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  1. Hello! Welcome to my new thread to post the little texts that I so love to write whenever it's possible. My first post will be a writing that I gave the name of The Dance of Chaos. If there's something that I love, it's the context of chaos. I don't know why but it just intrigues me so much. And I tried to describe it on this little text, it's not perfect but I tried.
    Also, almost all of my writings will be translations of my original ones, since my first language is portuguese and that's the language that I have more dominance over. So, unsurprisingly, it may not have as much impact as the original one. and for that I apologize, but I'll try to translate them as best as possible. Said that, I hope you enjoy it.

    ------------- ~ ---------------------------- ~ ------------------------------- ~ ----------------------------

    The Dance of Chaos

    Many can't see your beauty and I ask myself why, it's distinct, it's for all. And yet they scold it. Are we really that blind? To disgust ourselves of this dance of which we are part of? Maybe we are. Maybe we just can't understand. For the steps are discreet, the music mute, the scenery is everywhere and the characters, everyone. 1,2,1,2. You hum. 1,2,1,2. We dance. The most beautiful art, the most ancient. The most destructive.


    There it is.


    Always so beautiful.

    Oh, look, the choreography has changed. The rhythm is another, don't try to learn. Why?, you ask. Well, I respond, the change belongs, it's what defines it. And the ending, there is not? Ha ha, an ending? No. There is a pause, merely that. A moment of lull, to rest your feet. Do not comfort yourself, though, there it comes again.


    There it is.


    The Dance of Chaos.
    by G.W.​
  2. An Angel's Heart

    It wasn't supposed to go that way. She wasn't supposed to fall in love. No, no. Not with her. She couldn't forget those round bright blue eyes shimmering with unshed tears as terror filled every corner of them. She couldn't forget how they stared up at her, begging. She knew she had to do it, for her sake, finish her pain. But how? She couldn't do it, but she had to. She knew what to do.

    They started to know each other, or rather, one started to know the other. The Monster knew of her for a long time now. The Girl still suffered, but she was getting better, slowly, but there was progress. With both of their efforts, she'd be brand new. It was ironic, really, how the one who destroyed her life was the one helping put it back together. But she didn't have to know that.

    Unfortunately, others knew. And they'd make sure the world knew as well. They hunted her, but she had grown soft. It wasn't a challenge, actually. She didn't make it one. The Beast was tired, tired of hiding, tired of running, tired of lying. To her. Oh, she'd never forget how those blue eyes stared at her, horrified as they put on her mask. At last, revealed. She didn't know whether to cry in relief, or sorrow.

    "You lied to me." The Girl had said viciously, so uncharachteristic of her. "You lied to me!"

    "I'm sorry." Whined the Masked in misery. "I didn't mean to."

    "Don't you dare." She growled, her face crooked in anger. "Don't you fucking dare. You should have killed me."

    The Masked One staggered in distress, not bearing to see the image of the Girl down on the floor, her body nothing more than a lifeless lump. "No. Yes. But no. Not you! Anyone but you!"

    There was a suffocating pause, before a single word broke it. "Why?"

    The Beast struggled for a while, not really knowing how to answer because wasn't it obvious? "You saved me. Your eyes... You brought them back. My heart pumped like never before. I've never felt so alive! You, you are my Angel! My Goddess. You saved me!"

    "Did I?" Asked the Angel.

    "Yes!" The Demon squirmed in her chains, a wild smile on her face. "In return, I saved you too!"

    "No." Was the Angel's single, monotonous reply. "No."

    "What?" The smile disappeared slowly.

    "You didn't."

    The Demon sobbed in torment as a hole showed up on the Angel's chest, the place where her heart was supposed to be, empty. Then, she started to scream. Have you ever heard an Angel cry? It was painful. Her body curved in dreadful agony, her screams deafening and piercing. Blood poured from her body in an impossible way, never stopping, never ending. The Demon drowned in red. What had she done? Why weren't the screams stopping? Just stop! STOP! STOP!

    Then, everything went quiet. The Angel's body lay quietly on the black floor, the scenery was gone, everything was black. Why? The Beast got up, noticing how the chains were gone as well.

    In your chest.

    Her heart pumped. Loud. It felt weird, foreign. She opened her shirt, and almost screamed. Why was she wearing the Angel's heart? Why? WHY?

    Isn't that what you wished for? A functional heart?

    No. Not like this. Never like this. She tried to claw out her, not, not hers, the Angel's heart, but something held her back. "No! Let me! Please! It does not belongs to ME!"

    The two doctors tried to hold the woman back, putting her in a strait jacket. They only managed to do so when a nurse applied anesthesia to make her sleep, a moment to let her mind rest.

    "Was she trying to do it again?" The taller doctor asked.

    "Yes." The other replied, sadness heavy in his voice. "We shouldn't - We shouldn't had made it. We should have listened to her."

    "But she would have died."

    The doctor shook his head. "I bet she'd be in a much better state than this."

    "We had no choice, without the transfusion her heart would never work again." He sighed. "She'll make it. We have her on the best meds. She'll be fine."

    The other stared at the bloodied claw marks, his eyes heavy with grief as they landed on the motionless sleeping body. Even while sleeping, the woman seemed to be plagued by nightmares. "I hope so, my friend. I truly do."
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