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What would I go good with?

  1. Fries

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  2. Coleslaw

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  3. Potato Salad

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  4. Mitochondria

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  5. Nothing, you're terrible tasting and no one would eat you.

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  1. Oh hai~

    I'm a refugee from Roleplayerguild looking to set up shop in a new environment with new friends (and from what I can find old friends as well)! I'm hoping that I can get to roleplaying with people very soon~

  2. Hey, a fellow RPG refugee! Welcome to Iwaku, Salmon! You'll find that this place is completely full of awesome people who'll smother you with it!
  3. Hello im super new and would love to roleplay with you how about we list things we like and dont like in roleplays real fast and we can go from their

    Im super laid back about roleplay and dont mind anything like grammer , powerplaying , god modding dont really care none of it bothers me :)
  4. Howdy! :D I'm sure you might be able to reconnect with at few friends (hopefully!). Welcome to Iwaku!
  5. Thank you everyone! :D
  6. Welcome to Iwaku, I'm another RoleplayerGuild person (Although, I'm not exactly a refugee) I'm not sure if we've met? What was your RpG Username?
  7. GreatSalmon, same as right now.
  8. Ah. .-.