Grand Theft Auto: Claw your way to the Top

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  1. Blaine County, home of Vinewood, home to the wealthiest most influential people in the state of San Andreas. You are not one of those people. You are a petty thief, a con-man, a gangster, a whore or even a disgruntled shop clerk robbing a 24/7 store. Jack yourself an inexpensive car, put in a tracker, pimp that ride and insure it because you know it's going to go up in flames.

    This is a GTA roleplay. Essentially that would mean "Sandbox". Here is what I would expect:

    -Character Sheets are optional. This is the Jump-In section after all.
    -You can get shot up, eat a few P&Q packs, snag a burger, bang a whore and then feel much better. Truly deadly wounds involve staying at a hospital over night!
    -If someone does you a decent favour and goes down in a gunfight. You DO NOT walk over and pop them a dozen times in the head. That's just rude. Let the ambulance pick them up so that you can have a rivalry.
    -You aren't a ninja, vigilante, veteran combat sniper kicked out of Merryweather for being too badass.
    -Weaponry will be mostly limited to small arms, grenades and the like. Even then you won't want to use a grenade. Those damn things are expensive. Rocket Launchers, grenade launchers and the like are the types of things you would use on heists and dispose after the job is done because they're too hot.
    -I shouldn't have to say this but... This isn't the "libertine" section. Post accordingly.
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    Street Name: Tryst
    Given Name: Sarah Covenry
    Occupation: Stripper at the Vanilla Unicorn. Whore.
    Weapons: SNS Pistol
    Specialties: Restoring health to others (Through... amorous activities)
    Weaknesses: Driving, Shooting.
    Automobile: A battered old Vulcan Ingot
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    Street Name: The Bear
    Given Name: Bjorn
    Occupation: Heists,Shop Robberies
    Weapons: AP Pistol
    Specialties: Lock Drilling, Getaway Driving
    Weaknesses: Hacking, Flying Helicopters
    Automobile: bravado banshee
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