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  1. So I have had this idea for a bit now, and have decided to make an interest check about it. There are a few things I shall go over here. One, this RP will be based around an VRMMORPG named Grand Quest Online (GQO). Now before you ask, no. This is not SAO, this is not Log Horizon, nor is it ./hack. There will be no getting stuck in the virtual world or anything like that. There will be no 'players in the real world mysteriously dying' plots either. Not that I didn't like SAO, I am just not going to use those plot bits here. This RP will be using a more unique plot bit with the setting taking place in equal parts real world and game world.

    This may not be entirely original, but I haven't seen anyone do it before, so its original to me. Also has anyone has read a Manwha called The Gamer? If not, I suggest going to read it. Its really good. Anyway, here's the basic intro premise.

    The year is 2050, and in more recent years the VRMMORPG genre has become more popular ever since the virtual gaming system, the Real-Game Gear (RGG) came out. This special piece of hardware fits over the user's head and using all sorts of special sensory technology, is able to project their consciousness into the game world, meaning that gamers can now play games while unconscious pretty much. Of course, all sorts of precautions were made including many systems that auto-log off players if their vitals change for the worse (including hydration, heart-beat, hunger, mental health, etc) and an auto-log off that prevents players from being on for more than 24 hours at a time.

    Anyway, all of that aside, your characters will be six players of a recently released game that came out only a few months ago called Grand Quest Online (GQO). This game has only recently come out, yet it is in more demand than any game in history. Its unique systems and gameplay have named it one of the most challenging and intense games of all time. People have even claimed that they sometimes forgot they were even playing a game and thought that they had found themselves in another world with how incredibly intense the system is as it combines realism with also an incredible high-fantasy and dark fantasy feeling.

    Your characters are five new players located in Neo Tokyo, Japerica (that's the name of the city and country, don't like it? Well deal with it, cause its dumb I know XD) of this Game who all recently got the game at the same time. Due to the Game's high demand, copies fly off the shelves right when they get there, so even months later its still selling like hot cakes. You all are five new players though who recently acquired a copy and perhaps either recently purchased a RGG or already had one from before (as VR Gaming has been around for several years now in this world, and there are more than just MMOs on the system).

    The plot will start from when the players first log in. There will be some combat and test runs of the system in an intro dungeon. After that, the plot begins when the players actually first log out after this dungeon and find themselves back in the real world where everything is not as it was when they first logged in. I am not going to say what exactly, as that'll spoil the surprise.

    On a totally not not unrelated note, read that Manwha I mentioned earlier. Good stuff.


    Anyway, that is the basic plot in a nutshell. It'll have alot of cool stuff in it, so I suggest coming on board.

    For those who know my more recent RPs, they'll know that I like Game System based RPs. This RP will be an RPG that has a play-by-post game system for it. Your characters will have Stats, Skills, Talents, and all of that other jazz (I already have the system written out and everything). Naturally there will be dice rolling (done by me) and book keeping (also done by me), but as I mentioned, all of the game system stuff is done by me. The only thing you guys need to worry about is making awesome characters and RPing in an awesome way.

    I like to employ Game Systems for my RPs for multiple reasons, but the main reason is to prevent 'setting up scenes'. I understand that an RP is a story, but I also view it as a game somewhat, and when you just automatically win the game it can get rather boring at times as can setting yourself up to lose. My first experience with running an RP RPG was with a Silent Hill RPG back on the old guild. Survival Horror is not really fun when you can just automatically set up what is going to happen. A Game System adds to the uncertainty of what will happen. You never truly know the outcome and are forced to think and act strategically based on your character's own abilities rather than just know what is going to happen.

    Essentially, it adds uncertainty. You don't have to justify why your character succeeds as everything here is a succeed/fail scenario. The outcome is always uncertain, so its impossible to tell what will happen. Also characters have a much more likely chance of being killed off (which is cool) and if they do manage to be always bad ass, that is justifiable as well. A Game System, in my opinion, gives players the ability to write and affect the story just as much as the GM does.

    For instance, a success in one scenario, depending upon how the player wrote their post, could take the story on a whole different route than what could have happened if they failed with that post write-up. Anyway, for those who are interested, here is what the System will be in the next post after this one. If you have any questions, don't be afraid to ask (also taking suggestions as well).
  2. Interested. Very interested.
  3. Character Creation
    Naturally when you log on to Grand Quest Online (GQO) the first thing you will do is create your character. This character will become who you are and you only get one shot at it, so make sure you create your character wisely.

    Stats (open)

    Naturally the first thing to decide is Stats. You have 8 Stats that your Character possesses. At Character Creation you acquire 48 points that you can put into your Stats. The lowest any of your Stats can be is 1 and the highest is 10 at Character Creation.

    Whenever you Level Up you gain 3 Points to allocate into any of your Stats. You can either put all three into a single Stat or spread them out. As you get higher in Level the amount you gain per Level increases, but for now you only gain 3 Stat Points per Level.

    It is possible to get free Stat Points though. Skills, performing various tasks, training or honing your abilities in various ways, and other such things can increase your Stats. Naturally, it is possible for your Stats to decrease as well, such as certain abilities or other forms of damage or ailments can cause permanent decreases to your Stats as well.

    Strength (STR): Represents your physical strength and might. Used for melee combat and for other forms of strength based tasks or abilities. Used to determine HP, deal extra damage with meele weapons, use stronger weapons and armor, reduce physical damage taken, and do other forms of tasks that require more brute physical strength.

    Vitality (VIT): Your overall toughness and constitution. Used for resisting various physical ailments and for being able to take more punishment. Highly recommended for all characters. Vitality has little use outside of keeping you alive, which is VERY IMPORTANT, so Vit by no means should be a dump stat.

    Agility (AGI): Your coordination and speed. Used for various finesse based tasks as well as for dodging or parrying and other forms of either bodily movement or hand-eye movement. Also useful in avoiding blows so that you don't take any damage.

    Intelligence (INT): Your character's general knowledge, basic aptitude, and overall intuition. Primarily used in knowledge based persuits, this Stat also has a role in magic as well. A higher Int is required for certain more mystical abilities (magic or otherwise) and this often can strengthen many other forms of abilities or make it easier to acquire more powerful Skills. Also increases the number of Talent Points you possess.

    Wisdom (WIS): Character's overall willpower and mental fortitude. Used in various situations including for focusing your mind or for resisting mental ailments. Used mainly for more focus or willpower based abilities and for resisting mental ailments. The 'mystical' version of Str.

    Charisma (CHA): Character's overall social graces and magnetism. Mainly used in talking to other people, you'll find yourself growing more charismatic the higher this Stat is. Some special abilities also use this Stat.

    Spirit (SPI): The spiritual strength of your character's very being and soul. Is the 'Mystical' version of your VIT for all intents and purposes for increasing MP and reducing metaphysical damage dealt to you.

    Luck (LUK): How blatantly lucky your character is. Has no definite category as it is used in a number of situations. (Also in Game Mechanics terms, every 10 Luck gives you one Epic Point).

    Sub Stats (open)

    These are the special Stats that are determined by your 'main' Stats. They only increase through abilities increasing them or as you raise your main Stats.

    Health (HP): Health Points or 'HP'. Determines how much punishment your character can take. When it gets to 0, your Character falls Unconscious and is considered to be Bleeding Out (see Combat Conditions for details). Base HP is determined by 10 + VIT (x2) + STR (x2) + 1/2 VIT times your current level.

    Mana (MP): Your Magic Points or 'MP'. Determines how often you can use your extraordinary abilities. Whenever you use Skills or other such abilities, you use up MP. When you get to 0 MP you can no longer use any special abilities. Base MP is determined by 5 + Spirit (x2) + Wis + 1/2 Spi times your current Level.

    Constitution (Con): Represents your ability to resist physical damage. All Physical Damage is reduced directly by your Con. Determined by 1/2 Vit + 1/4th Str.

    Resistance (Res): Represents your natural and passive knack to block and resist metaphysical attacks. All 'Energy' Damage is reduced directly by your Res. Determined by 1/2 Wis + 1/4th Spi.

    Health Regeneration (HP Regen): Your ability to naturally and passively heal your wounds over time. Your HP Regen determines how much HP you restore/minute. Determined by 1/4th VIT.

    Mana Regeneration (MP Regen): Your ability to rest, recover, and naturally restore your mystical and spiritual energies. Your MP Regen determines how much MP you restore/minute. Determined by 1/4th Spi.

    Talents (open)

    The natural knacks and special talents that your character possesses that many of your Skills and overall abilities stem from. At Character Creation you get 30 Talent Points (TP), plus an additional number of Talent Points equal to 1/3rd of your INT. None of your Talents can be higher than 4 from Talent Points at Character Creation and the max they can ever get to is 20.

    Every time you level up you get 2 TP to put into your Talents. You can only level up a Talent once per level, meaning if you have 2 TP you must put them into additional talents. If you get a TP from increasing your INT, it must go into a different Talent other than the one you put your two points into. As you get higher in Level, you will eventually gain more TP/Level.

    Naturally if you save up Talent Points, you can increase any Talent by how many times you have leveled up. For instance, if you save 3 levels worth of TP, you can then put 3 TP into any Talent as that would have been you raising that Talent once for those three level ups.

    There are also ways to get free Talent Points, but when you do they usually apply to only that Talent. Exceptionally succeeding on certain tasks, going about certain endeavors of practice/training, or even leveling certain Skills can all increase your various Talents, which doesn't count towards your putting 1 TP into a Talent per Level. Talents cannot be de-leveled.

    At Rank 10 it becomes harder to get free TP. It takes 2 Criticals instead of one (see Criticals in How Challenges Work) to get a free point in a Talent. You also must have above a 12 in the Stat that goes along with said Talent in order to level it past 10 (either with free points or through TP gained through leveling up). At Rank 15 you can only put TP into a Talent every OTHER Level and you can no longer get free TP in said Talent.

    Talent List (open)

    The following list are the Talents you start off with. As you travel and explore more you will be able to acquire new Talents that you can Level to acquire new abilities.
    • Acrobatics (AGI): This Talent represents your movement and grace and is used when performing feats of agility and balance. One example is Dodging in Combat.
    • Animal Handling (CHA): If you want some sort of pet or other form of bestial companion like a mount then this Stat is more right for you.
    • Appraisal (INT): The act for judging the general value and quality of objects. Useful especially in Crafting and examining weapons.
    • Climbing (STR): The ability for climbing various surfaces such as walls, trees, and etcetera. Useful for getting up things in a hurry.
    • Crafting (INT): The art of creating various objects. Used in conjunction with various Crafting Skills (Alchemy, Blacksmithing, Enchanting, and etc) for making, repairing, or even examining various forms of objects.
    • First Aid (INT): The art of healing or treated those who are wounded or sick. Includes treating Wounds and other such things. In GQO, healing items are actually rather rare and hard to make and healing powers are a bit rare, so this Skill can be rather useful for healing wounds outside of combat for when you don't have time to sit and rest. Can even be used in Combat, but makes you open for attack.
    • Fisticuffs (AGI): The basics of brawling and unarmed combat are covered by this Talent. A basics of this is required for more intricate unarmed combat or martial arts Talents.
    • Focus (WIS): The ability to clear your mind and focus on things. Especially helpful with concentration based skills like magical or spiritual ones, but also has use with other combat skills as well.
    • Herbalism (INT): Allows you to identify and use various herbs you find about the land. A pretty useful Talent since healing items are rather expensive.
    • Knowledge (INT): Represents your character's general knowledge and ability to remember things they have learned. Depending upon your character certain Checks for this Talent may be higher than others. Also various Talents or Skills may require a higher rank in Knowledge to unlock, magic especially, but the very basics of all mystical arts require at least 5 Ranks in Knowledge, and beyond that a Knowledge 10 is required to expand upon them.
    • Manipulate Device (AGI): The knack for operating or interacting various forms of devices that require finesse and includes things like lock picking as well, since locks are devices that require finesse (to open without Keys anyway).
    • Melee Weaponry (AGI): Your basic ability and instincts for fighting with Melee Weapons and includes attacking and parrying with them, and training with different weapons can lead to different levels of skill in them with special Weapon Expertise Skills.
    • Negotiation (CHA): Talking is natural for humans and this Skill represents your aiblity to negotiate with people whether its persuading or bluffing them.
    • Observation (INT): The ability to observe the area around you or even other people to obtain information with both intuition and your senses. Useful for searching an area or finding hidden people or objects.
    • Performance (CHA): Your ability of singing, playing instruments, and other such arts of performance. While there is no stat boosting music, some special spiritual or magical abilities may rely on this Talent, including the playing of enchanted instruments.
    • Projectile Weaponry (AGI): The ability to aim and fire different forms of projectile weapons, and training with different weapons can lead to different levels of skill in them with special Weapon Expertise Skills. Also various mystical attacks are considered Projectile Weapons and thus utilize this Talent.
    • Sleight of Hand (AGI): Shows your ability to be quick and stealthy with your hands to do things from pick pocketing to basic "magic tricks".
    • Stealth (AGI): The ability to stealthily sneak around and hide without being seen. Often opposed by any potential onlookers Observation Rolls. You also move slower when sneaking, but if you can sneak up on opponents to attack you could deal some pretty good damage.
    • Thrown Weapons (AGI): The innate human talent of chucking things at people to hurt them. Could either be done with finesse using actual throwing weapons or with less finesse and you throw whatever you can get your hands on at them, and training with different weapons can lead to different levels of skill in them with special Weapon Expertise Skills.
    Attributes (open)

    This is one neat element of customization that people like in GQO. The Attribute System. At Character Creation you get one Attribute Level (AL), which allows you to acquire a Level 1 Attribute. At every 4th Level you can acquire another AL. These can either be used to gain another Level 1 Attribute, or be used to level up one of your Attributes. Attributes give a small bonus of some kind, this bonus getting better when the Attribute levels up. This bonus can be anything from a stat boost to a boost to even a boost of resistance to a certain type of damage. Naturally a higher level Attribute gives a more expansive and/or higher bonus. The max level any attribute can get to is Level 3.

    The thing about Attributes though is that they can be changed. By visiting an Attribute Resetter in any Town, you can reset your Attribute Level(s) to get different Attributes. Naturally this can be used in case you wanna try out a different set of abilities or perhaps were just using an Attribute to get to meet a requirement for something, like using it to get a +1 to a Talent and meet the requirement for something, getting another Talent Point and putting it into said Talent, and then resetting your Attributes so you can use them for something else. For instance, in order to even use Magic at Character Creation, you have to get an Attribute that gives you +1 Knowledge since Attributes, at Character Creation, can take your Talents and Stats beyond the Character Creation maximums.

    Anytime you gain an AL (including at Character Creation) you can choose to forgo 2 Talent Points and 2 Stat Points to gain another AL. You must do this before you spend the points you are going to forgo though. At Character Creation, doing this can only get you a second Level 1 Attribute, not a Level 2 Attribute (tell me if you are going to do this at Character Creation). There are both pros and cons to forsaking Stat and Talent Points to get an additional Attribute Level.

    Sample Attributes (open)

    You can either choose one of these samples or suggest your own. You can even find a way to change one of these Attributes to give different bonuses if you'd like.
    • Deft Hands: Your hands can move pretty quietly. +1 Sleight of Hand, +1 Manipulate Device, +5% Accuracy to all Sneak Attacks.
    • Base Element Attunement: You are somewhat attuned to a certain base element. Choose an element. Get 5% Elemental Resistance and powers using that element are 5% more effective.
    • Base Element Resistance: You are pretty resistant to a certain base element. +1 Res, +10% Damage Resistance to the element of your choice (Air, Water, Earth, Fire, or Lightning).
    • Focused Mind: Your mind is pretty concentrated and focused. +1 WIS, +1 Focus
    • Magic Attuned: You have a bit of natural skill in the art of magic. -10% MP Cost to all Magic, all Magic is 5% more effective.
    • Nimble: You are pretty swift on your feet. +1 AGI, +1 Acrobatics
    • Knowledgeable: You are quite knowing on different subjects. +1 INT, +1 Knowledge.
    • Spiritual Strength: You have a pretty strong spirit. +1 Spirit, +1 Res.
    • Strong: You're pretty tough physically and thus can dish out punishment. +1 STR, +2 to the Damage Range of all Weapons.

    Starting Ability (open)

    The final thing to decide when building your character is their starting weapon and starting skill. You can choose any sort of mundane weapon you can think of (spear, sword, shield, crossbow, bow, dagger, etc) or choose a somewhat more not-so mundane weapon that is still incredibly basic, but does have some supernatural capability. You also choose a Skill to start off with. This can either be 'Damage' based or 'Technical' based. Damage based would just be its something meant for mainly offense. If its Technical based then its something that has some other sort of purpose (could be a special combat maneuver, a defensive ability, etc). It can be based off what weapon you choose to start, but doesn't necessarily have to be (unless its a mystical one).

    Here is one example of a starting weapon that is outside the mundane and from the world of GQO rather than a known weapon. You can either use this, or suggest one of your own as long as it is a very basic one that can allow some sort of basic mystical or unique (doesn't necessarily have to be supernatural) skill. Could even be something made with a unique crafting Skill like Alchemy or Engineering or something (and said Craft Skill would be the special Skill you start off with).

    Basic Wand: A basic wand meant for beginners. Holds a basic magical focus gem in it that is required for the usage of magic, but the quality of this wand can only channel magical Cantrips, beginner spells that every mage must practice before they can begin to get into real magic. Requires 10 INT and 5 Knowledge to use. There are very few attack spells that this wand can actually handle from the Cantrips, but they do exist. A magic wand's basic attack is to send out a shot of magic energy that uses up Mana. Its either that, or you can smack enemies with it.

    Game Elements
    More of these to come later once some more things have been revealed.

    How Challenges Work (open)

    Every task or thing in this Game is known as a Challenge. To determine the result of a Challenge, a % die (d100 or roll 2 d10s and use one as the ten digit and another as the 1 digit, giving a result of 0 - 99 (or 1 - 100). Your 'Score' for that Roll is then subtracted from the roll's result. A Score represents your overall proficiency in said task. For pure Stat Rolls, this just is simply a Stat Score you possess. For Talents, your 'Talent' Score is used, which is the Talent's Rank + the appropriate Stat used with said Talent. So lets say you have Rank 5 Stealth and 12 AGI. Your Stealth Score is 17.

    Whatever your score is that amount is increased by any Bonuses you would have in the situation and decreased by any situational penalties. AFter that, the final amount is subtracted from the result of your % roll. If the final result is below the CL (Challenge Level) for the Challenge, then you succeed. If it is equal, then you fail. If by some miracle you tie, then Luck is rolled. For a regular challenge, the CL of the Luck Roll is 50%. For two challenges of people opposing each other, the one with the lower result succeeds.

    Criticals & Fumbles (open)

    There are instances of either doing so well or failing so badly that beyond the expected normal result of a failure or a success occurs. This is what is known as a Critical and a Fumble.

    To score a Critical, you have to get a 0 on the % dice. Every 10 points you have in Luck actually increases what you need to get on the dice by 1. Getting in this range scores a Critical, and something incredible beyond the ordinary success happens. If its a Talent Challenge, then you get a free TP in that Talent if it is below Rank 15 (it takes 2 Criticals to give it free TP at Rank 10).

    A Fumble is the opposite. It is a failure beyond a normal failure and happens whenever a 95-99 are rolled on the % dice. A Fumble can also give free TP, but follows the same rules as a Critical in terms of when it can and cannot do so. Unlike Criticals, what you need to roll on the dice will not change as your Luck grows, it will always be 95-99 (a 5% chance).

    Epic Points (open)

    Epic Points do not actually EXIST in game per say (your characters cannot see them or use them or anything like that). They are things for the player. Every player starts off with 3 of them. You can spend them in certain situations as they represent situations of incredible luck and 'epic' ability. Once you spend them they don't come back normally.

    You get 1 for every 10 points of Luck that you possess. You can also spend both a Talent and a Stat Point at a Level Up in order to get one as well. Doing awesome RPing or doing other epic things can score you EPs as well.

    You can spend 1 EP to get -25 to a Challenge's result, reroll a Challenge, get a better drop (or drops) from an enemy, or have something else special happen. Also if you do enter Bleeding Out Status, you can spend 1 EP to stop Bleeding Out and instead be brought back to 10% HP as it represents a powerful burst of will that can restore a bit of your health. You can also spend an Epic Point to get another Action on any Turn of combat.

    If you are instantly killed (see Deadly Status in Combat Conditions), you can spend 2 EP to prevent your death, getting back to 10% HP instead.

    Skills (open)

    Skills are special abilities that your character has. They are unlocked through 'Special Actions', which can be anything from something accidental to a bout of experimentation/training with your current abilities that unlocks a new Skill.

    Skills come in two types. Passive and Active. Passive Skills do not need to be activated and instead just bestow some sort of special affect that is always activated. Active Skills must be activated through voice commands, which is done by simply saying the Skill's name out loud, which means you cannot mumble it beneath your breath. You must have your Character say its name to use it. For Skills that are both Passive & Active then you still need to say its name to activate the active affect, but the Passive doesn't need to be activated.

    You can rename your Skills as you see fit, although doing so in Combat is not recommended as it can leave you wide open. Renaming a Skill allows you to essentially change it up in case you don't want people to predict what your Skill does based on its name.

    Some Skills can give free TP or SP (Stat Points) as you Level them up, but otherwise leveling up a Skill makes it stronger over time and may make it cost less MP if it uses alot. To Level up a Skill, use the Skill within the Level Up Conditions of said skill. Some simply require them to be used, others require special conditions like scoring hits with them, using them for certain means, and etcetera. As a Skill gets higher in Level it becomes harder to level and some of the easier leveling conditions may either change or go away.

    All Skills can get to a max of Level 25. After that they cannot be leveled up anymore. Also sometimes how your character is built or just based on who they are can grant your Character special Skills. Reaching certain amounts in your Stats can also grant special Skills. Naturally Skill Books exist as well, but have requirements you have to meet most of the time.

    Filler Days (open)

    Naturally there will be days of just random grinding or questing, or in this case days where nothing really significant is happening (ill try to avoid it, but they will happen). These are how those work. You get 3 Actions per day (each Action representing Morning, Afternoon, and Night, a phase of the day) and can spend them doing any of the following.

    Get good enough on a Roll doing an Action and you may either be able to repeat that action (I.E. you do it for longer and get more out of it) or even be able to do a different action in that phase of the day (like you want to grind, but experiment if there's any time left in the morning is how you could phrase this).

    Grinding (open)

    If you know of a good monster spawn point you can spend part of the day grinding there. Combat is auto-rolled, and the better you did the fewer difficulties you had in grinding the monsters here. Naturally more difficulties may have forced you to either flee and spend more time or even use precious Healing Items. Note, Grinding is easier in Groups.

    Special Task (open)

    Magic Rituals, Crafting, and other such things take a while and as such you can spend part of your day on that as well.

    Experimentation (open)

    Perhaps there is some special Skill you are trying to unlock or create. Well you can spend a while practicing and experimenting with that to try and unlock new said Skill.

    Stat/Skill/Talent Grinding (open)

    Instead of just aimlessly grinding monsters, you can instead find a safe area to grind Skill Levels instead. You can also try to train your various Talents to get free points in them (this being a basic Talent Challenge, CL varies, good RPing may give bonuses here). And of course, you can also do other forms of Training to even try and get free Stat Points as well, like vigorous running to increase VIT or something along those lines.

    Exploration (open)

    You can either explore an area you haven't seen or been to yet or perhaps explore some other area you have already seen/been to to discover more that is there. This takes up an entire phase of the day regardless. It can also be used to try and clear a Dungeon if you manage to find one (although that takes a series of Rolls and may take more than one phase since Dungeons are pretty difficult). Also doing really poorly on the Auto Resolve Rolls may force you to either retreat or may even kill your character.

    You can also use this to go visit someone, but that will also take up an entire phase of the day whether its going to talk or going to stores or something to buy something. Yes this can be used to peruse and browse stores for specific things you are looking for. If you know what you are buying though, then you can go there and find it exactly without using an entire phase of the day (you may use some of it though).

    Goes along with Game Elements, but since the spoilers can only have one spoiler in a second spoiler, putting it in its own section. Naturally in any MMO combat is going to be apart of it. Granted there is alot more than Combat here in Grand Quest Online, combat is also a large part of the game and is said to be one of the most intense VRMMORPG combat games out there.

    Turn Order (open)

    Turn Order is pretty simple. Its play by post, so the players will go first. When you post for your Turn simply have what your character does and ill post a result post for what happens (this goes for all actions both in and out of combat really that involve you doing something). After the players post, then the enemies get their turn, although sometimes some certain enemies or NPCs will go after certain players have had their turn instead of normal order.

    If you do not post for a while your Turn will be skipped and your character open to attack. If you can't post just say so, otherwise I will assume the worst and just skip your Turn and will continue to skip it until you come back and post, your character having been assumed to be spacing out or something like that.

    Actions (open)

    Once its your Turn you get a single Action and a multitude of Free Actions. Every Round is five seconds long, so your own Turn is five seconds long. Your Action is what you spend the majority of those five seconds doing.

    Free Actions are other very small things you are doing in the Round.

    Examples of Actions are Attacking, Using an Item, Using a Skill, Using certain Talents (like Climbing), and etcetera. Essentially anything that would take longer than just a moment.

    Examples of Free Actions are Speaking briefly (no need for long speeches in the heat of battle), taking something from your Inventory Window, putting something in your Inventory Window, basic forms of movement, using certain Talents (like Observation), using some Skills (like the Observe Skill, it will say if using it is a Free Action in its description, if it doesn't say that then using it takes an Action).

    For every 15 points you have in Agility, you get another Action on your Turn. So at 15 AGI, you can perform 2 Actions on your Turn instead of the normal one. Spending an Epic Point can also give you another Action on your Turn.

    Attacking (open)

    When you Attack you have to make a Combat Challenge to determine your chance to hit. This uses one of the Combat Talents (Fisticuffs, Melee Weaponry, Projectile Weaponry, or Thrown Weaponry) based on your Attack.
    You can either make a Regular Attack or use an Attack Skill that makes up your whole Attack Action. If you make a Regular Attack you actually make a number of Attacks equal to 1 + 1/15th of your Attack Speed. Your Attack Speed is determined by your Score for that particular Attack Talent plus the Weapon Speed of your Weapon and any other bonuses that are factored in.

    Heavier weapons are slower, so their Attack Speed is actually lower and thus they won't be able to deal as many hits in a single action. Lighter weapons are the opposite and can be swung more times in a single action (its kinda like Final Fantasy). Most Ranged Weaponry only gets 1 Attack per Attack Action, this only applying to Melee Weapons or Fists mainly.

    Regardless of which you do, the main point is your attack has to connect to work. The way to determine this is with the Combat Challenge. Your opponent's Defense is the CL for this Challenge. Their base Defense is 50%, and then their Defense Score decreases this (see Defending for more details). There is another factor that can alter Defense.

    Attack Distance (open)

    This main factor is distance and type of attack. This is the biggest factor for determining your Attack's. The following is a small chart showing different kinds of attack and their accuracy increases and decreases.
    Note that the Distance represents where your attack is taking place from. For instance if you are a bit further away and you want to make a Melee Attack you would have to run forward and then strike, which would give the opponent enough time to act depending upon how far you are running from which subtracts from your attack's accuracy (reach Weapons allow Close to be Point Blank, but Point Blank may intice a penalty instead of a bonus).

    For Projectile and Thrown if from Point Blank then your opponent could see you preparing your weapon and naturally throw you off, making it harder to get off your shot. In fact, if using Projectile or Thrown from Point Blank then your opponent actually gets a Free Attack against you (see Combat Situations).

    • Melee: +25% (Point Blank), +0% (Close), -25% (Medium), -50% (Long), -- (Distant)
    • Projectile: -25% (Point Blank), +25% (Close), +25% (Medium), +0% (Long), -25% (Distant)
    • Thrown: -25% (Point Blank), +25% (Close), +0% (Medium), -25% (Lomg), -50% (Distant)

    Defending (open)

    When Defending against an Attack you have several options available to you. Your Defense Rating is what you possess to decrease the opponent's Success Chance and it is usually determined by Talents. There are three Talents that can be used as a Defense Rating for most Attacks, some Skills you may possess could give you new ways to defend yourself.

    I will usually assume you want to use your highest Defense Rating against attacks and just go with that when determining the result of your Attack, but if you have special Skills that do special things when defending in certain ways or if you just want to give a a worse form of Defense a chance for some reason (either due to special Skills or perhaps you have something RP wise planned) then tell me.

    The first is Dodging, where you completely evade the attack. Dodging uses your score in the Acrobatics Talent as as your Defense Rating. This is the best method for dodging Ranged Attacks. It has its advantages for dodging other forms of attacks that can have affects if they even come into contact with your character (like a shattering or disarming blow against your weapon or shield would be bad).

    The second is Parrying, where you block an attack with a Melee Weapon. Against Ranged attacks if you try to Parry your Defense is decreased by 50. This uses your Melee Weaponry score plus your Weapon's Parry Rating. Note that Fisticuffs is also used here for Parrying, but when used to Parry actual weapons your Defense Rating is decreased by 10. Parrying has its own advantages though, such as special skills or instances that let you counterattack or disarm an opponent after a successful parry.

    The third is Blocking. If you possess a Shield of some sort you can use that to block any form of attack with no penalties. This is determined by Melee Weaponry score plus your Shield's block rating. Just note that some shields are heavier and can slow you down. Like Parrying, sometimes blocking an attack rather than evading has its advantages depending upon your ability set.

    Guarding (open)

    You can also spend the final Action on your Turn performing a Guard. A Guard is a special action where you brace yourself and get in a good stance to dodge or bock attacks from. Guarding increases your Defense Rating by 10 until your next Turn and, even if you do get hit, will reduce the damage by taken by a % amount equal to 50% of your Might (for physical) or Spirit (for not physical), which is factored in before your Constitution and/or Resistance is.

    Damage (open)

    If an attack connects it deals damage. All Weapons have a Damage statistic known as the Damage Range, where they deal a certain amount of Damage within a certain number range. The Damage is randomly decided, but if you manage to get a Full Hit, which is getting a result equal to 50% of the enemy's Defense Rating, you deal Max Damage automatically.

    A Critical Strike happens when you either score a Critical on the Attack Roll or get within the Critical Range. Weapons have a Critical Range, where it makes it easier for them to strike weak points. Heavier/bigger weapons have a lower Critical Range while lighter weapons usually have a higher one since its easier to hit weak points with them.

    The Critical Range essentially increases what needs to be rolled on the Dice for a Critical Strike, but getting within that Range and not the actual what you need to get on the dice for the Critical does not give you a Critical for that Challenge, just a Critical Strike which deals double max damage and ignores enemy damage reduction. Some enemies are immune to Crits though or may negate the damage reduction ignoring.

    Status Affects (open)

    There are many various Status Affects, but I will tell the more important ones in a few examples here. As more come up ill add them, but for now im just giving a few samples. You will be able to find Items that can help with Status affects.

    Bleeding Out: Your character is lying there, unconscious and dying. This occurs when your HP gets below 0 and you don't enter Deadly Status. To get out of this you must either spend an EP or wait for someone to heal you or treat you with First Aid. The CL for a First Aid Roll is 50% + 1/2 the patient's VIT Score. For each turn that you are bleeding out you have a chance to stabilize, the CL for this VIT Challenge being 50 - HP below 0. Every time you fail you lose 10 - 1/5th VIT HP (Minimum 5). Being treated by the First Aid Skill stabilizes you, but only a healing item/power can bring your HP back above 0 so that you can stand and fight.

    Deadly: Your mind is a powerful thing and it can sometimes let you even surpass the limitations of your body. When your HP goes below 0, regardless if its instant death (-VIT% HP), you get to make a WIS Challenge that has a CL of 50 - 50% HP Below 0. Upon success, you stay alive for a little longer, but are at -HP amount. Only healing that with items or powers can bring that HP back (as can spending an EP). If you do get hit though you either go back into Bleeding Out (if your HP is below 0) or instantly die if that last hit made your HP low enough.

    Diseased: You have been affected by some kind of sickness or disease. Detrimental affects or damage usually applied depending upon the disease.

    Fatigued: You are tired from doing too much for too long. While Fatigued you have a -25 to all Challenges that require either physical action or strenuous thinking or other such things. Some simple actions may still be able to be performed. You can automatically recover from fatigue completely after a short rest (usually around 30 minutes, higher VIT scores shorten this). Sleeping is the best way to get rid of this though.

    Paralyzed: You are either unconscious, tied up, or something else. Regardless of how it happened you are completely immobile and cannot move (if you can still speak though you can use Skills unless said Skill requires some form of movement). While like this all Attacks get +100 Accuracy against you and Coup De Graces are possible if the foe spends their entire round performing it.

    Poisoned: You have been poisoned and receive detrimental affects varying per poison. Some do damage,
    others have other special detrimental effects.

    Prone: You have been knocked down and must spend your next Action standing up. While Prone the enemy has a +10 Accuracy to Attack you (for Melee, for Ranged this is a penalty) and you have a -10 Accuracy for any Attacks you perform (-25 for some attacks, or some attacks may be exceptions, but these exceptions usually apply to Skills).

    Sealed: Your powers have been sealed. Like Silence, only it is just Skills that are unusable, you can still speak and access your Windows, you just cannot use any Skills that use MP.

    Silence: You have been silenced. You cannot speak and thus cannot use any Skills nor can you access any of your Windows which require you to Speak to open them up.

    Surprised: You are surprised and unable to act. While Surprised you cannot act and your Defense Rating is reduced by half since you are forced to react on a dime and thus cannot Defend yourself as quickly.

    Combat Conditions (open)

    These are special terms and situations that apply to Combat. More may appear as I think about them.

    Cover: You are hiding behind or beneath something, using it as Cover. Different Cover provides different forms of Defense Ratings against usually all forms of Attack depending upon the size and even the sturdiness of the cover. Some Cover also provides total cover and complete protection. If you are in Point Blank Range from a foe then you are considered to be providing Cover to the foe against Ranged Attacks coming from elsewhere and give a +10 Defense Rating to the foe against Ranged Attacks. If they miss and fail above a 10 then they are considered to have hit you for regular damage (if they Fumble, then they hit you with a Critical Strike).

    Coup De Grace: A finishing strike. You are able to perform one an opponent if they are Paralyzed. You perform an attack Roll (+100 Accuracy, but you can still Fumble) and you ignore Resistance and death is usually automatic (some foes are immune to Coup De Graces).

    Death: You are dead, hard to say it, but it’s true. If you either suffer a Coup De Grace or your HP is reduced to a % amount below your HP equal to 50 + VIT% below its max value then you are dead. That’s it. Dead. No coming back. No extra lives. Game over. Only 2 EP can be used to cheat death and come back, but you have to use it right before you die.

    Free Strike: Sometimes opportunity presents itself in the most unexpected of places. Combat is a more expected place. If you are in Point Blank Range from an opponent and have a Melee Weapon equipped, if they open themselves up for a Free Strike you will get a free Regular Attack against them (unless you have a Skill that can be used otherwise). Note that since this attack is spontaneous you suffer a -25 Accuracy. If an opponent is opening themselves up in the post I am working on, I will PM you asking if you want to take a Free Strike, or you can just tell me that you want me to assume that you always will take Free Strikes to save yourself the trouble.

    Your CS is here. I will be taking care of any necessary Stat Edits to your CS as well as all of the math, dice rolling, and other such things in this game. You guys just worry about having fun RPing and being awesome.

    CS (open)

    Real Name:
    Age: (Min 15 years)
    Appearance: (Description, Pic, or Both)
    Personality: At least one paragraph long, show me some writing ability.
    History: Just somethings about your character's life that are important like what they do, who they are, maybe where they came from. Note that going into detail may or may not help your character out in game, since this will have place in both the real world and the virtual world.
    Epic Points: 3

    Character Name:
    Appearance: Characters will generally look like their real world counterparts, but there can be some minor differentiations in appearance. (Can be either description, pic, or both).

    Status Window (open)

    Level: 1
    XP: 0

    48/48 Points Remaining (none lower than 1, none higher than 10 at Character Creation, free points from Skills and Attributes can make them higher than 10 though)
    AGI: (+1)
    INT: (+1)

    HP Regen:

    MP Regen:


    Talent Window (open)

    Can put no more than 4 into one right now.

    Talent Points: 30 + (1/3rd INT) =

    • Acrobatics (AGI):
    • Animal Handling (CHA):
    • Appraisal (INT):
    • Climbing (STR):
    • Crafting (INT):
    • First Aid (INT):
    • Fisticuffs (AGI):
    • Focus (WIS):
    • Herbalism (INT):
    • Knowledge (INT):
    • Manipulate Device (AGI):
    • Melee Weaponry (AGI):
    • Negotiation (CHA):
    • Observation (INT):
    • Performance (CHA):
    • Projectile Weaponry (AGI):
    • Sleight of Hand (AGI):
    • Stealth (AGI):
    • Thrown Weapons (AGI):

    Attribute Window (open)

    Put your chose Attribute(s) or your own custom Attribute(s) here.

    Skill Window (open)

    Where your Skills are visible from. Your Starting Skill goes here as do these two.
    ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 AGI. ???
    ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 INT. ???

    Titles (open)

    Once you get titles, they along with their bonuses will be listed here. You can have one equipped at a time, but the bonuses of all Titles stack.

    Inventory (open)

    Unlike normal games, in GQO you can only carry so much with you. Your standard Inventory has 10 slots, but can be expanded upon by either getting a bigger bag or things to expand said bag. The Items you're equipping do not take up Inventory space. Some Items may stack, but there aren't too many stackable items in this game.

    Equipment (open)

    Main Hand:
    Off Hand:

    Sack: A basic sack made of sturdy cloth that's slightly weather resistant. Holds 10 Items.

    Sack (open)

    1/10 Slots Used

    Money Pouch: Holds up to 50,000 Sens. Currently holding 10,000 Sens (¥)
  4. Cool. Well game system stuff is up. Ill have the OOC up when a few more people show interest/when I get back home on the 5th.
  5. I'm interested, and I have read the Gamer. Grind to survive and that skill is much to OP
  6. Jason Graves (open)

    Real Name:Jason Graves
    Age: 18
    Personality: Jason is a quiet individual, preferring to spend time alone away form others. He doesn't talk much and has very little sense of self worth, and even less self-confidence. He has a love of animals, however, and spends a majority of his time in the local wildlife centers and animal shelters. He has away of calming down and befriending even the most wild or abused of animals with just a few words. He plans on becoming a veterinarian when he grows up.
    In game,however, he changes almost completely. He's still silent, choosing only to speak when he feels he needs to, and still cares for animals. But his heart is hardened as stone, and his resolve like steel.He tends to be either very helpful and kind, or mischievous and childish, depending on his mood. He mentions his Real life sparingly, and never about his relation with his foster mother, those who have an ear for such things can gleam that he's suffering from some kind of trouble at home. He's ruthless and merciless in his fights, doing whatever he can to win in his battles. He prefers a 'hit hard, hit first' battle style, and thinks quick on his feet. He also has a savage battle lust that sometime clouds his mind. He has a hard time battling his 'inner beast', since it parallels with his contained emotions in the real world. Due to how much he hates his life, he tends to immerse himself in his In-game persona, sometimes forgetting that it's a game, and most of the time wishing it wasn't.
    History:He is adopted, his parents abandoning him when he was 3 at an orphanage in L.A. He was filtered around the foster system for awhile, until he was adopted at the age of 7. He had a new mother, and a new sister. His step-father was barely ever home, always working abroad for his company. His foster mother is an evil witch, only caring for her daughter and treating him like a nuisance and a plague. The only reason he was adopted was because of the father, the only reason he stayed was because of the daughter, his new sister. He loves his foster sister, would do anything for her, even stay in the hell of of his home. She is about 3 years older then him, but very loving and caring. However, when he was 11, she got hit in a car accident, and has been stuck in the hospital ever since, leaving him alone to deal with their distraught mother, who in her grief blames him for everything. She began to abuse him, both physical and verbally, berating him and calling him a useless nothing. He wants to tell someone, anyone, about what he's going through, what he's being put through, but he can't. His sister loves her mother, never seeing how cruel she is to him, and he could never bring himself to tell her. So he kept it to himself,suffering in silence, bottling up all of his rage, his sadness, any emotion that he felt might break him. He moved out the moment he turned 18, and now lives in an apartment by himself, attending college. His copy of GQO was a birthday present from his foster father, whose currently in China.
    Epic Points: 3

    Character Name:Raijinslayer
    Appearance: He's around 6' feet tall, with messy silver hair the reaches his shoulders. His eyes are a cold amber-gold. He wear a mask that only covers the bottom of his face, and it looks like a monstrous version of a wolf's mouth, seems to be made of wood and bone(Cosmetic item). Under neath his chest armor, he wears a black formfitting shirt with long sleeves. He also has a tribal tattoo of a claw mark that goes over his eye and down the right side of his face.

    Level: 1
    XP: 0

    48/48 Points Remaining (none lower than 1, none higher than 10 at Character Creation, free points from Skills and Attributes can make them higher than 10 though)
    AGI: 8(+1)
    INT: 5(+2)
    CHA: 8

    HP Regen:2

    MP Regen:1


    Talent Points: 30 + (1/3rd INT) = 32

    • Acrobatics (AGI):4
    • Animal Handling (CHA):4
    • Appraisal (INT):2
    • Climbing (STR):1
    • Crafting (INT):2
    • First Aid (INT):0
    • Fisticuffs (AGI):2
    • Focus (WIS):0
    • Herbalism (INT):0
    • Knowledge (INT):4(+1)
    • Manipulate Device (AGI):
    • Melee Weaponry (AGI):4
    • Negotiation (CHA):3
    • Observation (INT):2
    • Performance (CHA):
    • Projectile Weaponry (AGI):0
    • Sleight of Hand (AGI):2
    • Stealth (AGI):2
    • Thrown Weapons (AGI):0

    • Knowledgeable: You are quite knowing on different subjects. +1 INT, +1 Knowledge.
    • Passing Strike(Lv:1)(Active): A skill that allows the user to zoom forward at incredible speeds to strike the target, and then move past them so as to avoid any subsequent attacks. Works only with bladed weapons. Requires Agi of 5 to use. Level up Req.:Use it
    • ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 AGI. ???
    • ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 INT. ???

    Unlike normal games, in GQO you can only carry so much with you. Your standard Inventory has 10 slots, but can be expanded upon by either getting a bigger bag or things to expand said bag. The Items you're equipping do not take up Inventory space. Some Items may stack, but there aren't too many stackable items in this game.
    Equipment (open)

    Main Hand:
    • BAasic Rogue's Blade: A single-edge sword made for fast slashing and thrusting action. Does between 2-6 Physical Damage

    Off Hand:

    Sack: A basic sack made of sturdy cloth that's slightly weather resistant. Holds 10 Items.
    Bestial Mask: A Purely Cosmetic Item, it still can make the user seem quite intimidating

    Inventory (open)

    1/10 slots used
    • Money Pouch: Holds up to 50,000 Sens. Currently holding 10,000 Sens (¥)
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A
    • N/A

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  7. Cool. That's two people so far. Gonna wait for a few more before I make an OOC.

    Gonna go ahead and construct the OOC.

    Construct it later I mean. Net sucks right now. Will wait for more interest.
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  8. Oh hey Renose. Mind if I rejoin this?
  9. sure, that makes 4, I'll make the ooc when I get the chance
  10. Feel free to work on your characters while I get the OOC is up.
  11. I like how their are no specific classes, but it's making it kinda difficult to allocate my skill points.

    Question, Are their any fantasy Races in this Game, or is just humans all the way.
  12. the player characters are all humans
  13. Am interested as well.
  14. Finished my Character Sheet, ready for inspection
  15. Real Name: Hideo Eiyu

    Age: 23

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Odd hair color huh? To the surprise of many, Hideo’s white hair is not the result of dyes but simply genetics. All in all, he doesn’t look very Japanese despite his heritage being just that. Vibrant green eye and rather tall at six feet two make him look very much like a foreigner. Eye? Right, Hideo actually only has his right eye, his white hair covers where the left eye should be. It’s not like he has just an empty eye socket there though, that would be a bit too frightening for most people. He has a glass eye underneath, but seeing as it makes no difference, he prefers to let his hair hang over it.

    Personality: Unexcitable and laidback, Hideo is the epitome of what it means to be easy-going. He takes, seemingly, everything in stride and little appears to faze him. While intelligent, he avoids getting caught up in mental dilemmas, preferring to use a healthy blend of intellect and instinct versus over-analyzing and meticulous planning. Has it backfired on him? Certainly, but going into the minute of details is contrary to his easy going nature and most often results in frustration and annoyance that destroys his ability to think properly either way.

    His lax personality is easily approachable, a fairly good trait for someone who mans the counter of his own business. While his expression reveals little enthusiasm for his work, it shows through actions and conversations. An avid fan of video games, it was part of the reason he decided to open up shop in the first place.

    History: After he finished up university, Hideo decided to pursue his dream of indulging in video games. To that end he’s opened up a small video game shop with a focus on computers in the heart of Neo-Tokyo. How he manages to pay rent and keep the business afloat has been somewhat of a mystery for the last year it's been open...

    Hideo is considered lucky, despite losing one of his eyes. After all, the disease generally took both and no one’s really quite sure why only one was affected. In the end though, the eye was removed and a glass replacement took its place. It would have been odd or terrifying to have one green and another murky white.
    Epic Points: 3

    Character Name: Mushi

    Appearance: Pretty much the same. He looks unusual enough as he is offline.

    Status Window (open)

    Level: 1

    XP: 0

    STR: 1
    VIT: 5
    AGI: 9 8 (+1)
    INT: 12 10 (+2)
    WIS: 10
    CHA: 1
    SPI: 10
    LUK: 3

    HP: 25/25
    HP Regen: 1HP/min

    MP: 40/40
    MP Regen: 3MP/min

    Constitution: 3
    Resistance: 8

    Talent Window (open)
    Talent Points: 30+4 = 0/34
    Acrobatics (AGI): 4

    Animal Handling (CHA): 0

    Appraisal (INT): 3

    Climbing (STR): 0

    Crafting (INT): 3

    First Aid (INT): 2

    Fisticuffs (AGI): 0

    Focus (WIS): 4

    Herbalism (INT): 2

    Knowledge (INT): 5 4 (+1)

    Manipulate Device (AGI): 0

    Melee Weaponry (AGI): 0

    Negotiation (CHA): 0

    Observation (INT): 4

    Performance (CHA): 0

    Projectile Weaponry (AGI): 2

    Sleight of Hand (AGI): 2

    Stealth (AGI): 4

    Thrown Weapons (AGI): 0

    Attribute Window (open)
    Knowledgable: You are quite knowing on different subjects. +1 INT, +1 Knowledge

    Skill Window (open)
    ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 AGI. ???

    ??? (MAX Lv) (Passive): +1 INT. ???

    Flash (Lv 1: 0/100 XP) (Active: 7 MP + 2 MP/Min): A basic light spell, part of the Cantrips. Emits a bright light when used, inflicting Blind on enemies who fail to resist. Duration of ailment is 5 Seconds. To Level Up: Use Flash, Blind a Foe. .

    Titles (open)
    Nothing yet.

    Inventory (open)
    Unlike normal games, in GQO you can only carry so much with you. Your standard Inventory has 10 slots, but can be expanded upon by either getting a bigger bag or things to expand said bag. The Items you're equipping do not take up Inventory space. Some Items may stack, but there aren't too many stackable items in this game.
    Equipment (open)
    Main Hand: Basic Wand: Requires 10 INT and 5 Knowledge to use. A basic enchanted magical wand that contains a basic magic focus for using magic. This wand for beginners can only use Cantrip Spells, intro level spells meant to introduce people to magic.
    0 Attack Speed, 1 - 5 Damage.
    Can also launch a bolt of magical energy that deals 2 - 8 + (2) 20% INT Damage. Doing this though uses 6 MP and is done on a command word set by the wielder.

    Off Hand:






    Items (open)
    0/10 Slots Used
    Money: 10,000 Sens (¥)
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  16. Zombehs is alright.

    As for Raijin...

    Ill take a better look at the skill later and give an idea for that. It seems fine, I just need to tweak it a little (right now, your characters are pretty average people).

    The mask its fine, its part of your starting clothes so its just cosmetic.

    As for the enchanted weapon, no.

    Your characters are too low level to have that kind of stuff (you start out as rather average characters) and enchanted weapons are rare and expensive. Well... at least too rare and expensive for you all right now anyway, and at the start its a no.

    Other than that, on a looksee everything else seems to be fine. I am heading home tomorrow, so I will have a better chance to examine it then, but for now just the weapon needs to become a regular weapon (or a wand/tome if you are starting off as a magic user, ill go more into that if its not already explained somewhere, but to start off with magic requires Knowledge 5 and INT 10)

    But yea, for now two characters accepted.
  17. Also now we have a full cast of characters, yay X3

    Ill make the OOC when I get back home. But for now, everyone start working on characters (as, while it may sound like a dick move, I don't consider someone a true part of the RP until I have some form of a CS in my possession since I have had people from INT checks show interest, then never show anything else again and have had to wait forever until I just had to give up on them), but I still give priority to those who express interest during the Interest Check)
  18. I'll have access t my comp tomorrow hopefully soo I will make the ooc then.
  19. Finally back home. Time to make the OOC
  20. Any room for one more? Or have you hit a cap now? I couldn't quite figure it out scanning over this.
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