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  1. Yesterday evening, my Oma passed away. She was 82, and was an advanced Alzheimer's patient. She broke her hip on Sunday, and the surgery and recovery were too much for her. It was not unexpected, and I'm so happy her suffering is over, but it sucks on this end.

    Oma (Born Johanna, went by Joyce when she moved to Canada from Amsterdam), loved flower gardens, sewing, knitting, baking, and playing with her many grand kids. Going to visit Oma and Opa was always a treat. Oma loved my Opa very much; even at the end, after years of dementia eating her mind, she would still recognize him, when I was a kid, I remember Opa would sing 'Let Me Call You Sweetheart' to her before bed. When I think of soulmates, I think of Oma and Opa.

    Do you guys have any special moments with or memories of your grandmothers to share? Do you have another translation of 'grandmother' for me? If your gramma is still here, tell her you love her.
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  2. Lola is Tagalog for grandmother.

    At this point, all my grandparents died a long time ago.
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  3. Unfortunately .. My G'ma has passed away to, like two years ago from cancer.
    My god .. I loved her. She did the best food Ever!! I used to love to eat at her house and laugh with my mom saying that Granny's cooking is better than hers!@.@

    Although, because I went away abroad for the past three years, I haven't seen her much. And the saddest thing was .. When she was still in hospital, My mom did not tell me she ready was gone..

    I found out when I went home that year , cause my mom was wearing BLACK clothing and I knew straight away..:(

    I visited her grave this year when I was home and all the nostalgia had come back to me and made me cry.. She was a very good person and very kind.^^

    She'll always be in my memory.. ~

    Therefore , God rest their souls in peace.

    Sorry for your lost, Mini. - hugs-
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  4. We have two versions of grandmother in swedish, 'mormor' and 'farmor'. 'Mormor' literally means 'mother mother' and is your mother's mother, while 'farmor' means 'father mother', being your father's mother. Last year on august 2:d my mormor passed away. She was the sweetest person I've ever met, and her passing was the most traumatizing moment in my whole life, especially combined with all the other shit I was going through at the moment. There's not really one particular memory of her that is my favourite or so, but the one thing I'll always bear with me is the way she always seemed proud of me, the way she smiled at me like I was the best granddaughter in the whole entire world and that she would always love me.

    I'm sorry for your loss, Mini, it's never easy losing a loved one.
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  5. ~ hugs this thread very tightly along with everyone in it ~
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  6. My own oma is currently in long term care with very advanced dementia. She's 97, which is incredible, but she also rarely opens her eyes or responds at all. I haven't really had 'my' oma since I was around 11 years old. :( I find it so hard to go see her when we're in the area. She was a gentle, kind, lovely German lady... she was so sweet. She never said much but she loved to hug you and caress your cheek and make sure you were eating enough. And she had the most delightful laugh. Absolutely everyone who met her adored her, though perhaps none so much as my opa who passed away four years ago. They were together almost 70 years. I miss them both so much...

    I'm very sorry for your loss.
  7. Hmm, I really care about my great-grandma. Poor woman has been through so much. Like, okay; she told me about this one time when she was a kid in the twenty's. She had been jumping from the loft in the barn again, after being told not to. Her pa comes in and so she hides in the hay. "Kay, you better not have been jumpin' from dem rafters! If ya have in been here, ya better come out now! I swear, if you are hiding in that hay, Kay! Come on out!" He started poking the hay, to start forking it. He ended up stabbing her clean through her calf and she didn't make a sound. Moved, away, and waited till he was done. Once he was gone she went to the chicken coops, and got the blue feed and shoved it in the hole. It got sooo infected. But she still has her leg. No scar.

    She turned like 92 recently. It's... amazing how long she has lived, but it's scary because she can barely take care of herself and she's not suffering from any kind of mind deterioration. She's like.. really healthy despite that. She used to be like 6'2, when she was young. She was pretty, too. Even as a grandma. I bet she was MILF material. Anyway, she was like my other great grandma. Fucking ran around, scolding the cops for bullshit. Keeping her kids out of trouble, driving like a maniac in the first cars. (Which is pre sweet. She had a Cadillac in the 70s.)

    She's really cute, and I'm her caretaker at the moment.. c:
  8. 奶奶 [Nainai], grand-mère, beppe, grootmoeder. [Chinese mandarin, French, Frisian, Dutch]

    I'm sorry for your loss. A little late, but my condolences.

    As for myself. I never got to know my grandmother, did hear a lot of stories about her, but she passed away before I could meet her. My grandmother from my mother's side is still alive though. However we don't call her 'Nainai', but 'WaiBo' [PinYin?] to signify how she is from my mother's side.

    I've someone I call 'oma' though. She isn't really family, but she and her family have always looked after my siblings and I when we were young and my parents out working. Over time I started to call her 'oma' because she likes it and I didn't have one. That Frisian word I randomly picked up from a few friends with Frisian roots, yes, it is an officially acknowledged language, not a dialect. Learnt that the hard way.