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  1. Well i found this game called Dwarf Fortress, and i've seen it's world generator (it's epic!) and i see all these people creating maps by hand and using other programs, but what if you just used Dwarf Fortresses world generator to make maps? Their size depends on how you pick it and theirs even an advanced version of it's World Creator in the game that lets you customize it how you want.

    All you would have to do is,

    1. Create the World
    2. once the history is done ( i recommend the shortest history if you just want a map.) press the p key
    3. go inside the Dwarf Fortress folder and head to the bottom. There should be a Bitmap/BMP file. Open it and theres your new world

    Here's 2 Large Worlds i was able to create, the second one i made in 5 minutes. Also i picked the highest size the generator could do.

    If you do plan on using Dwarf Fortress for your world creations i highly recommend you download the Lazy Newb Pack, because it comes with a graphics pack that actually makes it look like an actual world. Without it the world just looks like a big mess of symbols, numbers, and letters.

    (i used the Lazy Newb Pack for both of these)

    Watch out these are large (open)
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Here's the download links for the Lazy Newb Pack, it installs dwarf fortress and the same Graphics Pack that i used all at the same time ^^



    You will need something like Winrar or 7zip in order to extract them though. When you do just make a new folder, highlight all the files that show up in winrar/7zip, then just drag them over to the new folder you created and wallah, you're done^^.
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  2. Please please please can I move or repost this to/in the Worldvuilding Guild?? It's a great resource!
  3. @Minibit Go ahead ^^. Have been playing and seeing Dwarf Fortress for a while and i am surprised no-one has suggested it yet >_>
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  4. There updated it with Download links and instructions on how to install it ^^. There was a Linux version but it's currently un-maintained meaning it got taken down for now until someone new picks it up.
  5. So i was wandering the Dwarf Fortress forums to help improve map making quality and i found something that's really awesome. It's a mod for Dwarf Fortress that takes the maps you make and turns them into a satellite image of what that world would look like in real life.

    Heres the link to that mod if you want to try it out!

    Here's the example of what can be created with the mod (open)

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  6. I also found another mod that allows you to edit the world_gen.txt code which lets you directly effect the world generation, allowing you more customization, i can post that too if you want ^^.
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  7. We salute you for this....thank you very much.
  8. No problem, glad it could help!
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