Graveyard Incident-Halloween (Taken)

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  1. Alex looked at his two friends and chuckled. "Let's go." He said, holding the gate open.
    Areiz stood behind Cat. "Princess first." She smiled, bowing low. She was dressed as a royal assassin, her friend Alex was a royal guard. They both had big grins plastered on their faces.
    Alex looked around the foggy grounds.

    It was halloween night, 11 pm, and the trio where visiting the graveyard. Why? They're teens, what more do you expect?
  2. It was foggy. And not just foggy it was... foggy. The type of terrible fog that seemed to lay like a blanket ominously over the ground. And it was dark other than the crisp moonlight over the sinking graves. Cat shivered. Even though her princess dress covered her in layer after layer of cloth she still felt the ever present fear of something. She wasn't sure quite what.

    Cat quickly glanced at Ariez and Alex. For a second, they seemed so calm but maybe that was her imagination. She couldn't quite tell.

    "Um..." She began but stopped. It's nothing, Cat, just go. Seriously, there's nothing wrong it's just a bit spooky. Okay. "Okay." She finally said as if answering herself. She picked up the hem of her skirt and stepped through, past Alex. He looked a bit ridiculous in his helmet but she gave him a warm smile still pretending that she wasn't afraid. The she turned around. "Hey, do you have a flashlight. That'd be helpful."
  3. "Of course." He said, pulling one from his pocket and turning it on, holding it out to Cat.
    Areiz came in behind, smiling as she pulled out her sword. "On the behalf of the princess, I demand all dangers to flee!" She laughed. A bat chirped and flew away.
    Alex laughed. "Nice one Areiz. Shall we explore?" He asked. He liked it here. It was quiet, a little spooky, calm, dark. He smiled, holding an arm out to Cat. "I shall be your personal guide."
    Areiz, however, did not. She shifted her balance, faking a smile and looking around. It was too quiet for her comfort. Quiet always meant danger..but then again, what's more quiet, dark, and spooky than halloween?
  4. Cat nodded at Alex and took his arm firmly. He was warm which was nice. She didn't feel as cold as she once felt. "Thank you, Sir," She said in a fake british accent, her voice high. She began to walk forward into the graveyard and for some reason she didn't feel so scared.

    The flashlight in Cat's hand illuminated the the ground and she could see some of the gravestones better. One of the gravestones said, "Marie Lawrence 1809-1816. Our baby forever loved." In that moment, Cat felt flushed. The thought that someone so young would die and the fact the gravestone was completely alone, no family to join her down there. Cat shook her head as if trying to shake the burden from her shoulders.

    She looked back at Ariez who seemed troubled. "Are you alright?" Cat asked. "If you're scared, it's no big deal. It's just a graveyard." She beamed a smile in Ariez direction and gave a slight giggle.
  5. Areiz looked up at Cat. "I'm not scared, I'm alert." she corrected, a little bit of a real smile showing. "It's just..too quiet." she shrugged, coming to stand beside her and avoiding stepping on any of the graves. She was polite like that, probably not a good thing.

    Alex held Cat close, protectively. He walked forwards with a smile, chuckling every little bit. He loved halloween, because he could act like whatever he dressed as. "If you need anything, princess, let me know." He said.

    Areiz rolled her eyes.
  6. Cat blushed then laughed then gave Alex a little jab on the shoulder. She immediately wanted to take it back though. Stop being awkward! She said to herself. She turned to Ariez and held out her arm, maybe it won't be as awkward if her friend was with her. "Come on, Ariez. Take my arm and we can venture into the deep dark graveyard together. After all, I need my protectors." She again said this in her fake british accent.

    The wind howled. The night grew more ominous as Cat prepared to go into the cemetery."
  7. Areiz nodded and took her other arm, starting forwards.
    Alex made a fake pouty face at Cat's jab before nodding, bowing a little. "Yes, m'lady. Let us venture." he then to, started forwards.
    Both friends held Cat's arms protectively as part of the act, smiling.
    Alex looked straight forwards, completely calm.
    Areiz kept glancing around to be sure nothing was wrong. A habit of hers.
  8. Cat felt safe between her two friends as they walked into the graveyard. The shadows seemed to move as they moved, like creatures following them. The stars, though, were bright and the moon was their guide. The flashlight provided extra light.

    Suddenly she heard something, a footstep not far behind. She glanced back behind her but the only thing there were graves and fog which grew ever more distant. Maybe it was her imagination.

    "Did you hear something?" She asked.
  9. Areiz had stopped dead in her tracks. "Yes." she answered, looking behind them with narrowed eyes. She pulled out her sword.
    Alex rolled his eyes, pulling gently on Cat's arm. "We're safe, Cat. It's okay." he said softly, breaking his act. "I didn't hear a thing."
    Areiz glared at him, but sighed. "I'm not agreeing..but I think it is best we keep moving.." she said, sighing.

    the fog thickened
    The wind picked up
    and clouds formed slowly.
  10. With this Cat continued but she still felt as if something was following them. As if something was there in the corner of her eye but as soon as she turned to look, it was gone. There was something there, she was sure of it. And she was pretty sure that Ariez was feeling a little edgy too. But then again, she was always edgy.

    She tripped on her skirt. Cat groaned as she lifted it up to find there was a large rip at the bottom of her skirt. "Guys, hold up a minute." A bit of dress was stuck between the heel of her shoe and the skirt. She bent down to fix it.
  11. Alex knelt down. "Let me fix it, princess." he said gently, taking her hand and pulling it away from it.
    Areiz lifted her sword. "Okay.." she took two steps away, almost hidden by the dense fog. she narrowed her eyes as a shadow moved.
    Next thing she knew, everything was cold and black. She tried to scream, but was strangled.
    Alex smiled at Cat, waiting for an answer.
  12. "Oh, thank you." She said out of character, her hand in his. She felt slightly embarrassed as she watched him but she for some reason she couldn't stop thinking about how blue his eyes were. They were the type of deep blue that sucks you in and doesn't let you go. Cat kept blushing, hoping that the darkness would cover the redness in her cheeks. Cat knew Alex ever since they were little, why would she be feeling this way now? Maybe it was the danger of the graveyard or maybe Cat hadn't really looked at Alex all her life.

    Cat looked around, trying to avert her eyes from his, when she noticed something was off. "Alex? Where's Areiz?"
  13. Alex fixed the skirt. "Probably not far off." he stood, looking around, then frowned. "Areiz?"
    No answer.
    Alex began to worry. "AArrreeeizz?" He called a little louder.
    A scream sounded far off and Alex grabbed Cat's arm, his eyes wide. That was Areiz..

    Areiz screamed at a knife was drove into her shoulder. Blood marked the trail where she had been dragged, her face bleeding from impact on the ground. a shadowed figure was laughing above her.
  14. Cat yelped as Alex grabbed her arm. Shivers shot down her spine as the morbid scream pierced the air. "Ariez!" Cat screamed. She turned to Alex. "Oh my..." She stopped in mid sentence. She stared in disbelief. For a moment she was paralyzed, her heart pounding. All of her senses seemed to sharpen. For some reason, she just began to notice the mossy wet smell that hung in the air. Her throat was dry.

    "What do we do?" She said. Then she broke away from Alex's grasp. "Come on! We have to find her."
  15. Alex nodded, shaking. "F-find Areiz...then L-leave.." his voice shook, he was terrified.
    Areiz screamed again, this time, it squeaked and was cut off.
    Alex was jolted into action, grabbing Cat's arm and dragging her quickly towards the sound. He was terrified, but he was not losing his friend.
  16. As they ran, gravestones seemed to blur. Cat's breathing became heavier. She was running faster than she had ever run before and not just because of Ariez, as important as she is. Cat felt as was something was chasing her and Alex. Her strides became longer, her eyes watered as the cold air slammed against her face. She desperately wished she actually ran the mile when they didn't it in school when she was young, or maybe join her cross country team.

    Suddenly she fell.

    Cat's face slammed against a head stone. Her vision blurred. Her face suddenly felt wet as the taste of metal seeped into her mouth. She was bleeding. She groaned, trying to pull herself up but her long dress was caught in a rose bush. Someone must have planted it for the grave.

    She was sobbing now. Tears mixed with blood. Her face felt sticky.

    "Go find, Ariez! I'll be right there." She sobbed. She tugged at the branches. She took her dress and ripped it apart, exposing her knees. They were torn and bruised.
  17. Alex seemed perfectly fine, used to this, he was the football captain, after all.
    The moment Cat fell he stopped. "no. No splitting u-up." he knelt by her, helping her to her feet. "Get on my back, I'll carry you." he said, knowing full well he could. He wasn't leaving Cat. He would never leave her.

    Areiz made no noise other than barely breathing, left on the path a little bit ahead, bleeding badly, dying.
  18. Cat finished ripping off the cloth. Her once beautiful dress was now in shreds but at least she wouldn't have to worry about running any more. She got up, the ripped cloth still hanging on the bush. She lifted her hand to her nose and found that it wasn't her nose that was bleeding. It must be her forehead.

    "No, I'll be fine. I'm sorry. Let's go." She began to ran. Motioning for Alex to hurry. She desperately hoped that this wasn't just one of Ariez's tricks, that this wasn't a way to scare her. But the more she thought about it the more she hoped that the opposite was true.
  19. Alex ran beside her, watching ahead..and he tripped. He fell over Areiz, who tried to scream, but didn't have the voice to do it.
    Areiz laid, nailed to the ground, a knife sticking up from her chest.
    Alex threw up on the sidewalk.
    Areiz's eyes pleaded for help, but where slowly loosing their life...
    Laughter echoed not far away.
  20. Cat stopped dead and she felt dizzy at the sight of her. She couldn't scream, she was out of breath. The sight of her dying friend made her feel the need to throw up but she just stood there, utterly horrified. She just gave out sobs like a kicked puppy.

    She then knelt down, beside Ariez. She held out her hands like she was going to do something. Well, she knew what she had to do, put pressure on the wound and don't remove the knife. She learned that from her time volunteering at the hospital. Cat took a bit of her dress, covered her hands with it and placed her hand on the wound, applying pressure.

    "Alex," Cat said. The calm tone in her voice even surprised Cat. Maybe working at the hospital was a good thing. "We have no time to worry about who did this. Call 911."
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