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The West ain't heard of Bill Gracey. But they soon will.

He's plannin' a big steal, and he's put out the word to every lowlife, outlaw and gunslinger on the Frontier.

The stakes are high but this prize is worth a little crazy. A score like this'll set a man up for life.

Anyhows, old Bill Gracey's got himself holed up in the Switchblade Saloon, and he's waiting to meet the crazy sons-a-bitches who want in on this heist.

Name/Alias: Bill Gracey "Hell's Hunter"

Personality: A mean control freak with delusions of grandeur. His likes include people respecting him, enemies fearing him and getting slapped by whores.
Why this heist?: He PLANNED the heist.
Gear of choice: Two six-shooters (Ebony and Ivory), hunting knife, black stetson and longcoat.
Horse: A black horse called Merk.
Reputation: Those (few) who know Bill know him as a slippery son-of-a-bitch who's always got some new scam up his sleeve. He's survived on the Frontier through a mixture of con-tricks, petty theft, womanising and sweet-talk. But now he's stumbled on a piece of information that's gonna make him filthy rich.
Name/Alias: Ricardo "Lobo" Hernandez



Minus the coat.

Personality: A fast-talking spaniard who more often than not prefers to talk it over with people instead of having to shoot them, even though that's more often than not the choice he's left with, not that he complains.

Why this heist? He's in dire need of money, after some gambling debts getting collected, a scam gone wrong, and the murder of some horses that weren't his, and the men who owned them.

Gear of choice: A revolver, a lever-action rifle, a hunting knife, a harmonica.

Horse: A Brown horse with white spots on its head, he doesn't know the name.

Reputation: He's not a man of renown in the West, but then again, he's not looking for fame as much as survival. Otherwise, people know he's always up for a little dishonest work, whatever that may be, with whomever that may be.
Name/Alias: Edward Corstine aka Brown Eddy


Personality: A very flexible man with no sense of justice. Anything that can be his is his. Murder is always an option and a gun fight is another form of entertainment.

Why this heist?: Sounds like fun not to mention the rumored benefits about it.

Gear of choice: Smith & Wesson Model 3 aka Russian Model, same clothes in the picture along with a twin tailed coat, and hard leather metal strap boots to fight snake bite.

Horse: A brown and white nosed mustang named Feral.

Reputation: Edward Corstine made a name for himself in several North Western Towns. His hijackings and robberies were so quick and sudden that by the time they found his victims their blood had dried and turned that recognizable brown color hence Brown Eddy. If someone had been missing for a few days they knew who to blame.
Here we go. >:D

Name/Alias: Lana Thomas (With no crazy alias. Who the hell needs one.)
Description: Light brown hair, curvy figure, brown eyes. Appears to be early 30s.
Personality: A woman of little patience for anything she finds irritating. That'll include idiots, flirts, complainers, pansies, jerks, and... well. Just assume she's going to automatically dislike you unless you give her a reason not to. Once she DOES, then she's a great deal more congenial and a reliable companion. Maybe even friendly!
Why this heist?: After two years of rinky-dink crimes, it's about time she did something noteworthy.
Gear of choice: A pair of unimpressive pistols, A throwing axe, horse shoeing tools, and her wedding ring.
Horse: A palomino stallion she calls "Tom".
Reputation: Once happily married to Dick Thomas, there was one hell of a "misunderstanding" when their hometown accused the pair of a series of thefts. Her husband was hanged and she got away. Now she's thinking a little revenge sounds right justifiable! Since she was accused of being a thief, she thought she might as well BE one and took up a life of petty crimes to fund her long-term goal of revenge.
Name/Alias: Slater Rockwell, Desert Scorpion

Personality: Strong, silent, no nonsense type. He is suspicious of everyone, especially lawmen and anyone affiliated with the Army.
Why this heist?: To make a name for himself as an outlaw.
Gear of choice: Winchester Model 1867 lever action rifle, a Colt SAA, stolen from an Army officer he murdered, and a Bowie Knife.
Horse: A Roan stolen from the United States Army. Answers to 'Sherman.'
Reputation: A half-Comanche from Texas and an Army deserter. He put up with a year of discrimination towards his 'red' ancestry before killing two men from his battalion, killing his commanding officer, and stealing a horse. Since then he's made his way West, preying on travelers and anyone unlucky enough to catch him on his bad side.

There we go. If there are any issues let me know.
And Christian Bale is neither Spanish-looking nor Commanche-looking. -___-

This'll be one hell of a subplot.

They were separated at birth.

One raised by Spaniards, the other raised by Comanches.

They are Ricardo and Slater: Brothers and they don't even know about it...

Coming to theaters near you...
*posts his TERRIBLE IC up and runs away to hide in shame*
*laughs at Asmo and his "IC"* . . . . *and also posts a bio* (might edit this a tad)

Name/Alias: Redstring/"Thomas Dupree"/Redman


Personality: A mean, sneaky son of a bitch. He doesn't give a damn who he has to step on to get what he wants. Years of oppression plus physical and mental abuse at the hands of Missionaries has made Thomas an angry, hateful individual. Watching his friends and family die of starvation and sickness, while not being able to do a damn thing about it has filled his soul with darkness. Due to his wanted status, Redman prefers stealth tactics, striking from afar or up-close and unexpectedly. Just the way he likes it.

Why this heist: He needs money so that he can buy rifles and other supplies for his band's last stand. The last remaining stitch of Redman's childhood, his grandfather and band leader, is dying. He does not want the old man to die beneath the roof of a prison. For his spirit to properly move on, he must pass on beneath the open sky. The Missionaries or illiterate prison guards don't understand this of course. They fear the old man and the stories that surround him, the whispers of his past deeds. Even though he is sick and approaching death they still fear him. Redman will teach them true fear.

Gear of choice: Bow. Hunting knife. Small Hatchet. Medicine. Stolen Army rifle. Any other items procured on location.

Horse: A young leopard Palomino pony named "Igmu." Light on his feet, quiet and brave; trained the traditional way and loyal to only Redman.

Reputation: Outlaw. Murderer. Red Devil. Although he started out with a "warparty" of 6 others, Redman is the last one standing, earning him a reputation fit for a ruthless "killer." Reportedly killed a settler woman because she hit him with a broom and embarassed him in front of his friends.
I'm going to have to fall out of this one.

My inspiration's too heavily rooted in the 1990's-2018 right now.
Anyone ELSE going to bail out,... or apparently not show up!

Here we are with this awesome western... and even Ampu posted! ;__; Need posties!
*slow and weary facepalm*

*continuing facepalm*
I don't think this is going as you planned. And I'm afraid I might have to duck out on this one as I have a new project coming up, one that Weavel and I have been working on for awhile. I hope you understand. Perhaps in another OOC in another plot.

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