Gravediggers: City State 7

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    Gravediggers: City State 7
    The Setting

    The Calamity Event, a world wide event that destroyed the world an age ago, was caused when man tried to understand magic through science. Those who were spared from the cataclysmic catastrophe pooled their minds and resources together and sought a way for them to survive this new, dangerous world that they now lived in. Project Morgue, a secret project utilising the resources that have been touched by the Calamity, were used to create technology of unlimited potential. A massive city was built to house the survivors, and as the project grew larger and the people started to grow divided in their beliefs on how the new world order should be run, the city's leaders allowed the world's greatest minds to build more walled mega-cities, replicas of the original, to house the ever growing populace, but this failed to quell the growing tensions among the people. The City State Concordant, the unified leaders of these cities, sought new ways to control its people. The Mortician Program was born. Agents genetically engineered and specially trained to be killers, armed with tools and weapons of unimaginable power known as "Tombstones", these Morticians kept the peace in these cities in any way they deemed necessary.

    The success of these Morticians came with a great price. Their contracts, almost always considered suicide missions, led to the deaths of dozens of Morticians. The Ressurection program followed shortly after was designed to give Morticians, and the people of this megacities, to be given a second chance. It brought the dead back to life, and once revived they no longer needed to eat or breathe, could survive wounds that would fell any mortal human, and they no longer aged. They were still considered dead, but they were completely conscious and mobile.

    Certain individuals were more susceptible to the program than others, and as they were brought back to life their blood surged with energy. They gained powers of varying degrees, all beyond the scope of mortal capabilities. From enhanced physical capabilities to manipulating a certain aspect or element, their powers were random but powerful, and they would soon be branded as criminals. They were known as Gravediggers, and their power scared the Concordant. The Morticians, previously peacekeepers even if their methods were questionable, were ordered to capture or kill the Gravediggers which they did with lethal efficiency. Now the Gravediggers are few in number, and even the recently revived who are revealed to possess powers are detained. Those who dwell amongst the living do so only by hiding their powers and running endlessly from the Morticians, or through forced servitude under Morticians known as Brokers who can order entire communities of Gravediggers to hunt their own kind.

    You are a Gravedigger, and a resident of City 7. You have joined a small, yet growing community (although the Morticians would rather brand you as a terrorist cell) of other Gravediggers who work in unity to support each other in such dire times. With a rise in the number of Gravedigger related crimes in the city, Morticians are known to shoot your kind on sight, and congregating with others is dangerous, but it is the only way for you to survive here. As tensions grow and the Morticians creep closer, it is only a matter of time before you are caught, and the very foundations of City 7 begin to crumble.

    So to clear up on what exactly this RP is, it's a Post-Apocalyptic, Dystopian Fantasy Roleplay with some added Anime/Comic like style. This is my first Roleplay on Iwaku, but this idea and setting I've been building up(with some help from my friends) for a long time now, obviously this finished product still needs to be built up. I'm looking for a small group right at the moment, and I've already got a few places filled(Co-GM, and some others I've told about this before the actual interest thread.). I'm a fairly easy going guy, and I really don't ask for much in terms of quantity and quality in posts(decent spell checking, more than one line, but not paragraphs upon paragraphs of nothing) or Character Sheets. The rules and Guidelines of this roleplay will be added to the initial OOC, until then, what do you think? Sound like an idea you're interested in? Let me know here or through PM!​
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  9. Looks cool, now I just need to put up some random long text that conists of more than a few words to break this nice chain of whatever you'd like to call it it. Maybe I could even put a second sentence in here to make it even more pointless and long? But to keep it short, I would be interested.

    Also C-C-C-C-Combobreaker. No ragrets.
  10. If Morticians are powerful, and Gravediggers are revived (and thus more powerful) Morticians, then why are they succeeding in containing the Gravediggers?
  11. Aaah, something I should elaborate on.

    Not all Morticians who are revived become Gravediggers, and not all Gravediggers are Revived Morticians. Basically, the Resurrection Program was first started for Morticians as a way of making sure they can fulfill their contract to the Concordant. The City States themselves thought that they could use the Program on civilians(Those wiling to pay for a second chance of living, the more well off people) they also fill a quota of reviving select number of Civilians each year. So, some Gravediggers can potentially be former Morticians, they are often obliged to follow the Concordant and offer themselves as bounty hunters for the Morgue HQ. So really, it's just random luck if you get powers and become a gravedigger.

    Also, don't underestimate the power of a Tombstone, those weapons are extremely powerful against Gravediggers. Plus Morticians are well organised, acting as both peacekeepers and military.
  12. Ah, well that makes much more sense now.
  13. Sorry for the delayed updates, folks.

    I will hopefully have the OOC up and ready through next week, just sorting out a few life things and getting the last bits of the OOC up to scratch.

    but just here's the CS Skeleton for you all!

    (Pic with a short description or if you prefer a written description, a paragraph will do)
    Bio:(at least two paragraphs)
    Powers/Abilities:(be reasonable, your powers will grow throughout the story, so start small or medium)
  14. I am highly interested in this. So I will be keeping a eye out for the ooc.
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