Graduation means a lot of spare time which means lots of new roleplays ^^

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  1. Hello, now I am searching after new roleplay partners again :)
    And I'm reeaally sorry for killing a lot of my roleplays a while ago xD I had way too much to do in school. I have a concert on Thursday so I will probably not start the roleplays before saturday or after the weekend. But I wanted to start my partner search now.

    Things you need to know before you ask me to be your partner (open)

    * I write about 2-6 paragraph’s per post and like to read the same amount. You can see some example thurder down. (You don’t need to read them but you can check the lenght of them just to see how it looks) (I prefer medium to long posts)
    * I am an active player and if we are online at the same time then I will probably write right after you have posted.
    * If we have different timezones then it can take 24 hours before every post because I need sleep.
    * I mostly play girls (between 16-21 because that is close to my own age so I have easier to relate to them)
    * English isn’t my native language so I can make mistakes, especially grammar mistakes.

    Post length:
    Example post. 1: simple (open)

    That punk dared to speak to her like that, thinking that he could say such things to her. It irritated her more when he dodged her fist, the most guys weren't able to move before she had hit them. The speed were her best weapon, but it didn't seem like that would help against this guy. He walked over to a fence and grinned at her, mocking her even more. He dared to call her a girl.

    "Do you have a death wish?" She asked him, her voice shook a bit of anger. Her hand twitched again, she wanted to punch him, she wanted to make him beg her to stop. Alex launched another fist towards him but just before she were going to hit him with her she changed the attack to kicking towards the stomach. If she couldn't take him by being fast then she needed to be tricky. If he thought she were going to do one thing but did another then maybe she would be able to hit him, and if she were able to hit him one time then she would probably be able to get in more hits.

    Example post. 2: Medium (open)

    Aubron went to sit down instead of pulling out a chair for Laila, she didn't mind though. She preferred to take care of herself and she didn't mind pulling out her own chair. But her parents looked a little skeptical on each other, even though it didn't stay long enough for anyone else to notice it. It had been written all over their faces, 'what kind of man didn't pull out the chair for his bride to be?' Maybe they regretted a bit that they married her away to someone like him, or maybe they thought that he were tired after the journey so he forgot his manners for the moment.

    Laila heard an unfamiliar voice speaking to her and turned towards the way the woman were standing, it was Aubron's mother. She hadn't heard her speak before so she were a bit surprised that she suddenly spoke to her. She thought for a moment, she didn't really look forward to her wedding dress but she didn't despise to put it on either. She would only wear it for one day and for that long she would be able to take it. Her mother looked at her with a demanding look in her eyes, Laila understood that she didn't want her to answer in a rude way.

    "I am very exited on seeing my dress, I hope it's as beautiful as everyone have told me it is. No one have let me look at it even once since they started to make it, they wants it to be a surprise." She told Aubron's mother, it was a lie that she were exited to see it but she hadn't lied on the part where she told her that she hadn't gotten to see it yet. Everyone had told her that she weren't allowed to see it before it were some hours left to the wedding and she would need to change in to it. Everyone seemed so exited over her wedding except herself.

    Laila went to the table and took a seat in front of Aubron, mostly to please her parents. If she showed them that she tried to become close to him then they maybe would stop to give her weird looks all the time. Now it was only one day left before she would leave them and probably never return but at least she wanted the last hours there to be as pleasant as possible.

    Example post. 3: Long (open)

    Lydia tried to think about what could have happened and got many ideas of what could have happened before she got her answer. Maybe he had gotten in to a fight because he were trying to help someone in need or maybe he had started a fight and gotten wounded. Some other thoughts run threw her mind at the same time as she tried to figuring out what kind of person he were, if she got to know that then it maybe would be easier to think about what he could have done. He hadn’t said much to her yet so she hadn’t that much to go on which meant she had no chance to figuring out his personality during the few seconds it took before he answered her.

    He surprised her a bit because he told her it was something embarrasing and uncool. That made her think even more of what it could be. Maybe he had just tripped and hit something sharp, that could in worse case leave a scar and would be a bit embarrasing. It didn’t take him long to continue and even if she didn’t want to show how interested she really was she couldn’t help but to show how interested she were with her eyes. The rest of her face stayed in the same half bored, half uninterested expression, but her eyes gave her away, if he would look in to her eyes then he would probably see her every thought. But she herself didn’t notice it, if she knew she would have tried to hide it as fast as possible.

    She tried to hold back a small laugh when she heard his story, it was a bit cute that he had saved a cat like that and she didn’t think it was embarrasing at all. But it was a bit funny when he told her how the cat had showed him gratitued. The laugh came out even though she tried not to let it out, it was always hard for her to hide her feelings, the way she had tried to act was so hard for her so it was just a matter of time before she would let something slip out. But it was better that it was laughter instead of tears. She liked that he hadn’t had shorten down the story at all, the most people would probably have said ‘A cat did it’ and then they would be done with the story. Instead he had made it pretty interesting to listen to.

    She had finnished packing her backpack and noticed that everyone had left the classroom except them, she didn’t understand people that always hurried like that. The only thing they did outside were talking to eachother which they could do inside the classroom to without being in a hurry. If she remembered correctly they had a pretty long break before the next lesson would start, but she had been gone for three weeks so she could just be thinking about the wrong day.

    As she took up her backpack she was thinking about what he had continued to tell her, what a crazy kid he must have been if he even would have tried to help an aligator. He must really like animals if he would get close to that kind of animal.

    The thing he said after that disturbed her a bit, she knew she could just reject to answer whatever he asked or make up a lie about what had happened, but it was a bit unfair that she had gotten to hear something about him and then she would just lie to him about whatever he were going to ask. She decided to just say the truth, he would probably just ask about something easy to answer anyways. But her hopes disappeard fast, were he forced to ask about that? The only way for her to explain it would be to tell him about that she were going to try to reject everyone around her because she were going to die. But she didn’t want anyone to know about that thing so she couldn’t tell him about it. But if she just said that she just don’t feel like talking to anyone then he would probably not accept that answer, or maybe he would.

    “I just haven’t felt like being social with people since I got out from the hospital.” She said, a bit of it was a lie but it was also true. She wanted to be with people but at the same time she didn’t want to because they would be hurtened later, so it was better to just stay away. “It has been some tough weeks so I’m not in a good mood, that’s all.” It felt so easy to lie but at the same time it felt hard, it stung everytime she made a lie but it was better to protect the secret than letting everyone know about it. If one person got to know about it then it would soon have spread through the whole school and everyone would pity her which would make her last year in life miserable.

    Here's my roleplay ideas that I feel like playing right now, you can come with your own ideas too but I maybe won't accept if I don't feel for that genre at the moment.

    -Black death
    The year is 1348 and a sickness has spread in to england and is killing everyone that gets in its way, a girl (me) has been accused for being a witch and spread the sickness with the powers the devil had given her. The only reason she had been accused were because of the man that ruled in their country, he were in love with her but she rejected him so he spread the rumours that she were a witch. Then he told her that he would save her if she would marry him, she decided to run away and are now on a journey to get away from the sickness and all the people that are chasing her. Some weeks ago she met a person (you) that she started to travel with, what will happen when this person notice that she is being chased and accused for being a witch? Will the person still help her when that happens or will he/she betray the newfriend because of the fear of being with a witch?
    (Can be romance or non romance, tell me beforehand so I know how I shall make her ^^ adventure, traveling (by foot and boat and other things they can find))
    (btw, technically speaking people didn’t get accused for being witches before long after the black death had killed 1/3 of the population BUT I stole the idea from the movie the black death xD ahhahha)

    - Who am I?
    In another time period there was a prince and a princess that had been in love a very long time, but the princess were going away for a couple of days and got killed before she could return to the prince. They didn’t find her body and thought she still could be alive and one day they found her, or they thought they did. They found a girl that looked exactly like the princess and had the same name as her. The girl tried to convince them she wasn’t the princess and they thought she had hit her head and lost her memories. So they took the girl to the palace. Will she be able to convince them that she isn’t the princess? Will she fall in love with the prince? How will they react when she can do so much things the princess never even have seen before?
    (Seeks someone to play the prince)

    - The unwilling vampire
    She (me) had been turned in to a vampire some years ago because a vampire (you) had thought she were interesting and wanted her as a companion. What he/she hadn’t expected were that she would resist once she were a vampire. She didn’t want to live as a vampire she didn’t want to be a vampire, but he/she were determined to make her act like a real vampire. Instead of drinking human blood she tried to live on animal blood and it worked pretty well even though it made her weaker than normal vampires. The vampire that had turned her in to a vampire tried to force her to drink human blood but he weren’t able to. Then one day she were able to escape from him and in many years he wasn’t able to find her. But now he/she finally has found her and want to take her back. Will he/she be able to make her think like a ‘real’ vampire?
    (Can be mature but doesn't need to, can be in present time or in past time)

    This is the three of my ideas that I am most willing to do right now even though I have more ideas. Right now I feel more like writing long posts because I haven't had partners that writes long posts in a while. So four to six (or maybe above) paragraph's would be awesome. Then if we get to a stage where we can't write that much then it's not the whole world.
  2. I'm interested in the Black Death idea- it kind of reminds me of a book I read called The Diadem by Sara Douglass.
  3. I like the second option :D I don't normally play male characters...but it's interesting enough to try :D
  4. Sorry I haven't answered this before now, hope u guys are still interested :9
    It's a bit late here in Sweden and I have school tomorrow so I won't be able to post anything today, not tomorrow either because I will be home late because of a graduation party. I will either post on Wednesday when I have a day off or on Sunday when school and parties are completely done. (Have my own graduation party on Saturday so I will be busy) Chances are big that I won't have time to post at Wednesday because I first have to clean up my room and it isn't pretty at all right now xD
    So please have a bit more patience with me ^^
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