of Sandy. A woman whose ability to fly or operate and repair any vehicles was only over towered by her short temper. "I see some nice tits and...some fat dude pissing off the ledge. That's just fucking lovely." He would sarcastically reply before removing his binoculars. Putting them away as he proceeded to lit a cigar. "Funny..." Sandy replied while rolling her eyes. Doing a double take as she took note of his cigar. "What the hell Krystian! How many times do I have to tell you not to smoke in the helicopter? Are you trying to give me second hand cancer?" Scolding him like a mother would her child.

    Krystian would shrug his shoulders as he made sure his holster was secured and parachute ready. "I thought that your lungs should match your heart. Shriveled, blacken and dead. Well enough of the flirting love, we can play house some other time. I have a party to crash." Krystian replied as he prepared to dive out the helicopter. "What? Are you fucking high? You said this mission was to gather intelligence only? No way you're equipped to handle all them thugs." She stated the obvious. However her words would sadly fall on deafen ears. He was far too stubborn and set in his ways to change his mind now. "This wouldn't be the first time I lied to you. Remember prom..." But before he could finish that sentence Sandy would tilt the helicopter so that Krystian fell out the open door. "Have a nice fall asshole." She retorted with a grin. Knowing he'd be fine.

    "God damn it!" Krystian yelled as he began to spin in the air. Losing his cigar to the wind. Without wasting anytime the demon hunter would grasp the handle and yank. The parachute would come undone allowing him to assume control. "Everything okay?" Sandy asked. "Yeah, fucking brilliant. Next time you decide to grow some balls let me know. That way I don't waste a perfectly good cigar." As soon as these words parted from his lips he would brace himself for impact as he landed on the roof. His entry masked by the booming music. "Comm is up." She replied, ignoring his previous statement all together. "For once...though I'd rather it be down." He jested as he peered down at the party through the windowed ceiling which only covered a small portion of the roof.

    "That fucking makes two of us. Good luck." Sandy for once spoke with an eerie sense of kindness. "How long before you can pick my ass up?" The demon hunter would ask as he drew his unique pistols. Silver with a skull just under the barrel. At first this would appear to be a flashy gun. However it had more then just aesthetic qualities. Which was something he couldn't say for his partner in crime. "As long as it takes you to kill everyone." Krystian smirked at her comment. "Good enough for me Love. See you in half an hour." He promptly replied as he prepared to make his grand entrance.
    "Fuck you." she hated it when he called her love. "So sweet..."
  2. Tera laid down on a rooftop in the same area of the penthouse. She had just come from her last job and hadn't been able to sleep the whol plane ride here. On top of that it seemed that someone that someone was tryin to steal her assignment. "Fuck off dude.."
    Tera was only 18 years old. She was the daughter of an the ex Marine weapons fanatic turned violent gangbanger that she referred to as her father. He was probably dead now but who cares right? Her and her father had never shared so much as a happy conversation. The only time they were in each others presence was during the arms trainning that he forced upon her. Or the hand to hand combat training that she felt was more like abuse than trainning. Her mother was raped and killed when she was only four years old. At 16 Tera left her father. By her third month alone she realized she needed fast cash. The only thing she knew how to do was kil so she decided on that as a profession. What would better suit her skills than becoming a hired mercenary?
    Tera was actually pretty small compared to the others who pursued this profession. Even so growing up in such a cold evil world and th relentless trainning from her father made her into a weapon. Tera was a petite girl. She was only 5'4 with slender legs and a pretty attractive body for her age. She had dirty blonde hair and light green eyes. She wore short shorts and a green tank top. Just in case her cover was blown during a job she needed to be able to blend into a crowd.
    But right now she was completly covered by the night sky and a pretty good distance from her target. She didn't even know the targets name ony that he would be wearing a blue suit and have a feather place awkwardly on his hat. That was good enough though. She had worked off of less information before.
    She watched a man jump from the copter and landing on the roof of the penthouse. "Dumbass... Your gonna be ruin this.. And what's with the copter dude? If that freakin music wasn't so loud you'dve been hot at already! Fuck this.."
    Tera laid down with a 24 cal Sniper rifle in her grasp. The weapon looked longer than her. Even so it was one of her favorites. Her load out was completly covert at th moment. Her sniper was silenced along with the smg's strapped to her thighs and the pistol in her bra. Tera took a deep breath and pointed the rifle over to the copter. She adjusted the zoom just enough for this distance. "10 clicks.. no 15..." She fired at the rutter and missed on purpose as if to give a warning. "Dam This guy is gonna compromise it.." Tera would strap the rifle onto her back an slowly take a few steps backwards. She started in a sprint towards the edge of the roof and leaped to the next surface. She kept on until she reached the penthouse. The roof towered over the neighboring building so Tera would have to think of another way in.
  3. The sniper round had missed the target, though they were unaware that this was by design. Whatever warning she wanted to issue however would fall on deafen ears. Sandy was use to situations becoming hot in a moments notice. In fact the recent development would fail to evoke the desired reaction. No fear or sudden changes in her demeanor would be observed. Calmly she would fly away into the distance. "What do you know I guess someone noticed us?" Sandy would reply in regards to the fired round. "Good, I was afraid things would be boring." Krystian arrogantly replied as he prepared himself for the sudden entry which was too soon follow. "'re a fucking idiot I swear." Truthfully sandy found his arrogance to be oddly admirable. As well as his determination for the mission.

    Krystian eyes would passively scan his surroundings. His eye's picking up the snipers movements as she leaped from rooftop to rooftop. Switching her position. The demon hunter would offer her a smile before flipping her off. It was clear she was not part of security which left few in the way of alternatives. The only logical answer for the question of her being here was mercenary work. However the demon hunter doubted that this woman had any idea what she was getting into. Most were incapable of understanding the world as it is. The world as he had come to know it by.

    "Hey babe, would you fucking mind keeping it down? You're cramping my style kid." Krystian stated toward the female sniper as she came just within hearing distance. He knew this would most likely piss her off. However it was flamboyantly clear that he couldn't careless for her fuzzy wuzzy feelings. Nor was her presence of any concern to him. Hinting toward the fact that he was quite use to stumbling upon other mercenaries during a job. Such was the way of his line of work. And her's as well not doubt. The rich and powerful often had many enemies after all. The sound of a helicopter passing by was not uncommon in a neon lit city. And so the guards outside were complacent and didn't bother to look up. However the sound of a 24 caliber sniper though suppressed, to a degree rose an alarm. Causing the guards to fan out and search the area.
  4. Unfourtunately Tera's warning didn't seem to phase the pilot. "Must be a vet" She whispered as she looked up to the rooftop. The man from the helicopter earlier had spotted her. "W-Wait, Is he... Giving me the finger?!" She placed her palm over her lips preventing a scream. This guy was definetly cocky, even so Tera would try to ignore him and get the job done. This job was a majorly important one. If she wasn't able to down her target she would be evicted and out on the streets for the time being.

    Tera had found a way to the rooftop, a telephone wire. That was simple enough. There was a telephone pole connected the penthouse by nothing more than a thin wire, which she could easily get across. S She would hug the pole and snail her way up to the top, hoping not to get any splinters in her thigh along the way. Fortunately Tera's balance was admirable at best, even with the extra weight from her weapons throwing her off ever so slightly. She took her time crossing the wire, she resembled a tightrope walker in the circus. There were about three more feet to the end when Tera was distracted by a smart comment comming from the same guy. "S-Shut up!" It seemed to make the girl just abit flustered. "I-I'm not your babe and I'm not a kid!!" Tera almost tumbled over the wire due to her sudden outburst. To avoid a deathly fall she lunged the rest of the distance.
    She could now clearly see the man." W-Whats your problem! " It seemed as if her emotions could be clouding her judement. She didn't think the man to be hostile or notice the gaurds searching about.
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    Krystian would only sigh as she seemed to become swallowed by her emotional state. Why were all the pretty one's mentally unstable? This was something he could never fathom. Then again he made it a point in his life to avoid understanding the fairer sex. With eye lids shut the man would begin to undo the buttons of his coat. Tossing it into the air, allowing it to be swept away in the wind. His muscular body littered in various tattoo's each with it's own story. Their color nearly as vibrant as his vulgar vocabulary."Whatever you say kitten." Arrogantly he would reply as he raised his pistol. Aiming toward the steps before firing two rounds. Each hitting a guard dead square between the eyes. What would come as a shock would be how effortlessly he pulled these shots off. It was almost as if it came naturally to him.

    Blood would erupt from the exit wound as the two corpses fell to the ground. Rolling down the steps. His eyes galloping back toward the sniper. "Mercenary I presume? It doesn't fucking matter just don't get in my way." Krystian replied before turning his back toward her. Pulling tear gas from his belt before tossing it through the window. Gasin the room where the rich had gathered. Peering from above the chaotic scene of men gasping for their lives. He would unload an entire clip. His rounds penetrating the skulls of whatever targets failed to take cover in time. "Tell me sugar tits...Do you know these men you hunt are demons?" He asked, his words littered with conviction as if he actually believed such lunacy.

    The strippers and prostitutes which once served the men would step forward from their hiding places. Bellowing forth a mechanical growl. "About time we had some fun..." Krystian whisper before lighting another cigar. The once beautiful if not scantily clad women would become flushed. Bat like wings sprouting from their backs as their feet became hooves. Their once petite hands becoming like that of a savage feral wolf. Their eyes resembling more reptile then human as a tail similar to that of a scorpion swung carelessly through the air knocking down tables and nearby chairs. "I hope you're a better shot then your previous display seemed to hint at?" He'd question, tilting his head as his eyes locked with her own.
  6. Melody had a penchant for being in the the wrong place at the wrong time. First it was that damn party that got busted by the police when she was 16. Obviously drunk and high they dragged her ass to the police station and made her wait it out in the drunk tank. That's what happens in small towns. Everyone gets thrown in the drunk tank. She had come out of the tank missing most of her clothing and sporting a nasty shiner thanks to the other inhabitants.

    Now here she was staring gap mouthed at a man who had just fallen out of a chopper and was now running across the rooftops. She spotted the other sniper soon after. The sight filled her with dread. Hands flying to the cross around her neck she desperately tried to remember how to pray. For some reason she just had to pray..had to..

    The first shots made her eyes widen in fear. "Oh God. What is..." She shouldn't be watching the scene in front of her. This is a matter of the rich. The rich who have driven her to poverty. Let their wars be theirs. Her mind was racing forming short choppy thoughts that weren't even the least bit organized. All she could do was finger the cross around her neck and stare from the window with her dark eyes unblinking. Strands of her dark red hair would fly in front of her face because of the short choppy layers. Pushing those out of the way became a pain so she finally tied the long strands up.

    Her fingers found the glass next as she pressed against the glass. "What's coming out of the win-", she didn't bother finishing her sentence. She knew what was coming out. Those things. Those Monsters that took them away. Fuck this. Fuck staying here. Knowing she had to leave Melody tried to tear her eyes away, but she couldn't. All she wanted was for them to kill the Monsters. All she wanted was to watch them burn.
  7. Tera only growled at the older male remarks. "Grrr! You so damn-" Her sentence was cut short by the rounds the man fired at the gaurds and so on. Tera facepalmed. How could be so blind as to miss the fact that their cover had long been blown. This was something that a mercenary should've always avoided. "Y-Yeah, mercenary" She replied and stuck out her tongue as she was basically told to get lost. She would be kicked out of her guild if this mission wasn't completed. That wasn't an option. "W-Wait, What're you doing" Tera was blush stricken as the man began to unbutton his shirt and toss it aside as if it were a useless peice of trash. He was quite muscular and covered in various tatoos that she didn't bother to read.

    Tera laughed as she was told that the inhabitants of this penthouse basically weren't demons. "Sorry to burst your bubble Mr., But there's no such thing as demons" she let out a childish giggle. Suddenly, a few men and women surfaced themselved as Tera grimmaced and pulled the rifle off of her back. She wouldn't need to take out her pistols or knives against ordinary citizens, taking them out from a medium ranged distance would be just fine. Which begged the question... Why would they stand up to an armed male and female? Most citizens would run at the sight of the weapon but instead they were grouping up. That was when they transformed. They morphed into a sick looking mixture of a bunch of rabbid animals. tera let out an innocent squeal as the man seemed to take them out effortlesly. Is this what he meant? Were there actual demons? Real life demons? Tera shook to her knees. She just wanted to curl up in a ball and go home. No, she had to fight. Her entire reason for becoming a mercenary was to survive right? So she would. She rose to her feet and pointed her rifle forward, and as shakingly a voice as ever she said " D-Dont worry, Im a great shot. J-Just hope you can keep up " Tera was bent on surviving this night and completing the mission.

  8. Clouds of cancerous fumes pouring from his lips as the demon's jumped from wall to wall. Scurrying toward the ceiling like some sort of spider. They had a few moments before the entities readied their assault. Krystians gaze would avert itself from the demons and rest on the sniper. Who seemed shaken by this. "As much as I love to see a woman shake and squirm under my touch...I advice you pull your fucking self together." Krystian stated, however harboring no ill thoughts toward her. In truth he understood this reaction more then he would initially let on. He wasn't so different the first time he came face to face with such an ugly truth. "Hey babe...what's your name?" The demon hunter ask just before throwing his cigar toward the ground. The cigar bouncing off the concrete roof as the embers were carried away by the wild wind.

    Most would liken his disposal of his coat as a sign of narcissism. Though the truth was often what it didn't seem. As was often the case with Krystian Martinez. The markings on his body had begun to emit a soft radiant glow. A total contrast when compared to the man they stained. "Krystian!" The demons howled. Their almost mechanical bone chilling voices reverberated from off the walls. "I'm flattered you ladies have heard of me. That must mean for once I'm doing something fucking right with my life." Arrogantly he replied as he loaded his pistol. His free hand then fluidly moving toward his thigh, pulling out his second identical firearm.

    The corpses of the rich which once decorated the floor would begin to bubble. The amethyst bubbles giving way as their true forms rested on the cold wooden floor. Where they once resembled men they now could be liken to an array of deranged and demented demons. Each matching the vice which gripped them and birthed their existence. "It won't be long now...soon the real party will begin." A grin derived from excitement now decorated his face. The human woman which hid like a coward best remain that way for the time being. For this demon hunter was the type to shoot first and have the nightmares later.
  9. Banging on the glass she started to gnash her teeth. She wanted out there. There was something going on..inside her. She was twisting within herself. The cross around her neck started to burn into her chest. What was going on? Why was it that all of a sudden she needed to get out there? One second she was fine...then...he had started glowing. Melody burst through the glass with her fist. She wanted that man and woman to die.

    "Help...," she managed to murmur before falling to her feet. Her hands started to twist into odd shapes. Toes curled to the point of almost breaking. "You asshole. YOU...ASSHOLE!" She screamed. She wanted to join the woman attacking...No she wasn't a demon. She was still human. Still human right?
  10. Thoughts flooded Tera head. Her small body just kept shaking. She couldn't die here, she just couldn't. She had to survive no matter what. So why was she wavering? Tera hated to show fear to anything or anyone but this was something that would make a fearless person plain shit their pants. Their were so many of those things. Like a small, ugly army. Tera began to frezze up, her rifle stayed pointed at the creatures but it was doubtful that she would be able to fire in this state. She heard the mans voice, his words seemed to snap her out of her trans. His words were cold at best but just hat Tera needed.

    Tera began to whisper to herself. "He's right dummy. Pull it together! You've been in worse suituations than this." She was obviously lieing to herself, something she would always do to get her mind right. She thought back to he childhood. The trainning, her mother death, everything. Those were the memories she always relied on t fuel her anger. She gritted her teeth and clenched her rifle tightly. Suddenly, her body stopped shaking as she looked to the man. Was he glowing? And did those creatures just belch his name? Tera would think about that later. Her light green eyes were locked onto his."Y-Yeah.. I'm sorry, I'm fine now.. Names Tera.. Tera Crow." She said as she softly began to step backwards. The number of enemies were growing and so she would need enough distance to get off her ever so accurate shots. She brought her firearms up to her face and peered through the scope immediately analyzing for weakpoints against an enemy she didn't understand at all. She was only 18 but her strategic mind and speed made up for a lack in physical strength. Her skirt blew in the nightly wind, the fabric would brush against her thigh and her straps underneath. She was happy to know that her back up weapons were there just in case. Tera looked towards the man once more. "Mr. You know much more about these things than I do right?" She was abit taken by his somewhat eerie glow. "S-So.. Direct me okay? I'll move on your mark." She blushed just slightly for whatever reason as she watched the scene unfold.