Grand Theft Auto: Claw your way to the Top

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  1. The blonde girl strutted back and forth beneath the harsh light of the street pole, her stiletto heeled platforms clicking against the concrete of the sidewalk. Situated only a dozen strides from the intersection she could smile and wink at those stopped by the nearby red light. It also gave the men driving by time to get a good look at her long golden tresses, her lithe body and fishnet dress that left very little to the imagination. That she was a whore was obvious. She often hit the streets late at night when she wasn't working at the Vanilla Unicorn. One of her co-workers had suggested it. The men were less appealing, the work messier, but the pay, the raw cash was simply so much better. She was now able to finally think about purchasing some nice things, perhaps even replace that battered old, piece of shit, station wagon that she now used.

    As another driver pulled up to the red light she leaned forwards, trying to get his attention, displaying an ample cleavage and twisting her head to let her long hair spill out to one side and show off her long voluptuous neck. It took a surprising amount of skill, ensuring that she was graceful and didn't awkwardly loose her grasp on her purse.

    "Heya sugar," she greeted him, the words sliding from her mouth and was followed by her pink tongue slipping across the black lipstick, "Wanna party?"

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  2. Kinsey rode the hood of the muscle car, an old Sabre Turbo that had seen better days. They were easy to steal, an elbow through a window and a quick splicing of wires and you were away. Today, she and some of her friends were using it to car surf. It was a street sport, something only those not in their right mind would attempt. The idea was simple. It was a race. Two teams of two. One drove, the other rode the hood. In order to win one had to cross the finish line without dropping their surfer. Kinsey was practicing, readying herself.

    "I got this," she whispered, arms outstretched for balance as her boots scrabbled across the hood, "I got this."

    Then the car swerved. Kinsey almost lost her balance, she crouched lower, her feet moving almost of their own accord to avoid her being flung off into the street. She congratulated herself and then peered in the direction they were currently headed- The Liquor Market!

    There was a squeal of brakes and Kinsey found herself launched right through the window and into the store in a wild hailstorm of glass shards. Her world flashed red and she thought she lost consciousness but only for a moment it seemed. The store clerk was bending down over her, seeing if she was alright.

    That was when her driver ran in, gun out. The clerk, away from his desk was nowhere near the button for the silent alarm. Innovative. Smart- but damn, that bloody hurt.
  3. Bjorn was in a rush his Bravado Banshee Shoots down the street past a shop with a car crashed near by, Bjorn calls Lester and the cops give up chasing, Bjorn turns round and pulls up next to the car with a woman sprawled out near by. Bjorn Gets out his car and approaches her and said "hey are you ok?", Bjorn sees the shop keeper press a button and draws his pistol and yells "Call off the cops or ill blow your brains out, then come out from behind the counter and get on the ground and show your hands whist your doing it!", Bjorn dons his trade mark rainbow Knit Balaclava.
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  4. The shop keeper, who was hovering over the fallen woman blinked in surprise, first at the first gunman in the leather jacket and the black ski mask pointing a shotgun at him and then at the newly arrived robber with the rainbow mask also pointing a pistol at him.

    The unknown man with the leather jacket and ski mask looked at the man in the rainbow mask, his arms twitching, unsure whether to aim the shotgun at the shopkeeper or the newly arrived robber. His eyes were surprisingly wide, his breathing rapid almost as if he were in the midst of running a marathon.

    As the man in the rainbow mask called out that the shopkeeper get down on his hands and knees. The clerk immediately raised his hands and fell to his knees.

    "Oh, not again," the shopkeeper complained, though even he had to admit he wasn't used to two people robbing him simultaneously.

    "What the fuck?" the uncouth robber in the black ski mask uttered as someone attempted to rob the store he was currently robbing.

    Kinsey looked up at all the chaos and wondered what exactly was happening. Guns were being bandied about, thrown in people's faces and she had no idea why or what was going on. The man crouched above her in the rainbow mask had been asking her if she were okay and she'd barely registered. Being thrown through a plate glass window could do that.

    "What the hell?" she asked of everyone.
  5. Bjorn approached the shop keeper and said "when the cops arrive tell them its a false alarm, ill be watching so don't say anything Different or your brains will be blown out across the store kapish ", Bjorn turns around and say to the man in the jacket and the woman on the ground and says "you guys should get out of here, ill take care of the cops and the shop keeper, you can take my car to escape and when your done please return it to Escalera Rent-A-Car car park, once at the car park put the note that is tucked in the glove compartment up on the dashboard and hand keys to the clerk on the desk".
  6. "No way dude," the man with the shotgun argued, pointing his shotgun at the rainbow headed thug, "This here be our heist! Ain't gonna be no cops. The little bit has made sure of that with her window dive."

    Kinsey gaped. This was the last time she did anything with this guy. Launching her through the window in order to lure the clerk away from the silent alarm was brilliant but risking her neck doing so wasn't very endearing. Then there was the fact it had bloody well hurt.

    There had to be reason for this. Kinsey assumed that Brody must be coming down and didn't have enough money to pay for drugs. Hence this horrible desperate idea. Her only real wish was that someone would give her a gun. You didn't pack heat while practicing hood surfing.

    "Seriously!" she exclaimed, "You two are going to argue over this... now?"
  7. "nows not time to argue im not here for money im here to be a good Samaritan and help" Bjorn said as he took the money in the bag from the till and handed it to the other masked man,
  8. The surfer dude, or as Kinsey now wanted to call him "The Idiot", accepted the bag without comment, not even bothering to thank the goodly Samaritan that had so benefited him. It was really rude and rather, Kinsey had to admit, very in character with him. He was something of an asshole. In particular when he needed a fix. He left with the bag without a single word.

    Mind you, thoughts aside, she was still on the floor, there were probably a bunch of police cruisers on the way and there was a crazy man standing over her in a rainbow ski mask. She had to wonder to herself how she was going to train a gun on the clerk without being seen by the pigs.

    "Uh," Kinsey said as she peered about, "What's happening?"
  9. Bjorn hands her a slip of paper with the the name "Lester" on and a phone number then bjorn said "if the Cops ever be come to many just ring Lester and he can help you out, but i think its time we all made and exit from this place", Bjorn looked out the window there was nothing yet but he heard sirens far off in the distance,
  10. Sgt. Mac McMann, grizzled LSPD veteran with five years on the force, fumed inside his cruiser as he accelerated through traffic. That fucking corner liquor stop was being robbed again! It was the third time today. And it just had to be on his lunch break. Son of a bitch, somebody was gonna pay.

    He screeched to a stop in the intersection, blocking traffic. Keyed his mic, barked a string of radio codes to let dispatch know he was on scene. In one fluid motion, he hopped out of his cruiser and took cover behind it, waiting. And waiting. The rest of the response team was still en route...

    "Fuck it," McMann grumbled. His take-out burrito was getting colder by the second. Luckily, he still had the megaphone he snagged from Division 1's Valentines Day festivities last month. Popping his trunk, he snatched up the device and clambered atop his cruiser, standing tall, one foot on the lightbar. Was the volume all the way up? Yes, yes indeed it was. McMann blasted his ultimatum two blocks in all directions. "Hey, ASSHOLE! This is the LSPD! We have you... *feedback squeal* ...SURROUNDED! So drop your weapons and get on the ground before things get real hairy real fast!"
  11. Bjorn Grabs the shop keeper and makes it clear that he would shoot "officer McMann put down your weapon and nobody will get hurt im letting the other two people go but unless you go i will spray this shop keepers brain across the shop" Bjorn jams the AP pistol agains the shop keepers head, keeping the shop keeper in front of him even though he had light body armour.
  12. Kinsey rolled over onto her knees, scrambled to the side, keeping low and scampered towards the back. If her mysterious benefactor wanted to mess with the cops he could do so. She was getting the hell out of here. Outside she could hear the tires squeal as the idiot scarpered. She rather suspected he might not even know that the cops arrived. The bastard seemed only too eager to head off towards whoever it was going to give him his next high.

    "Holy shit," Kinsey said as she peered back over the counter, clutching the phone number in her hand against her red shirted bosom.

    She was so not set up for this. She had no gun. She had nothing on her at all. She'd been practicing car surfing so she could compete at the... Oh. Right. There was a shotgun behind the counter that the shopkeeper must use for self defense. She quickly pulled it from the shelf and cocked it, ejecting a shell. Hot damn. The guy even kept a shell loaded in the chamber. Picking the shell back up she slid it back into the tube.
  13. "relax i know this cop ive had previous run in's with him be for im sure he doesn't want a repeat of the famous The Pacific Standard Job 2 years ago" Bjorn said to the lady who now had dived behind the counter, Bjorn aproached the main door and and called out again to Sgt. Mac McMann "so Sargent you gona play ball or am i gona make the pigs go fetch?"
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