Great pun for TK I've come up with...

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  2. Ray

    "From what I know, it's a psuedo-military organization. They can be charged with a lot of things from mass homicide to human trafficking and human experimentation."
  3. Blair

    Her heart sunk "That's horrible. What sort of human experimentation?" She asked afraid, having memories of when she was a child. After mama gave her up. She shook herself out of it. She didn't want to think back to when she was first delevoping the ice.
  4. Ray

    "Thanks for the advice. For now though, I'm just going to leave this to them and the vigilante."
  5. Blair

    "I'll be sure to. You be safe too." She texted then hear a clink near the fire place. She hadn't used that since Mortimer was still here. He didn't like the cold and would constantly joke that he needed a roaring fire just to keep him alive. She hobbled over to see an arrow and a note. She read past the note and wasn't disturbed until she saw her name. The bastard not only knew where she lived but who she was. With a grumble she froze the middle of the arrow then snapped it in half. She decided to keep the note though, figuring she could use it at some point. She placed the broken arrow on the kitchen table and the letter there too. She went back and texted

    "Got a message from Baltimores finest." She went to her closet and pulled out a coat. She figured she might as well go against what the note offered.
  6. Ray

    "Of course. Whatever you want." He smiled at her.
  7. I chuckle'd... :(
  8. Ray

    He wrapped his arms around her, comfortingly, "Hey, hey, it's okay. You're okay. No one is making you continue this. It's your choice." He kissed the top of her head. "I could never look at you differently. This is just another side of you, it doesn't make me care about you any less. I promise." He kissed her head again and held her close.
  9. Ray

    "He isn't going to hurt you. You are innocent, he only hunts the people who deserve it."

    Dylan walked in and saw what was happening. "...Bad time?"
  10. Dylan: "I could order some food if you guys want. Oh, you're Blair. Nice to meet you."
  11. Ray

    "I get work done." He chuckled. "Bite me, Dylan." He went over to his lab table and started tinkering while they talked.
  12. Ray

    He was about to comment when Dylan interrupted him. "Oh you should see his. His whole house is covered in projects and codes. Look around his lab and office" He gestured to a lot of papers and blueprints and charts scattered on the walls and tables and spilling onto the floor. "And I even organized it last night. He somehow manages to do this in no time at all."

    Ray: "Ideas aren't just one at a time." He shrugged.
  13. This is true.
  14. *GMK replaces the Marine Corps chainsaw with an Eviscerator*
  16. *Pulls TK's pants down around her ankles and makes his escape with a jetpack that runs on rainbows and farts*
  17. *breaks out the trapshoot rocket launcher and scores a direct hit on chaos*
  18. *The falling body that is the rocket blasted chaos plummets to the ground and lands before GMK*