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  1. If you could have one thing/person be real in life what/who would it be?
  2. A way to reach Gensokyo, I think. That's the only thing I can picture right now.
  3. I would wish to have whatever the source is of this power then destroy it so no one else can use this hack and cheat their way out of life.
  4. The uttermost confidence in myself.
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  5. Universal literacy. Everyone is born able to read and write in the most well known language based on where they live.
  6. Hell, I want the power to literally escape inside of a book. Peaceful and depending on the book, experiences that would never happen in the real world would suddenly become possible.
  7. Same.
  8. An ice cream cone.

    I'm not a god. Whatever grandiose power or fantastical solution I could think of that I would use to improve the world or myself, could very well be twisted to something negative. It's not my place to fix the universe with magic god powers.

    So I think I'd just make myself an ice cream cone, eat it, and move on. I ain't messin' with powers like these. :ferret:
  9. These kinda questions always stump me to be honest, because I have absolutely no clue.

    Hmmm... Maybe have a chocolate milkshake waterfall? That would be pretty cool.
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  10. A way to fly under my own power. Wings, some kind of furture jetpack-- I don't care. I just want to fly.
  11. The power to remember everything I read. That'd be useful - Read the textbook once and pass the exam, gives me time to focus on other stuffs.

    Plus, replying to RP on the go, that'd be a bonus.
  12. Lala Deviluke. For reason I shouldn’t have to mention. ;)
  13. Everyone's values satisfied through friendship and ponies.
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  14. The ability to destroy anything in One Punch.

    I mean, I've been doing 100 push ups, 100 sit ups, 100 squats, and 10 km runs EVERY DAY for THREE YEARS....

    ...and got nothin'.
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  15. Karma. It would be hilarious seeing people actually get what they deserve. :D
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  16. A guaranteed cure for social anxiety that I could not only use on myself, but also freely distribute to whoever else may need it.
  17. An innate understanding of every language. I can't count the number of times that I've found a piece of media that I wanted to get into, but the subtitles are bad, or it's not getting a North America release, or there's no subs and I can't speak that language. Nothing godly, just the power to understand someone or something that isn't English/French without relying on someone else.
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  19. Or it will be one massive catfight to get a boi. Heh.
  20. If all the otome boys came, there would be enough to share.

    And proobably a lot of successful businessmen too... : |
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