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  1. Now bear with me because it has been a very long time since yours truly has actually put forth effort in creating a text based roleplay. I figured this would be the best way to go about it though, so I look forward to roleplaying with you.

    For the rules: Be courteous to those you are playing with please. If two characters are in the middle of a conversation, don't be all "And so much time later" Just to interact with them, be creative with it. Or go do something else. With this, there will be plenty of opportunity for it.

    Create an alien race, or use an alien race that already exists, I don't care. But also, develop a planet, with its various flora and fauna. Religions, history, systems of government. Make it as minimal or as grand as you like. You can do this at anytime of course. Just go ahead and jump in when you like.

    There will be an OOC thread made soon.

    The vast reaches of space are waiting for you to uncover their every secret, legend and treasure. What worlds will you find? What friends will you make and what enemies will you create? Will you find fame and fortune in the grand cosmos? Or will you be the stepping stone to someone else's rise to power? Untold dangers and wonders lie in wait on each unique planet.

    Let the grand adventure begin!
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  2. The Ceratoran, Kazoth, lumbered through the streets of the bustling marketplace. Of course, being a merchant's planet, marketplaces covered at least 80% of Scorpius-9. Though there was an eclectic mix of races on the planet, Kazoth felt rather out of place. His race had something of an odd look, a brutish appearance that belies an inventor's intelligence. Ceratorans are hooved and bipedal, with long reptilian like tails. Their upper bodies are naturally a warrior's build, muscular but not overly bulky. Horns, that vary in shape and size rest on their heads and their snouts are elongated and filled with rows of sharp teeth. The typical Ceratoran is covered in fur, with scaling in various areas to protect vital organs. Kazoth was no different than the typical Ceratoran, with his gray scales and raven black fur. His horns curved forward, ending in two sharp points.

    What set Kazoth apart from other Ceratoran's was his prosthetic leg. It was a new creation of his own design and he was still adapting to it. At times it lost its neural link with his brain and caused him to stumble, creating some annoyed looks from other patrons in the market.
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