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  1. hey well im new here and was wondering do you need to use good grammer on her because i dont mind using good grammer but i find it takes me forever to post reply type etc so mind helping me out is it ok to u abreviations for things like: u,gud ,kno,some1 etc?
  2. For normal posts some abbreviations are acceptable though in roleplays its preferred to use proper grammar and punctuation.

    Also welcome! You can post an intro thread in the member's central telling us a little about yourself (opps .///.) and please if you have any more questions don't hesitate to ask, my PM box is always open as is the rest of the staff at your service.
  3. ok thanks for the help
  4. User proper grammar. It might be faster for you to type in shorthand, but we have members from all over the world and not everyone's first language is English. If you use chat speak, it makes it harder for those people to understand what you're saying cause they won't know the slang!

    We have people from Europe, Asia, America, Australia etc. >:D So making sure they understand you is good.
  5. Using grammer is good. It means the Grammer-Nazis won't come and steal you away.

  7. Try to at least use proper grammar and spelling in your role-plays.

    Firefox has a spell-checker so it makes it a lot easier not to make mistakes. The time spent in make sure your post is readable by all is WELL worth it. I promise.
  8. Sure, don't mention the south american, who cares, right? :'(

    But yeah, if you do have any doubts about using proper grammar you can always ask one of the other members for help, staff or the other members in the RP you're in to see if they'd like to spellcheck your posts and stuff.

    Oh and don't write paragraphs of more than four lines.