Gracie and Joey in 10 Years

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  1. The future of two best friends who grew to be more than friends.

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  2. Grace woke up in the morning and smiled up at Joe. "Morning," she said sleepily. "Are you nervous?"
  3. "Of course" he groaned
  4. She kissed him softly. "You'll be alright," she whispered.
  5. "I hope so" he sighed "what's the time?"
  6. She strained her neck to see the clock. "Fifteen minutes past five," she said.
  7. "So early" he moaned "my operation is at 8"
  8. She frowned. "Why don't you get some sleep, then?"
  9. "Can't" he sighed "I have bad dreams"
  10. She hugged him and nodded. "What would you like to do until it's time to go, then?" she asked. "We can go early if you want."
  11. "No it's fine" he sighed "just chat"
  12. She smiled and nodded. "What do you want to chat about, Jelly?"
  13. "Anything, gooey" he smiled "it just seems we've hardly talked since the wedding"
  14. "I know." She cuddled into him. "How's finding a job going? I'm still looking for one around town, possibly volunteering at the local farm."
  15. "You don't have to work you know" he smiled
  16. She chuckled. "I know," she said slowly. "But I feel I might go crazy without something to do."
  17. "You could farm here" he laughed "we have the land"
  18. She smiled. "Possibly...that's more work and I'm so lazy. But it'll only be until we have kids and then I'm back to being here. What about you?"
  19. "I don't know" he sighed
  20. "We've got time. And you said so yourself, we don't have to work."
Thread Status:
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