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Fantasy, Horror, Modern, Medieval, but I'm open to a lot!
I only wish to sit upon a sea of stars and bask in their light
Just with myself or with someone who loves me equally

╡About me
╰☆╮Hi there! Call me Gray and thanks for stopping by.
╰☆╮I'm extremely friendly and hopefully can make some new friends here. :))
╰☆╮First off, I'm new here but not new to rp and have used other forum sites.

╡Partner requirements
╰☆╮Respond two times a week as minimum just for the sake of moving along the rp.
╰☆╮I'm currently looking for long-term partners only.
╰☆╮Work with me with moving the plot along, propose ideas, and add twists. (I love incorporating new ideas!)
╰☆╮Please have proper grammar.
╰☆╮I certainly do not mind a few misspellings and mistakes (As I will make mistakes as well), but make an effort to proofread.
╰☆╮I love OOC and will certainly engage in it, but it is not necessary.
╰☆╮Let me know if you're going on a break or would like to drop the rp. As long as you let me know, it's all good!
╰☆╮Third-person pov only. I don't mind past or present as long as it's consistent.
╰☆╮Lastly, I'm fine like writing a good chunk of a detailed paragraph as a minimum. The most I will write is around five-six paragraphs. I'll adapt to whatever you'd like to do.

╰☆╮I am a definite sucker for romance and usually do plots centered around that.
╰☆╮I will also do platonic relationships, but prefer romantic.
╰☆╮FxF is a preference, but again, not set in stone.
╰☆╮Fantasy, medieval, horror, and modern are my top genres! I'm open to a lot though!

╰☆╮I don't have any set plots right now, you can certainly suggest some!
╰☆╮Additionally, I'm knowledgeable I'm multiple fandoms so let me know if you're interested in doing something in a fandom.

Send me a PM if you're interested! Have a wonderful day!