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  1. Yukimi - Tieren North Market -> The Dusty Pugilist Tavern - @Anyone

    A faint breeze sent loose sand scattering across the street. It was emptier than usual, to an almost eerie extent; it had been for the past 3 days. NPCs still scurried about on their daily business, and as usual, Yukimi found herself admiring just how well-made their AI was. She could hear the faint, rhythmic, out of tune note of a hammer striking steel and smiled a little - it was nice to see people had begun to recover from their initial shock and were learning to make the most of the situation. As usual, snow fox Kemono walked in the shade of the mudstone buildings lining the square; she wasn't particularly fond of the desert sun to say the least.

    As she approached her destination, the general drone of conversation increased gradually, but dropped a little when she entered the building, which made her ego grow a little. She didn't think she'd ever get tired of being instantly recognizable to anyone who kept up with the intercity PVP league. She looked around briefly, giving enough time for conversation to return to normal, before leaning against the back wall next to a couple of Players she had partied with a few times. The first was a tall, blond haired Allyrian clad head to toe in very heavy and expensive looking blue plate and wielding an 8 foot long hammer. This was the leader of the largest guild in Terien, the Iron Legion. The second was no less intimidating as an Orog of the largest height setting, almost 8 foot himself and with 4 canines that stuck out over his lip, who was renowned as the most annoyingly persuasive person in the city - truly a politician to be reckoned with despite his guild having only 12 members - the bare minimum to be recognised as an official guild with a say in the senate. They greeted one another, the Allyrian briefly pointing out that he wasn't the least bit surprised to see either of them here, but a little relieved.

    A couple of minutes passed, before the Orog clapped to get attention and announced that "the meeting regarding the event now formally known as Day Zero and our plans as a city from here onwards will begin in 10 minutes. Please find somewhere to stand where you can still hear me."
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  2. libertango.regular.png

    Tieren South Entrence -> The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    Kento spits out any sand that few into his mouth when the wind blew by, and nearly cuts his nose off once again while wiping off any other sand on his face. "Christ, I need to get used to these things." He had already cut himself many times, almost everywhere. Luckily, he was lazy and did not sharpen his blades regularly and the cuts did not do too much damage. Except his pride, that is at a all time low. Kento shakes his whole body to get any extra sand off and looks around the barren streets. "Where is everyone? Even most of the bots are gone." Kento says to no one in particular. Sounds of a distant hammer pounding on something else metal echoed through the streets, and a small ruckus seems to be coming from the tavern. Well, I don't have too much else to do... Kento starts to walk towards sounds, staying in shade of the few buildings that covered the street. He did not really mind the heat too much, but preferred the cooler temperatures of the shade.

    Kento stopped in his tracks once he saw someone new walk into the tavern. While he did see others walk in and out of the establishment, this person seemed almost out of place within the desert city. Even if he was not accustomed to the city yet, the blue dress sure did stand out from the sun cracked buildings and the bright yellow sand. Once she walked in, Kento heard probably half of the tavern go silent and after a few minuets every sound and conversation went back to normal. Someone with influence or at least someone that is popular and well known. I for sure should not be here. Kento felt his body requesting to walk away but his mind compelled him to walk around the corner and into the tavern. He pushed open the doors, as silently as possible, hoping to not draw attention to him and his low level. A few others, mainly people by the door, looked in his direction but then right away went back to their conversations. Kento breathed a sigh of relief and walked to one of the more empty corners.

    A meeting seemed to be taking place, and his body urged him even more to leave as he was probably not invited to join either way. But as Kento looked around the room, he saw many more intimidating people within the tavern, freezing him in place. A tall man-thing, about twice the size of Kento clapped to get everyone's eyes onto him. It sure worked, as the clap might as well sent shock waves through Kento, his eyes were locked onto the man and the rough area around him. A few minuets afterwards, Kento relaxed again and sat down in a old, probably about to break, bar stool that he dragged over to the corner.​
  3. Kumi - Terien Slums -> The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    A big clump of sand shifted and fell off the door to Kumi's room as she opened it, smacking her on the head as she exited the shed-sized hovel. Perhaps she would've invested some money into a better house if she actually stayed in one place long enough. Removing her hat, she brushed the sand off; moving on to do the same for her ears. It probably wouldn't matter in Terien though, her ears would accumulate more sand before the day's end; a downside to being part fox. Instinctively fitting her hat back around her ears, she pushed the door closed and continued on to the inner-city of Terien, eventually approaching the Dusty Pugilist Tavern.

    Of all the places to visit in Terien, this was one of Kumi's favorites. Memories of former visits filled her head; along with the people she had met here. "I wonder how many of them are still around," she pondered? Kumi casually entered the desert building to find the inside considerably more packed than she was accustomed to. Turns out her sources were right though, there was definitely something going on here. Sparing a moment to gaze around with her sky-blue eyes, she spotted a handful of familiar customers and waved to the few that looked her way. With her favorite seats taken, Kumi found a good spot to lean along the wall and waited for the meeting to begin.
  4. Leiko - Terien Slums -> The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    Leiko swiped her hand across her forehead and huffed tiredly. She really needed to stop being a hoarder, but she couldn't help it. Who wouldn't hoard food when travelling? Sighing as another bead of sweat dripped from her forehead, she stuffed her hand inside her travelling bag. In a practiced manner, she grabbed a canister of water and drank as much as her mouth would allow her. After gulping and somewhat spending energy trying to quench her thirst, she stuffs the canister back, shoulder slumping. "I am seriously darn tired." She mutters to no one but herself.

    Despite her tired state, Leiko manages to reach the tavern. With a tremendous amount of force, on her part of course, she manages to part the doors and enter. With a dramatic sigh of relief, she unceremoniously falls to her knees in a thankful manner. Crawling her way to the bar, she asked for a glass of water. Really, she needed to get her head straight when travelling. Bring water, and a lot of it, not just food and even more food. She tells herself for the millionth time, as she leaves her spot on the floor to sit down on a nearby chair.
  5. Darius, The One and Only King
    The Dusty Pugilist Tavern


    Three days after the logout function broke or was disable, and Darius still couldn’t quite grasp the whole seriousness of the incident. While it did suck that he now couldn’t watch Youtube videos or pirate Bollywood movies or play any game outside of Great Sands Online, he had to admit that there were probably worse games to be stuck with. Imagine how terrible it’d be if everyone was trapped in, say, Counterstrike or League of Legends. There would literally be no distractions from the main gameplay outside of the /dance command.

    Then again, those games were the traditional mouse-and-keyboard type, so it wasn’t ever going to be possible to get sucked into those anyways.

    Brushing off those needless thoughts, the brunette strode through Tieren Square with a rare display of purpose. Three days of exploring the city in all its glory had made the sounds and sights of its people dull, and the low-leveled player was more interested now in changes. While most players managed to keep their spirits high, simply imagining it all as an extended roleplaying session, no one has ventured out to the higher-level field zones yet out of fear that death was really death. Their cowardice was boring, but understandable. Darius himself hadn’t gotten the balls to venture out to his usual ‘five levels above his own’ hunting grounds yet, staying content with grinding level 8 goblins for Iron Ingots. But grinding all day and not actually having anything fun to do was a soul-crushing thing. It felt more like work than anything else, but in a game where the fun was supposed to be in combat…there really wasn’t much else to do. The NPCs seemed to be happy enough, but fuck them.

    Sighing at his increasingly negative thoughts, Darius pushed himself into the Dusty Pugilist. Already, others had gathered under the rumor of ‘something big’ happening, and it was clear that, with the appearance of bigshots (funny how all of them were male, even when 90% of Japan’s population was female), those rumors were true. Darius scanned the room for a moment, looking for seats that hadn’t been taken, but found something else instead.

    Or, more specifically, someone else.

    Sliding up beside a slender fox Kemono with blonde hair and blue eyes, the much taller Allyrian smiled at her. “Been some time, Kumi! How you’ve been doing? This three-day gaming marathon treating you alright?”
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  6. Kumi - The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    Kumi bent her neck to meet the towering Allyrian in the eyes. "Darius! Hi there," she exclaimed as his smile infectiously spread onto her own face! "It's been kind of exciting actually. Everything was pretty lively before, but now it all just feels so natural." Kumi wiggled her ears around a bit to illustrate one of the better examples of 'natural feeling' before continuing on in her lighthearted voice. "Your timing is perfect or terrible depending on how you look at it. I don't wanna die, but wandering around one place gets awfully boring, especially Terien." Kumi leaned back against the wall, her fluffy tail swishing back and forth impatiently.
  7. [​IMG]
    Dusty Pugilist Tavern


    Thirrin was walking through the streets of Terien. She had no motivation to do anything, all the members of her miniscule guild, Valhalla, were gone except the leader. As she was walking, an icon of small letter appeared at the top right corner of her UI. There's only one person who would... she thought and looked for the closest mailbox to see the message. Upon reaching the mailbox, she picked up the letter and opened it. See you at the Dusty Pugilist tomorrow, i've something important for you, RF read on the letter. RF, Ramses Fhaer was the leader of Valhalla... or what was left of it. Thirrin nods to herself as she pocketed the letter and kept on wandering the streets aimlessly.


    Thirrin steps in to the tavern and is greeted by a mass of people. Just what is going on here? she wonders as she scans through the room to spot Ramses. After a while of standing in the doorway like an idiot, she spots Ramses from the crowd, he was sitting in a table next to a window near the exit. Thirrin quickly hurries over to the small Uruni who was enjoying some ale at the table. "Hi Ramses! I got your message, so what is it you wanted to tell me?" she asks, she wasn't aware of this meeting at all. Ramses shakes his head a bit "You didn't know? Thought so... this is a meeting with all of the people involved in Day Zero is beginning, that's why i told you to come" he answers rather bluntly and grabs on the shoulder of Thirrin who was still standing next to him and pulls her down so she would sit down instead of standing there.

  8. Joan - PvP Arena -> The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    "Come on Dearie, I beat you fair and square. I believe that you are to give me that rare material. Tell you what, I might sell the finished product to you once it's outlived it's usefulness to me. Au Revior~."

    Queen of the Arena. The Master Duelist. One so skilled in the art of one on one Combat, that even with her personal skill disabled, she could effectively, and consistently defeat her enemy in an equalised environment.

    "Now, now, You know we had a deal, remember? I promised you a nice rare Staff if you beat me. Trade? Now where's the fun in that?"


    After several rematches and victories, the Duelist was seen walking out of the Arena.

    "Thank you Dearie! Hahaha. See you at the meeting~!" She had walked in with nothing on her really. But now she was walking out with several rare materials, and a few lower level equipment. Truth be told, there was never a bet to begin with. It was all a facade, to entice them into betting even more. It wasn't always successful, but now she knew the type of people who would be gullible to believe her. Of course a little charm always helps. Of course there was a meeting today, so that had to take priority.

    ~The Dusty Pugilist Tavern~

    No one was doing anything. This was a serious matter and to her surprise, everyone was more concerned with sitting there quietly with a blank look.

    "What more is there to do?"

    The woman stepped into the building, her hat was tilted over her face slightly. She readjusted it, so all could see her.

    "Simply put, we are trapped. Trapped within a game. Many of you are distressed, but what good will that do for any of us? Hm? Of course not. Now while this game may still be our lives, and might be forever, I propose we do what we came here to do in the first place: Play the game."

    She stepped into the middle of the room, her posture ever straight, and proper.

    "All we can do is accept that we are not in the old world, and continue on from here. Any objections?

  9. Yukimi - The Dusty Pugilist Tavern - @Everyone, @Reanimator Bob

    The Orog from earlier, as well as the leader of the Iron Legion stepped into a small clearing that had been respectfully made for them to speak in. "I believe, ma'am, that the majority of people found in this tavern have done just that, hence why they bothered showing up at all." The Orog fluidly dismissed the newcomer, his voice's natural charisma making up for the relative abrasiveness of his words. "For those of you who don't know, I'm Kel, and this is Lucan. Alongside many of you here, our job is to make sure Terien is a good place to live and play. We feel that our role is more important now than ever, so we hope you can offer us full support in our work, for the benefit of everyone gathered here." A small kemono servant took this natural break as an opportunity to speak. "Sir, I've attached a notice to the door asking latecomers to slip in quietly." This was met with praise and a small piece of the local currency, 'creatively' named "Teruns".

    "Now, as you may have noticed, we appear to have been trapped inside the game known as Great Sands Online. The whereabouts of the other players is unknown at this time, but we feel it reasonable to assume they haven't been trapped here. If anyone has information regarding people who didn't get trapped, we urge you to step forward at the end so we can start figuring out correlations." The Orog finished speaking and took a drink from a mug. In this time, Lucan took over. "We feel it is our duty to make the best of our current situation until we can determine what actually happened and whether there is a way out or not. As it stands, few people if any have ventured beyond Terien's walls in the past 3 days, so we have absolutely no idea what the world is like now. The Summoning Circle does still exist and can be interacted with, so we have reason to believe respawning is still possible, which is our current priority. Establishing whether or not we can revive after death will play a large role in our movements from here on out."

    Here, Kel resumed control of the lecture. "We have decided to organise ourselves into teams. The first of these will be what we have dubbed the 'Adventurer team'" "Or A-Team for short", Lucan interjected, "Yes, or A-team. We're looking for a good range of levels in this team to be able to have balanced fights at a range of difficulties and strategies to take a deep look at the battle mechanics. This team will be lead by the lovely Blizzard Artillery, which I'm sure is a great incentive. Places are limited, so sign up while you have the chance!" At this, Yukimi simply rolled her eyes. "Those with counterpoints or objections may present them now. Otherwise, those willing to volunteer for the A-Team may do so once objections have been put to rest."
  10. [​IMG]
    The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    Kansuke had been out farming for a bit and had nearly forgotten about the meeting. He tsked softly as he sheathed his sword and picked up his knives that were on the ground. There was a meeting being held today at the tavern and he felt irresponsible for not arriving early. He was, after all, very important. Kansuke worried that they might not be able to agree on something while he was gone so he made a dash for the tavern. Luckily, he was smart and picked a farming area that wasn't too far. Looking a little disheveled, he fixed and dusted himself off.

    Quietly, he opened the door to the tavern hopefully not getting too much attention. He was already late, he didn't want to be a distraction, most especially to the females in the room. Slowly moving across the tavern he spotted a female that looked rather lost. She had a curious shade for her eyes, a mix of ocean blue and coral red and her expression was one of a deer caught in headlights. "Excuse me," he says surprisingly politely,"but, I'm rather late. I don't suppose you could clue me in on what's going on?"

    The Dusty Pugilist Tavern

    When the lady with the blue hat had entered, proclaiming things about how they should just play the game like they always had, Leiko was all for it. Though what the orog said made sense. What if they couldn't respawn? She was still rather young and hadn't sampled every delicacy there was known to man. Leiko sighed and started to space out. She'd miss her mother's cooking. Although she could mimic it in this game, it just wasn't the same. A male's voice had interrupted her thoughts,"Excuse me but, I'm rather late. I don't suppose you could clue me with what's going on?" The male had spoken.

    Leiko then proceeded to tell her of what had transpired just moments ago. From the lady with the blue hat and the "A-team" all the while the male listened intently,"U-uh, that's about it I guess? You didn't really miss a lot."
  11. [​IMG]
    “Eh? Is that so?” Darius cocked an eyebrow at Kumi’s ear-wiggling, wondering if he should have picked a less human class as well. While he never had concerns about being a human, perhaps he should pay a visit to a polymorpher some time and take up a new race, if only to see how it feels to have ears and a tail. Then again, those cost more money than he had ever made, so it will be a dream for now.

    “Haven’t tried it myself, in regards to the whole ‘dying’ thing,” the brunette confessed, scratching his head, “But yeah, things are getting boring. No one’s going on raids or dungeoning anymore, and did you hear about those bandit peeps out on the fields? Apparently there’s players going around ambushing others now, for goods and shit. Mortal pain in the ass, really. Guess this is why no one wants to be an explorer back in the real world.”

    Amusing himself with watching his old friend’s fox tail swish back and forth, like a horse swatting away flies, the young man was mid-way through asking a more personal, biological question, before someone else showed up. A baby-blue hat and a dress of the same color, as well as a rapier that sat easily at her side. The lancer was never acquainted with her, but he did recall seeing PvP videos featuring her on Youtube in the past. Another big-shot, or…

    “Dang, she got shot down quick,” he muttered to Kumi, a not-so-kind smile on his face as the male Orog, Kel, pretty much brushed her aside. While the speech that followed sounded like it came out of the mouth of a Game Master or a Moderator, the last bit did bring up something interesting. They were asking for Adventurers of various level to go out and start exploring again, or, more specifically, to figure out how to fight. While Darius thought of himself as more of an lover explorer than a fighter, the existence of an A-team did get his interest.

    After all, if he was partied up with high-leveled players, they could carry him and keep him safe while he checked out the world again. Maybe a bunch of level 50s will come along and offer complete safety for the lower-levelled peeps?

    Yeah, that’d be great…

    “Thoughts? Personally, I’m fairly interested in this thing myself. Better than sticking to level 5 mining spots, at least.”
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  12. Dusty Pugilist Tavern -> Ascension Guild Hall, @Everyone

    Kel responded fluidly, with a light laugh "Well, we will need some people to stick around those mines! I guess we can let the no-shows do that, then. Very well, if there are no other questions, then I'll let our magically-oriented Tenjin take over."

    "Why was I not given an option in this?" "We thought it would be a nice surprise." Yukimi sighed. "Alright, fine. I'd been meaning to explore anyway." She raised her voice so that the people at the back could hear her. "I'm going to sort out my bags; you should all do the same. Anyone coming should meet me at Ascension's guild hall in an hour and a half. It's the building with the Wispstones in the spires. You can't miss it." With that, the fox-eared angel snapped her fingers and blinked out of existence, replaced by a tiny whirlwind of icy blue petals which floated gracefully to the floor before melting into nothingness.

    "Oh, boss, welcome back. Let me guess, some white-ass nigga talked you into doing something stupid again?" Roriaru, possibly the most confusing character in the entire guild, was sitting on a sofa in a rather masculine manner.

    "Pretty much."

    "And let me guess. Some other white-ass nigga is about to talk me into coming along for the ride?"

    "Pretty much." At this, Roriaru simply rolled her eyes.

    "Crackers and their obsession with little kids. I'll never understand it."

    "It's not so much little kids as the comic relief you provide that's why I'm taking you. Now, get moving. Go stand at the door and let people in. They won't be able to get in themselves."
  13. 3bycmnE.png

    Kento listened intently to the Orog, being transfixed by his words of adventure and excitement. Many people in the tavern began to discuss if they planned to join or not. Kento silently told himself that he would at least apply, and started to slip out of the tavern. He dodged people getting up and getting a new drink, weaving left and right between two men that seemed to possibly want to start a fight. Once out of the establishment, Kento quickly checked his pockets, to make sure he did not drop anything important. "No? Good. I suppose it would not kill me to be early." Kento said to himself, setting off in the direction the guild hall stands.

    The wind seemed to pick up, covering Kento in a fresh layer of sand while walking down the sandstone path towards the building. He tried to shake off the extra sand but it proved to be futile as another layer was blown onto him. Kento saw a fairly small person in the distance, and the faint outline of the Wispstone the fox lady in blue was talking about. Must be here then. Kento thought, pushing himself further into the light sandstorm that developed around him. Once he finally reached the girl, and the storm seemed to settle, Kento sat on the ground about ten feet from the girl and asked her, "Uh, hi. Is this the... Ascension's Guild Hall?" God I hope I am right...
  14. [​IMG]

    After the orog was done speaking and a weird looking Kemono stood up and told that everyone wanting to join should meet up at the Ascension's guild hall, Thirrin got excited. Finally something to do. She shifts her focus to Ramses "I'll be seeing you later" she says to him and gets up, exiting the building right behind Kento. Ascension? She didn't remember hearing about the guild, well she never really cared to find out about the big guilds as she got invited to Valhalla pretty soon after she finished the tutorial. Thirrin began making her way to the Ascension's guild house some distance after Kento. As the wind picked up, Thirrin quickly pulled up her hood to cover up as much as possible from the sand.

    After a good while of walking in the sandstorm, she reached what appeared to be the guild house. She stopped a short distance away from Kento to listen what the two were talking about. Yes, eavesdropping is bad manners but unfortunately Thirrin wasn't that aware of what was good manners and what bad, working more by instinct.
  15. [​IMG]

    Dusty Pugilist Tavern -> Ascension Guild Hall Entrance @Rauzi

    As Darius pointed out the awkward social interaction, Kumi gave him a quick eye-roll, though the lighthearted smile remained stuck on her face. Following that, those three crazy looking bigwigs brought up exactly what Kumi wanted to hear. An opportunity to leave Terien: fantastic! One thing felt off though. That fancy armor guy's words echoed in Kumi's mind as the meeting continued: "establishing whether or not we can revive after death will play a large role in our movements from here on out." He had mentioned that right before they announced this "A-team" too. Suspicious. Even so, it was better than the incredibly dull alternative.

    After a fascinated gaze at the indoor petal storm, Kumi looked back up at Darius. "Well this could be a fun experience! I sure don't need 90 minutes to pack a bag though," she mentioned as she patted her standard traveling bag. "They did say it was first-come-first-serve after all, so you'd better not be late," she added, flashing him a quick smile of her own origin as she bolted out of the tavern.

    As quick as her initial 5-second-dash was, Kumi couldn't help but slow down under the big gusts of sand. Reaching into the bag with her right hand and scrolling through the UI that popped up with her left, she selected "desert goggles." It was never boring to watch that sparkling nebula of particles form a more complex object; at least not for her. Swiftly yanking the newly-formed goggles out, she fastened them around her eyes and made her way towards the characteristic building.

    The part that was astounding to Kumi was that there already seemed to be 3 people there. She thought she had been the eager beaver. "Hehe...a beaver kemono would be funny looking," her thoughts trailed off for a second. Wearing an odd smile as if she just heard something funny, Kumi strode up to position herself behind a curious looking dog kemono. "Is this the line for the adventuring team," she questioned, directing said question towards the dog, but projecting for any of the three to answer?
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  16. [​IMG]
    An hour and a half? Hah, laughable. Unlike everyone and anyone else, Darius had no need to prepare for any excursions. After all, Box Drop offered him access to his back account, so as long as his stockpiles stayed strong, he was fine as well. Once the flurry of petals settled, evaporating onto the wooden floor, the lancer scratched his chin at Kumi’s words. “Please, I don’t need any time at all to pack my bags…though I suppose I should do some shopping, just in case this is a longer adventure than usual. See you there~”

    With a display of her level 20 speed, the kimono ran off, and Darius checked his pockets. As a result of being a relatively hardcore game, Great Sands Online’s average level was quite a bit higher than normal, meaning that no one actually bothered with purchasing level 10 weaponry. NPCs were always willing to buy, but they were cheap bastards as well, meaning that a low-level blacksmith like Darius should really just stick with levelling up first…which, naturally, he couldn’t do effectively, because he doesn’t want to die.

    The fact of the matter was, Darius went into the marketplace with a handful of coins, and came out with a handful of food. Healing potions were disgustingly expensive for some reason, after all, and surely there would be a high level healer in the A-team, so it wasn’t his problem.

    A quick scan of the map and he found his bearings easily. It took a couple of minutes to arrive at Ascension Hall, where he expected to be at least one of the first three to arrive, but to his surprise…

    “God damn, does everyone else here have inventory-related personal skills or something? Shit, and I thought I was fast.”

  17. Oh, the brute!

    Very well then. No sense in crying over it, what's done is done. In any case, Joan now had something to do. There were so few people who actually wanted to play now days, it made things rather boring. But, it was understandable. She was shocked the first day or so. But, the truth remains, that this was a game at one point. And it is also their life at the moment. Games are made for enjoyment, and people say "Live life to the fullest." So if life is a game, the best way to live it to the fullest is to play and have fun. And for Joan, fun is betting their goods against each others skills.

    "Very well then. If the exploring will help ease everyone's minds, I'll gladly join in.

    Besides, she's been aching to find out what happens if anyone dies. There had been no indication that they will actually lose their life, but one could never be too careful. Joan had little in the ways of packing to do. Albeit, she did need her other rapiers, as their components were different from the one she currently had equipped. But that wouldn't take more than a few moments.

    Without any other real equipment needed aside from a few health potions, she was prepared. To her surprise she had been beaten by several other players.

    "Well hello there adventures. Very nice to see you all. I do not know the names of all who are currently present, so I believe an introduction is in order. I am Joan de Claremont, arena duelest and Adept Seamstress. And you are?"

    She looked to the group of individuals who currently present. None of them were particularly impressive.
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  18. Luka Katami - Level 48 Kemono

    Luka had changed from her armor into her flowing silky garments that she had her character wear while roleplaying. She still had an appearance to keep up after all, even if this was now 'real life'. Her two swords hung at her hips as she moved through town. She had been present at the inn during the discussion about this world and the 'A-team', but only in the darkness. Now was her turn to make an entrance. She only grinned if she got any looks, feet moving silently over the sand, her tail swishing back in forth in motion with her hips as she moved. She flashed a toothy grin at one of the NPCs as they walked past, pausing in her walk to wrap her arm around his shoulders and pull a pouch out of her bag. She ignored his disgusted look at her and the smarting words that were forming on his tongue, cutting him off instead. "You look like you could use some of these." Luka said. "Pure quality crystals! Got em from deep down under, waaay up in the north. I'm sure you've never seen anything so great as this, eh?" She asked him, not letting the NPC reply as she tossed it from hand to hand. "I'll sell them to you. I don't need these ones anymore. I've got something even better. Which nope, isn't for sale, before you even ask." She said. After a good minute or two, she had exchanged the small bag for a well off bit of coin. She slid the coins into her purse and bowed to the man. "Why thank you my good sir." She said to him, turning and continuing on her way. When she began to hear an angry shout behind her, she disappeared. The NPC looked around angrily for a few moments, before ultimately giving up the struggle, taking away his bag of small pebbles. Luka smiled, chuckling to herself as she began moving once more, becoming visible again.

    Soon enough, she came up to the Ascension's Guild Hall. She was counting the coin she had procured over these three days of becoming Luka when she noticed that there were other people present at this meeting at the Hall. Well goodness, at least it wouldn't be just her. Although, she wasn't sure how high level they were. Luka never did like grinding low leveled characters, and couldn't stand people who didn't know the game or its mechanics. She looked at them with disdain. But she was Luka now, eh? Might as well get into it, heh. She faded away once more, using those valuable five seconds to appear rather suddenly next to the group of 'adventurers'. Luka then appeared suddenly in front of the group, mouth curling into a fanged smile. "Why, what a pleasure it is to meet you, Miss Joan!" She said, words flowing off her tongue like sweet silver, words almost sounding like they were mocking her. "I'm surprised you don't know me already! Luka Katami, of course, is who I am." She gave a sweeping bow to the group. "Queen of the table and renowned merchant of rare goods!"
  19. [​IMG]
    Ascension Guild Hall Entrance

    She turns her focus on Kumi who was asking something about a line. "Uhm.. no it isn't, or i mean... yes, no? i don't know.. i think this has something to do with the adventure thing... or at least that's why i'm here.." she says and takes her hood off. At this point an uruni arrives and introduces herself. Another pvp nut? What's up with these people... guess that day zero even made them stop doing arena... she thought while looking at the two people standing behind her. Then yet another person arrived, introducing herself as a queen of the table? Well that sounds rather stupid title.. The first one seems okay... but a pvp nut and merchant who thinks way too highly of herself... is this the group i have to be with? she thought, giving a rather blunt expression, clearly not fond of the idea of adventuring with those two at all. "So were going to be in a same group then i guess? I'm sure this will be fun!" she says being a bit more energetic than before, ever since day zero she had felt a bit down.
  20. [​IMG]
    Leiko blinked, the meeting was over just like that. So, apparently no one was opposing the idea of the "A team". With careful movements, she got off her chair, her travelling bag noisily following suit. After she knew she wouldn't clumsily fall over, she made a mock salute to the male she had just met and bid him farewell.

    Just like that, she was on her way to the meeting area. I mean 90 minutes to pack? Pfsssh, she brought her stuff- ehem, food, everywhere. Plus, Leiko could easily make more, food was her thing. Even if she was low-leveled, at least she had use. With newfound energy, or the prospect of new delicacies to cook Leiko jogged her way. She supposed, she should've tried to level herself. To lessen the burden of carrying her bag and to probably move faster. But for heaven's sake, she just couldn't care less about levels. She had food, what more is there to life?

    Apparently, a lot. As the game decided to mess with all the players and keep them in the game. What a pain, she thought as she made her way there.

    Kansuke after the meeting finished thought it best that he make his way to the meeting point immediately after. Though he couldn't help but get distracted when the lady he met just earlier was on the same way but struggling with her travelling bag. Ever the gentleman and hero that he was, he offered to carry it for her.

    In the end, it took them rather long to arrive as the bag he carried wasn't as light as he thought it would be. Who in their right mind even brought this much stuff? With a confident swagger, he announced his presence as he arrived, taking note that he was rather late.

    "Hello everyone, the one and only Kansuke is here. So there's no need to fret, I'll be sure to save everyone."
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