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  1. What are some of your favorite and/or greatest accomplishments in your life?

    One of my favorite accomplishments was 100%ing black rock shooter the game. This game has some REALY hard missions. I am a rage player, which I say means my skill grows the angrier/more annoyed I get (my friend found it funny when he first discovered that, he's like "no! Rage is suppose to make you worse DX"
    Well there are 2 missions, one I didn't even want to finish because it was stupid, and another I thought was physically impossible. WELL I raged enough, did the one that was stupid perfectly, and then finish the other one easily.
    Interestingly enough, this game is basically all about precision. So my precision increases the more annoyed/angry I get. (I should rage play project diva F XP)
    And proof of completing it, the bottom right achievement is basically completing the game
  2. Sewed a skirt for my sister for her Christmas present. It was a stretch fabric that HAAATed me. The waistband especially needed to die by fire. But I finished it. It was gorgeous. It looked gorgeous on her. She loved it. Good feels.

    Breaking up with my ex - probably the hardest conversation I've ever had to initiate, and I had to do it over the phone because circumstances. WILLPOWER!

    Beating the Elite 4 and the Kanto gyms in Pokemon Soulsilver. Never beat the final challenge, but I was on the hall of fame, dammit!

    Completing a fanfic that wasn't a one shot. It was several years ago, but it's far-and-away my most-favourited work, and I'm proud of myself for seeing it through despite losing interest at chapter 6/10
  3. -points at Iwaku- O_____O I helped make this. This is glorious. Do you know how hard this is? O_____O It is the precious.
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  4. Diana's reminds me of one of my other accomplishments, turning my friend forum into the only non-hostile forum for that fanbase XD I went in the ranks, raised to second on command in no time cleaned out his terrible moderator force, created my own moderator force, and it was the best place ever for months to come (Until someone I objected got power and brought a bunch of people from another forum over and ruined it all >.<
    Totally applies, I fixed the issue with flying colors. Absolutely no hard feelings between anyone after I dealt with that situation. Problem is though, that led a few to stay and influence the boss into making some pretty terrible decisions sealing the fate of the forum from a kinda recoverable state to a not recoverable state DX (I guess it's still recoverable now, but we're gonna have to REALLY try -.-)

    BUT if I would have just told them all "Fuck off! you're banned!" Then the community would still be thriving DX How can being the hero cause a bad ending? Such a cruel world -.-

    (All that happening between my ages 15 and 16. I remember when I use to be able to do all that within a year, now a days October is 2 months away and last October feels like just 2 months ago. WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST ALL OF A SUDDEN??? When I was like 6, an entire day felt like a today's 4 days. Sometimes when I get in my old mindset, I think "Okay, it's Tuesday" and its really Saturday, i'm like "WTF???? IT WAS MONDAY YESTERDAY DX"
  5. It's because of proportions. When you were six, one year was 1/6 of your life; whereas now that you're 19, one year is 1/19 of your life. Proportionally, it's as though it's a shorter period of time, so it feels like it goes by faster.

    Anyways, on topic, my greatest/favorite achievement is a recent one; and that's overcoming depression~ You will not believe how utterly fantastic I feel right now (or maybe you will, I dunno).
  6. O.O that makes quite a bit of sense. I think you'd understand if I REALLY hope you're wrong XD the last thing I need is my 40's going twice as fast as even now >.<
  7. I once threw a potato chip in the air then caught it in my mouth. Yeah...that was a good one.
  8. Sired a child that I am not entirely disappointed in.
  9. I have, in the span of about a year, worked my way up from hardly being able to jog 30 seconds to being able to jog for 25 minutes straight. Considering I weigh well over 300 lbs, I'm pretty damn proud of myself.
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  10. I once diagnosed a problem for Comcast that was causing connection issues in the entire area.

    I received six months free for my efforts.
  11. I pushed a freakishly tall baby with broad shoulders and weighed more than 9 pounds out of my hoohah. Pretty proud of that achievement.
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  12. =)
  13. I completed the Pokedex. In Gen VI.

    The only exceptions being those two event Pokemon that haven't been released at all yet, which don't count for that exact reason.

    Other than that, though? I have literally caught 'em all, even with the ridiculous number of species that modern Pokemon boasts.
  14. Point me back to this thread in two years when I complete my Master's program.
  15. I'm 21 credits away from completing my second degree, when everybody told me I'd never get the first. Pretty smug about that.

    I've also managed to raise a smart, kind, and respectful child despite life getting in the way. That's pretty awesome too.
  16. Bought a game the day it came out. And got it $5 cheaper too. Target for the win. Also participated in a UNESCO painting thing when I was waay younger.
  17. Finishing 3rd Climax in Bayonetta 2...

    Yeah not the greatest but still a damn sweet accomplishment doe
  18. Well.. Uhh...

    I've survived the severe shitstorms life likes to start for me. Woohoo. :D

    I guess a few things I'm proud of as well are that I've gotten to help out a lot at a camp for the disabled, overcoming my fear of shots, training my mind and body through biofeedback, and.. uhh.. I don't really know what else.
  19. Joined iwaku and finally managed to have an account on tumblr, where my fanfictions can live out there lives, till they die.
  20. Probably a combination of the RP's, Homebrew, and Cults I've helped create over the years.
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