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  1. So what would you guys think about an RP set in the GTA universe featuring three protagonistic crews? I'm looking to set it in the three main cities - Liberty City, Vice City, and Los Santos - and have each one be home to one of the protag crews.

    In Liberty City we have European Anarchists hailing from France, Spain, England, Italy, et cetera. Known as the Old World Armada, they plan to turn Liberty City into a haven of anarchy, starting in Dukes - where anybody who would try to upset the flow or establish rule would be shot post-haste. The crew has a leader for the sake of centering the crew towards a common goal and managing public perception. They don't fancy violence against most citizens, and prefer to organize operations against the police. Now a large and dangerous crew, they nearly have the LSPD beneath their boots, but the FIB is working to bring them down. In addition, they have to deal with the Russian Mafia.

    In Vice City, we have an all-American crew combining African American, Hispanic, and Italian gangs from West Vice City. The newly formed crew goes by the moniker of Vice City Brotherhood. However, lately, the local Cartels have been moving in on their turf, pinning them down in Viceport. The crew keeps it tight, however, and they've managed to move in on Little Havana. Now they've cut off the Cartel's routes to Escobar International, tearing out their heart and making the battle a Hell of a lot easier. The Cartel, of course, is still much more resourceful, meaning the Brotherhood is going to have trouble keeping their ground.

    In Los Santos is the pot-headed, ethnically diverse Violet Motorcycle Club. The West chapter in Del Perro is the capital of the national MC, and the leader calls all the shots. They strive for a good time, and everyone knows you have to have money for that. Anybody they like, they help, so long as they are able. Whether they ask for anything or not is up to their discretion, and they really don't mind. They have a one-sided rivalry with the Lost MC and also have beef with Trevor Phillips Industries. The Violet MC has a side objective of ending the meth, cocaine, and heroin industries, and TPI has a problem with that. VMC is supportive of independent cannabis growers and finds themself as one of the greatest buyers of their product. Due to TPI's massive monetary resource spike, the VMC are a bit over their heads, as TPI is hitting them hard. Lucky for the VMC, however, they haven't ticked off Merryweather yet - but that doesn't mean they aren't to be feared.

    The Violet MC is the cornerstone of these groups meeting up. Their national reach lands them with small chapters in Broker and Vice Point. Eventually, VMC members suggest the Brotherhood branches out via the airport, and they meet the Armada, who gets the same idea. Now, with all three crews able to meet up and on good terms with each other, they can begin to help each other take out their enemies - this, of course, isn't without its trials - people will die on all sides.

    The action starts in Vice City, where the Brotherhood's strong grip on the western island allows for an easy takedown of the Cartel, with the VMC assisting from the east and Armada reinforcements coming in from the airport.

    After that comes some time in Los Santos. The crews have to team up to eliminate the Lost, who've been stirring up trouble in Del Perro as of late. They have to beat them back to Blaine County before stomping them out for good. It won't be the last of their troubles in LS, though.

    Now in Liberty City, it's time for the crews to take on the law. The crews work together to gather equipment to arm themselves and files to get the FIB off their backs. Then, they take out the LCPD in Dukes, using the station as the new Armada headquarters. Dukes is plunged into chaos and riot teams are amassing on the highways. The chaos breaks out into Broker, as the VMC brings up the rear once more, plunging the entire island into chaos. Now, outgunning the LCPD, the Armada, Brotherhood, and VMC take to the highways and bridges to break down the establishment in Algonquin. Eventually, the Brotherhood drops out, as taking on the FIB and LCPD at the same time over all of Liberty City is far too taxing. The Armada calls them out, but the VMC steps in and says they should be happy with what they have - an entire island of anarchy.

    There's trouble with the Mafia, now, however. They're taking advantage of the populace in the anarchic zones, and trying to establish rule. It's vital that the crews quickly destroy all they can of the Mafia - in and out of the anarchic zones. This means assassinations, street fights, and all out war against the Russians.

    Finally, the crews head back to Los Santos to pick a fight with Trevor Phillips Industries. They start out by wiping out as many meth ops as they can, sometimes accidentally helping TPI, but more often than not, destroying a vital resource. TPI strikes back and the VMC calls Merryweather. For awhile, TPI lays off, but eventually, Martin Madrazo interjects. The loss of the Cartels in Vice City stirred something up in him, and now Merryweather and TPI are after the VMC. Standing strong beside them are the Armada and the Brotherhood, allies to the end. First, they have to do a hit on Madrazo. With the man paying their salary out of action, they lay off. The VMC makes a point not to get involved with them again. Now, focusing on TPI, the crews are heading at them and the fighting seems even. Hits are placed on leaders from both sides, until Chef and Ron are found murdered (by three people, each a high-ranking member of one of the crews, one from each), sending TPI into a suicidal assault on the VMC West Chapter's headquarters to end the VMC. The three crews beat TPI back, but the leader of the VMC has to spend time when he's caught after the fight. The Armada and Brotherhood leaders devise a plan to bust him out, and from there, they retrieve him and reunite the leaders.

    Finally, TPI is forced to make a last stand. Micheal de Santa and Franklin Clinton get involved. The crew leaders meet up with the trio from GTAV and an ultimatum is placed before them. Trevor dissolves TPI, or people in the room die. Outnumbered, outgunned, and outdone, Micheal and Franklin attempt to convince Trevor to give up his business. Trevor goes mad and rejects the offer. When asked what he's supposed to do for a living, the leader of the VMC tells him to go rob a bank.

    Trevor, of course, goes mad and has to be shot. Micheal and Franklin pull guns and there's a Mexican standoff. Being a nice person, for such a stoned bastard, the leader of the VMC offers them the chance to get away and leave their friend - no hard feelings. The leaders, following VMC's lead, try to talk them down, about how Trevor was psychotic and his aggression bit him in the ass. Micheal gives up - he has a family to live for, and admits Trevor was psychotic - but states he won't forgive the crews. Franklin simply thinks things through and agrees with Micheal.

    Now, all the competition out of the way, the three crews pick up the pieces and maintain their holdings.

    There's constant war on the Broker, Dukes Bay, and Algonquin Bridges, the Armada simply trying to keep their holdings secure. They do very well in this, as the equipment gathered from the Gang Wars waged by the three crews keeps them stocked. However, death rates in Dukes and Broker go up, as whenever someone tries to take advantage of the anarchy, they're promptly shot, just as envisioned. Eventually, barely anybody lives in Broker and Dukes, save for the Armada, VMC Liberty Chapter members, and the Brotherhood members who holed up near Francis International.

    Vice City becomes a classic gangland. The Italians came up with the protection business. The Hispanics helped establish a Brotherhood Cartel, but in keeping with their allies' ideals, they only smuggle marijuana. the African-Americans helped keep the crew in line, establishing how to keep it real and maintaining gangland justice. This blending of cultures leads to relative peace in Vice City - at least, as peaceful as a gang controlled city can get.

    The VMC establish multiple marijuana distribution operations and create a good relationship with local puregrowers - and stomp out any lacers. Becoming ever stronger after seizing funds from Madrazo and TPI, they go international, branching out to the Eurozone. along with diversifying their own ranks, they do the Armada a favor by telling potential recruits about the successful anarchy in Liberty, diverting any would-be Armada members to the Armada instead of absorbing them themself.

    The crews maintain positive relations with each other.

    So, is anybody interested? I'll be playing the leaders of the three crews - we'll be needing somebody to play Trevor Phillips, the leader of the Vice City Cartel, the leader of the Russian Mafia, and some high-ranking officials in the police departments and FIB. Anybody can play multiple characters (and are encouraged to), but while we do need people from the three crews, we also need Cartel members, Mafia, Police, TPI affiliates, Lost members, and others. People need to die, and be ready to die. We also need drama and suspense, so people who love that are welcome.
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  2. I'd definitely be interested. Its GTA so it will be chaotic and entertaining.
  3. We already have someone expressing interest~
  4. Might be interested in one of the Mafia and FBI positions
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