Greatest Love, Honor, Death

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Durimg the 72 EC Era or Cosmece Era The war agents the humans and coordinator. During this war there were 16 Neko Cats Left. One who hapent to live on the colony of Heptionals of the Orb Nation and was a student there at the high school. Her name was Jenna her crush had left to fight in the war on earth even tho he was a Coordinator. His name was Kira Yamato. But after two years he had returned. What he did not know was the war followed him back.

Join Jenna and Kira on this love and romantic, epic as they try to save earth and there friends form death. With a sexual relationship entertained.

Need a female age 18-20 to play a Jenna.

And is ok with have the rp being Reformated for a book.
Have any questions please shot me a message.

Not open for further replies.