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    based loosely on the novel by Kristin Cashore

    Estiron is a continent on Terra; the Isle of Man. It is largely segregated from the rest of Terra, and for good reason. The men and women in Estiron are caught in never ending conflict, be it war, hatred, or even disease. Nobody wants to meddle in the affairs of Man.

    The nature of Man has also segregated itself from nature, and magic. They live in a harsh, drab reality, distanced from the fantasy of the world; their only connection to the peoples and lands outside of Estiron is through fairytale and myth. And, of course, the Gracelings.

    Those that are Graced have abilities straight out of a children's storybook. They are strange, unusual, and unreal, and as such the Graced are isolated and feared. However, the royal courts of the kingdoms of Estiron find the Gracelings quite useful, taking advantage of their powers to wage war against each other, using them to spur the eternal conflict amongst each other.

    For centuries the Graced have been abused in this way, but no more.

    The kingdoms are falling one by one into one of the greatest wars of Mankind, and the Graced are on the frontlines. They act as spies, warriors, knights, medics, and more, and in some cases, they will be the first to die. It is a Graceling's war, initiated by Man; and the Court finds this absolutely distasteful. They will do anything to stop the Graced from fighting their own kind, and to liberate them from the kings and queens that use them as pawns.

    Will you help the Graceling rebellion, or will you take the side of the royal kingdoms of Estiron?

    The Roleplay

    The characters will be split by allegiance and will be working, some independently, and some in a group, depending on which direction you take, to either win the war, or end it. The Court is attempting to end the war while those of Osion allegiance are attempting to end the war before it begins; and that means assassinating the Kings of Rhodontaea. Those from Asene are trying to sort out their true allegiance in this conflict.

    More information will be provided in-roleplay. Players are encouraged to help further the plot and to provide sub-plots. A large majority of this story will be played out through side stories created by the players.

    Map of Estiron

    Map base from arsheesh.

    In Estiron lie six kingdoms: Myropion, Iteos, Osion, Asene, Rhodontaea, and Eulica. Each has its own royal court and peoples and culture, and each, for the most part, hate every other kingdom in the Isle.

    Osion is a rather massive kingdom, composed mostly of farmers and miners. They are bordered by several mountain ranges. The land dips inward from the mountains, like a subtle crater, often causing problems with rainwater flooding. As such, many buildings are built on a high foundation. The castle itself is built on higher ground right outside Estia City, so high off the ground that it never floods.

    Osion makes most of it's trade on ores and agriculture. Many of the people producing these goods are poor, living in weak houses and with tattered clothing, although everyone in the country is ensured enough to eat, and most have an education. Crime is rather common, and is dealt with severely.

    Osion makes most of it's trade on ores and agriculture. Many of the people producing these goods are poor, living in weak houses and with tattered clothing, although everyone in the country is ensured enough to eat, and most have an education, although free education stops after the age of eleven and only the upper middle class can afford higher education. Crime is rather common, and is dealt with severely.

    The Osion court consists of a living King and Queen, several princes and princesses, and a decent sized family. The Queen is a gentle hearted woman, but has little say over the kingdom's politics, or over her husbands actions. The King is a cruel man, although his influence is rather subtle; he murders those who cross him, fires servants for mistakes and sentences thieves, even young children who stole a piece of bread, to death.

    Asene is an ocean side kingdom, focusing on fishing, farming, trading, and seafaring. Their kingdom is surrounded by various forests, mountains, and hills, although they aren't nearly as segregated from the world as Osion is. The kingdom is a large trading and transportation hub. The royal family lives in a castle in Mansoia City. Their castle is said to be one of the biggest in the continent, stocked with luxuries unknown of to many. In fact, the entire kingdom is middle class to wealthy, with few lower class citizens. Those in the lower class receive poor treatment, however, and crime is quite common.

    Asene is a popular travel destination, particularly for the rich and royal, as few others have the coin for traveling. The kingdom is filled with lavish inns and taverns, and has many a tourist resort as well, particularly in their capitol city, where they do tours of the royal castle.

    The Asene court consists of a widowed Queen, her two twin daughters, and their elder brother, alongside several aunts and uncles. Most of the living relatives to the heirs live in the castle- its big enough. The Queen is very big on wealth and money although she loves her family very much. It is known that she was titled Queen early in her youth- she was only fifteen, and was largely unprepared to rule, and still is.

    Iteos is south of Asene, and is a close ally to the seafaring kingdom. It is also a rather small kingdom, consisting of two forests and grasslands, surrounded by the sea. They focus on fishing as well as some agriculture and forestry work, producing furniture and other goods for homes and construction. They also serve as a trade hub. The citizens here are varied in religion, culture, and wealth, and all are given "equal" treatment; the lower class receive little benefits. However crime is low, and most have little to protest about.

    The court of Iteos consists of an old King, a middle aged High prince, and several younger children. The castle is rather small and is located awhile away from their capitol city, and so anyone in the family not a direct heir to the throne lives elsewhere.

    A decade ago the kingdom began to fall into economic collapse although they have since mostly recovered with help from Asene. In return, their closest trade ally is Asene and all exports go through Asene before traveling elsewhere in Estiron, and the kingdom gives a percentage of the profits to their Queen in thanks.

    This kingdom exists entirely on an island far south from the other kingdoms. Eulica focuses on fishing, agriculture, and luxury goods. The country, although not mostly rich or middle class, is incredibly wealthy in a variety of ways. The citizens don rings of gold and silver, one for each family member, and adorn themselves with hoop earrings and other jewelry and decorations. They dress lavishly and comfortably, and don't hesitate to express their cultural habits.

    The country is largely separate from the rest of the Isle, and actually celebrate their Gracelings, rather than abuse or isolate them. They do trade with the other kingdoms for much needed goods, and have good relationships with Osion, the main exporter of their valuable metals.

    The court consists of a loving King and Queen, and their seven children; five sons and two daughters. Each has their own castle across the kingdom, decreasing in size as they decrease in age.

    This kingdom is up north and exists in two separate land masses. They are ruled by two different courts, as well; the Kings are brothers, but have married separately. One division of the court has no current heir, while the other has one; a young girl.

    Not much is known about Rhodontaea because, like Eulica, they are rather peaceful and keep out of everybody's business. They live in an area that is snowy and wintery most of the year, which makes trade difficult. There are several passes through the mountains to get to the country, although most trade comes in by boat in the good seasons.

    The people are much loved by their Kings and are taken care of nicely.

    This last kingdom is rather mysterious. Little is known of Rhodontaea, but even less is known of Myropion. They are at the border of the continents edge, the edge of humanity, and they keep to themselves, rarely even trading. Some believe the countries border is heavily protected to prevent citizens from leaving the kingdom. Others believe that the kingdom is a utopia, so lovely that nobody would ever want to leave.

    It is known that their court is run by a solitary King, looking for a bride. His sister was married to one of the Rhodontaea Kings, and his first born niece to the Eulican King.


    The Graced

    What does it mean to be Graced? Those that are Graced never show their Grace until they come of a certain age, usually anywhere from the age of four at the very earliest to around nine at the latest. Most kids show their Grace at the age of six or seven. It is usually impossible to tell if a child is Graced beforehand; many children in Estiron have an eye color that shifts color, like a green-blue hazel for example, until they are around seven years of age. Usually, most children's eyes settle into a natural color; blue, green, brown, black, gray. But a child who is Graced has eyes that settle into unnatural colors- one eye will be one color, and the other eye is another color.

    After a child's eyes settle, the news quickly passes along through villages. The Graced are shunned, disliked- by all except the King or Queen of the kingdom. Many royals will take these Gracelings into their home, and observe their Graces until they decide if the child is useful or not. If they deem the child of use to their court, they keep the child in their possession. If not, the child is returned to parents- parents that often do not want the Graceling to begin with.

    The Graced do not have powers typically associated with superheros or magical girls. Their powers are much more unique and more of common use. Such skills would be similar to the ability to hold your breath for a long time, or to run faster and longer before resting. The Grace to control fire or create matter from the air is unheard of.

    The Court

    Every kingdom has their own court, but the Court, capital C, is a totally different thing. The Court is an underground operation run by Gracelings and other human supporters. The idea is to fight back against the royal courts that use and manipulate the Graced to their advantage, and to win equality for Gracelings in the kingdoms.

    The Court is based in Osion, and was created by a royal Graceling to fight back against the King's orders. The King was using his Gracelings to execute enemies to the throne and common thieves alike. Initially the Court was only a small effort to stop his antics, but since has grown with the threat of the cross kingdom war.

    There are allies of the Court across Estiron, although most allies reside in Osion, Asene, or Eulica. Common allies only provide small services; a free night at an inn, or a new riding horse. Others however, with title, can provide greater services; gold, intel, access to spies and the spy network.

    The War

    Estiron has been largely in peace for the past two centuries, but Osion has recently instigated conflict between at least two other kingdoms; Asene and Rhodontaea. The conflict originated over trade routes and supply, but grew after the Rhodontaean heir, a young girl, was declared kidnapped, and the Kings pointed fingers at Osion. Osion of course denied having any part in the kidnapping, although Asene has joined Rhodontaea in the battle against Osion to find the young princess.

    It is believed that Osion sent a messenger convoy to Myropion in a request for aid. It has yet to be confirmed if they have an ally in Myropion, however.

    Iteos, although closely allied with Asene, appears to be looking towards Osion as a new ally, and Asene is unsure if they are to back out of the conflict and ally with Osion or not. Eulica has remained neutral on the matter, although are more closely allied with Osion due to trade ores and metals.

    The Osion king and both Rhodontaean Kings are known to be gathering their armies for war, particularly recruiting Gracelings of all ages.


    1. All Iwaku rules apply.
    2. No godmodding, metagaming or powerplaying of any sort.
    3. If you wish to leave the roleplay, please let us know instead of just dropping out!
    4. Two Graced characters per person, 3 max. Do not make more characters than you think you can play!
    5. Be respectful to other players!
    6. I expect all players to be able to post at least 3 paragraphs (4+ sentences each) per post, and to be able to post at least twice a week.
    7. If another player has locked you into conversation and then disappears, you have my permission to godmod the character ONLY enough to free your character; i.e. "Lucy finished chatting with Tom before saying her goodbyes."
    8. If you don't post for a week without notice, I will remove you from the roleplay roster. Do this twice and I will not allow you back into the roleplay.
    9. I reserve the right to accept and decline all CS's.


    Character Creation

    Below is the CS for your character!

    All of the Graced in this roleplay will belong to a court; other characters will either be in the court through blood, or can be a captain, soldier, mentor, etc.

    Name: (many of the Graced may only go by a first name)
    Title/rank: (if applicable)
    Age: (see below for details)
    Court: (see below)
    Allegiance: (are they loyal to their court or to the Graceling Court)

    Appearance: (please try to refrain from anime pictures. Must come with a one paragraph, 6 sentence description)
    Personality: (one paragraph, 6 sentences minimum)
    Grace: (only if the character is Graced. If not, remove this)
    History: (2-3 paragraphs minimum)
    Occupation: (if any)

    Graceling characters must be 10-20 years of age. Officials must be over 25. No characters below the age of eight.

    Nobody is allowed to have a character from Myropion, Eulica, or Rhodontaea without permission. The roleplay will take place in Osion and Asene. Characters may have traveled from one court into another, and may be from one court and visiting another- this will most likely be the case for any characters from the three forbidden kingdoms. However all characters will be in or from some court or another, whether or not they are royal and have rank or not. Your character might just be some poor kid taken from a lower class family and brought to the court because your Grace has some use or other. Or you might be a Graceless servant.

    Characters are allowed to be royal but I will set personal limits on this and acceptance of these characters is at my discretion. I'm taking the roles that seem the best suited. It is best to pitch a character idea before writing up an entire CS.



    I am accepting:

    1 more direct heirs (not Graced)
    3 relatives to a throne
    6 more Gracelings
    7 more etcetera characters

    Pending characters:


    I have accepted:

    Arwen / Page One
    Izidora Veuillet / Page One
    Rydelle Chirani / Page One
    Robyn / Page One
    Eren / Page One
    Elidyr / Page One
    Savien / Page Two
    Giselle / Page Three


    Questions? Comments? Please ask below or shoot me a PM!

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  2. My CS Sheets


    Name: Arwen
    Title/rank: Lady
    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Court: Osion
    Allegiance: Graceling Court

    Arwen is a built girl, although not so built as to not look attractive in a ball gown or dress; she is strong and muscled, but maintains clear skin, free of visible scars and blemishes. One scar across her scalp is artfully hidden by her hair, and another on her upper arm has resulted in her wearing almost exclusively longer sleeved gowns and blouses. Her complexion and skin is of a light copper-bronze brown tone; sometimes in the light she appears pale, and other times her skin appears darker than it is. It is a result of her mothers gorgeous dark skin and her father's much lighter color. She stands at about 5'7" or 5'8", and certainly does not have a physique lacking appeal, however the way she tends to dress downplays on her appearance rather than accentuates it.

    Her hair is long and falls in waves, with bangs reaching to just under her chin and the rest of her hair layered down to her mid back. A single curl tends to spiral up by her ear. She tends to wear a single small braid down the left or right side of her hair, laying over top the rest of her hair. When practicing, or at events, she wears her hair up. Her hair is of a deep chocolate or coffee bean brown, so dark that it usually appears black, and has a shining quality to it. As such when it lays down on her back, unadorned, her hair almost looks like sheathes of thick, dark metal. Her eyes would undoubtedly have looked the same had she not been Graced; instead, one eye is a bright amber color, while the other is a deep emerald green. Her eyes are surrounded by thick lashes; the sort that get tangled together when you blink.

    The rest of her is rather ordinary; full lips, a young face, broad forehead that is often hidden by her hair. Her hands are usually calloused, but her skin is otherwise smooth, and her posture is rather good; a result of living in a royal court, probably.

    The young girl is a quite serious individual. She is incredibly down-to-earth and realistic, hard-working and determined. She often wears a scowl or some other look of disdain on her face, perhaps spoiling her appearance, but that isn't to say she doesn't smile. Work comes before play, she would say, but she has smiles for the friends she has. It is difficult for her to make friends due to her distrustful nature, and also because of her Grace; she also has a habit of scaring potential friends away with her attitude, although it doesn't stop the friends she already has. In court she is very good at acting regal, poised, and elegant, with smiles for all and pleasant words, but genuine niceties are a foreign concept to her.

    Grace: Instinct-
    The Grace of Instinct (or perhaps Intuition) provides Arwen with almost a second consciousness, one that is more aware of her surroundings than she, and can sort out the best route of action much quicker than she could. She will get a feel for what is the best course to follow. This applies during combat, conversation, and etc.; wherever decision making comes into play. Occasionally she will have an inkling of a feeling for the situation of others and can sometimes sense another's motives. This Grace is like following your heart; and it doesn't lie. Often, anyways.

    Arwen was born to a general and lady-in-waiting; technically, she was a bastard child, although the general later married her mother once he and his previous wife parted. That was when Arwen was merely four, although she still remembers the cruel looks and behavior her 'step-mother' held for her. When she was roughly four and a half, her eyes began to settle; one day, they would be two different colors, and the next, they would appear to be more firmly brown. However on the eve of her fifth birthday, they settled for good, and the general was none to happy about his Graceling daughter. He did love his daughter somewhat, although his form of love was skewed and very different from that of his legitimate children. Other soldiers and men often said that she was the one that broke the general's marriage, and his reputation, even though the man was never ranked down and kept his job in the army.

    A few days after her fifth birthday the general contacted the royal court himself and had young Arwen taken away, where she was raised in the court's nursery until her Grace began to show. People are still unsure of what her Grace actually is and what to call it, but once it was discovered to be useful, the King had her permanently reside in the court, gave her the title of Lady, and had the Queen's sister adopt the child as her own. Her new 'mother' was much more caring and understanding than her 'step mother', and the two grew to have a close bond despite lacking blood relations.

    Arwen was trained as the other princes of the castle were. She studied a variety of skills in order to take advantage of her Grace, and soon she was often accompanying the princes or even the King on journeys and travels as a personal body guard. There was many a time when her Grace saved either of their lives, and so she was held onto dearly by the King, sometimes even to test his food before it was eaten. It wasn't long before the King found more cruel uses for her, sending her with soldiers to carry out his horrid punishments on innocent men and women in Osion. Other Gracelings in the court had the same use, executing thieves and torturing innocents.

    Arwen was closely associated with the beginnings of the Graceling Court; not long before the beginning dregs of the new war, she stumbled across a gathering of court Gracelings, people who wanted to stop the King's evil deeds and to remove Graceling involvement, to win over equality. She joined their efforts and with help, managed to turn it into an actual organization. While the current leaders of the Court are older and more experienced men and women- the Graced woman who mentored her, a Captain from the royal guard, and the sister of the queen (whom raised Arwen)- the young girl herself was an active participant in the group, and her name became known across Court networks.

    Now the Court busies itself trying to find the missing Rhodontaean princess before the war escalates. And if it fails, they will be initiating their plan B; to get the Gracelings out of the Osion court, and to take as many Graceling Court members and flee to Myropion.

    First Lady to the Graceling Court, royal Osion bodyguard to the King and His Majesty's family

    She has trained in fighting and is rather good at it; she fights with a bow or dual swords. She isn't the best of the best, but her Grace helps her in battle in ways ordinary men can only dream of.


    Name: Izidora Veuillet
    Nicknames: Izzy, Iz, Little Bird
    Title/rank: Princess
    Age: 10
    Gender: Female
    Court: Eulica
    Allegiance: None (eventually will be Graceling Court)

    The young Eulican princess as a petite thing with tanned skin (the island of Eulica is in a hot climate with many beaches and a lot of coastline) and dirty blonde hair (blonde with streaks of brown or black), laying in usually messy curls around her head. Whenever she has it her way, her hair is undone, although it is styled to look beautiful when she must appear in front of officials. As with Eulican culture, her hair often bears gold and silver bands, rings, and other ornaments, and her ears have three piercings, with simple studded earrings. She often wears silver necklaces with dainty chains and ornate pendants, and her arms are often covered in bangles and charmed bracelets.

    She is a cute little thing, and strong for her size. The only unsettling thing about her appearance are her Graceling eyes; one a pale purple, the other a chrome silver.

    Izzy is a happy-go-lucky sort of girl. She is incredibly optimistic and active, and it's hard not to fall under her spell of sheer joy. She has the ability to make people smile; and it's unrelated to her Grace, it's just who she is. She is bubbly and talkative and will try her best to make the saddest people smile. Perhaps she is in some ways sheltered and innocent, but despite that she leads a happy life.

    Grace: Mind reading; Desire-
    Izzy has the Grace of reading minds. However, nobody can simply read minds in their entirety; Izidora can read minds the way of desire and emotion. She can read how people are feeling, and what they want; and even further, she can manipulate it to an extent. If she has physical or eye contact with another person, she can change how they feel about something, or she can alter their desires. The effect has it's time limits, but some predict that as she grows older, her Grace may grow stronger.
    For the sake of protecting Izzy, however, it is told instead that her Grace is Optimism, the ability to grant others a feeling of well being.

    Izidora was born to the Eulican royal family, and is the second youngest; her baby brother, aged five, is the youngest, and the only other sibling whose age is close to hers is one of her brothers, aged thirteen. Although the gap is small, it's enough to separate Izidora from her family, who love her very much but have little time to play with the young child. Instead, her family "hired" her playmates, playmates that became her closest friends and joined the court with small titles.

    When her Grace began to show at the age of seven and her eyes settled, her family cared little, and only celebrated. However even though Eulica is accepting of the Graced, her Grace was one to be shamed upon; mind reading. Only her eldest brother knows of her true Grace, and make her promise never to tell anybody what it actually is. She feigns under the guise of her Grace being Optimism, and it works quite well for her, as she typically leaves her Grace alone and doesn't use it to mess with others.

    Izzy was always adventurous and wanted to leave the confines of her home and kingdom. She got that chance when she came traveling with her elder sister, Ivana, and the prince heir-to-be, her eldest brother, to Osion and Asene.

    None, although she is technically a princess. She is too young to have duties and is five places away from the throne; she is unlikely to ever have duties further than making appearances when necessary.

    Like in the books, she wears rings for every close family member. She wears one for herself, six for her siblings, two for her parents, and a few small bands for aunts, uncles, and grandparents.


    Name: Rydelle Chirani
    Title/rank: Captain
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Court: Asene Court
    Allegiance: Asene Court

    Rydelle is a short girl, with a height of about 5'3" or 5'4", with a healthy weight and strong muscles. She has in particular upper arm strength from her swimming and archery, although she is also a fast runner. Her skin is light in color, usually the palest in a room although she isn't white as a dove, and she has flaming red hair that lays down her back. Her hair can be described as fluffy and curly (think Merida, but much much more tamed and shorter, and realistic) although it can be tamed into waved sheets or curled into ringlets. Her face is circular or heart shaped, with friendly features.

    Her eyes are colored a deep sea blue and the other a Caribbean sea green.

    The redhead is an affectionate girl who loves stories and tales and music. She is particularly creative and has a wild imagination, despite her disciplined alter-ego. It is true that she changes into a serious, unsmiling woman when doing her work, but the true Rydelle is fun and loving. She works particularly well with children, and often spends her spare time in the Asene nursery with other Graceling children and works with them to help them adapt to Court life.

    Grace: Luck-
    Rydelle has a stunning amount of luck with everyday endeavors and activities, particularly in combat. When competing, she has a higher chance of winning, when fighting, her blows have a higher chance of hitting, and when handling rough situations, things usually go her way. Her Grace is subtle and does have it's limits; her life is not sunshine and roses, and her Grace can be overextended. She may get lucky and managed to find a free meal on her travels, but then might be unable to find a dry place to sleep, etc. This Grace is why she chose to become an archer; while not as skilled as one with an Archery Grace, she manages to get more direct hits with her arrows than the average person.

    A middle class merchant once met a lovely young girl while taking in travelers in trading season. She came into an inn that his family owned with a group of traders, bedraggled and dirty without a single coin to her name. She was above asking for scraps, although she was sitting silently in the corner of the inn, waiting until the traders retired to their rooms to try and pick at whatever food they left behind. Noting her, he approached her and offered her a job, providing her a room and some meal to stay and work. She accepted and in the days that followed, he became absolutely smitten with her. It wasn't long before they married. Later, she came to run the inn while the merchant was traveling and selling his wares. She later had a young child, a girl.

    This girl, Rydelle, grew up a smiling bright young child, although once her eyes settled it caused by parents much grief. They settled late, when she was nine years old, and they managed to hide her for another year, and she worked in the kitchens at the inn. However once a traveler found out and reported to the Queen, young Rydelle was extracted and taken into custody. Her time at the court as a child was horrible for her; she was traumatized by the 'kidnapping' and had no friends in the court, although later she grew in rank and lost her fear. Now she tries to assist the new Gracelings.

    Young Captain of the archery section of the Asene royal guard
    She is going to turn 18 in a matter of days.
    Although she is labeled Captain, she actually holds little true rank and word in the royal guard, as she has three superiors higher than she; Commander of the archers, General of the royal guard, and then the Queen herself.​
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  3. Name:
    Graceling Court.

    Robyn is not tall, standing at only five foot four and is short for his age. He is slim and not very well built, resembling that of a blade of grass. What he lacks in height, he makes up for general stealth. His hair is that of a deep sherry red and wild almost unmanageable hair that doesn't have a very even haircut due to the curl that he has. While pale, he lacks freckles that redheads normally have but does burn easily and prefers to be covered up. Robyn has dimples when he smiles, and has a small gap between his right lateral incisor and central incisor from crooked teeth. Otherwise normal, his eyes stayed with one a bright honey color and the other a dark brown nearing black.
    Personality: His personality is described as cheerful, though he can be mistaken for naive on many counts. However, he is far from naive and is smarter than he lets on to be. He doesn't mind letting people believe what they want, and was nicknamed "Half-Wit" among his peers. He actually quite like the name, and doesn't go about correcting people on his actual name when it gets mispronounced or misspelled. He's clumsy, and doesn't have any actual court grace and is often stumbling over things that only he can see. Robyn is often seen with a smile, and is very good at acting.
    His grace is more unusual, and that he doesn't need sleep at all. His body recovers without sleep and doesn't feel the effects of fatigue of staying up several nights. This makes him good at staying up watching things, because he can and will stay in one place and never have the desire to fall asleep. Robyn can fall asleep, but he wont sleep for very long nor will he have any dreams but will wake up completely alert and awake without drowsiness.
    Robyn is the only child of a single mother who found herself with very little money after her husband was caught stealing and was murdered. She lost everything, and was forced with the responsibility of a child she didn't much care for. His family consisted of farmers, and he was used to doing without all his life. In order to gain more money (and potentially win over his mother's affection), Robyn turned to lying to gain the sympathies of the town folk and passing soldiers (and rob them of their money).
    From there he learned how to act, how to cry on cue, and how to feign illness or injury. This went on until he turned seven, and his eyes finally stayed with the unusual colors of those with the Grace. Coincidentally, he was finally caught stealing people's money and the only reason he wasn't put to death was for the fact that he could never fall asleep. This proved useful and he spent a lot of time standing on guard (which ended up being the most boring things he's ever done), eventually he was moved to standing guard over some of the royal family or even those who had illness or was with child. But because of his personality, Robyn was subjected to teasing from the court, and they didn't make his life any happier.
    He was a fairly recent member of the Osion court when war broke out, only being there for a year and a half. Robyn got caught up in the Graceling Court by accident, and even he isn't sure where his alliance stands. He picks and chooses sides that suit his needs, but his distaste for the king remains strong and that is the only reason he hasn't abandoned the Graceling Court completely.
    It is rumored, but not actually confirmed by him, that he is not interested in women with a preference to males.
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  4. Name: Eren
    Title/rank: Captain
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Court: Osion
    Allegiance: Osion Court (Can be persuaded to the GracelingCourt)

    Eren is a warrior, his body is toned with muscle and tanned from the hard training days outside. He stands roughly at six-foot-one, a long diagonal scar runs across his chest all the way down to his abdomen. His hair is always cut short an slicked back, kept from his face and preferred in the Military line of work to have short hair. His face is a rugged handsome, though his eyes pull most attention away from his face. He was Graced and this led to him having one eye that was an obsidian black, and the next eye was a blood red in color.

    He is normally seen in a tunic, trousers, and shoes when he isn't wearing his Captain uniform that was given to him by the Military.

    Eren is a professional, when doing his job he leaves his emotions behind. They get in the way of his duty and he cannot have that, it would insult the King if he was tasked of killing someone only to grow a conscious and refuse the king. When he isn't in uniform, and doing his duties. His entire attitude changes. He is kinder, always willing to go see how the young children are in the nursery. He sometimes tends to the Graceling children, remembering how they have no real family anymore because of their abilities. He is kind to the ones around him, that are kind back. His anger is non-existent, always thinking with his head is what he prefers to do. He has survived longer because he thought his way around things instead of just attacking.

    Archery - The Grace of Archery is one that stands out over many Graces, like Hand-To-Hand or Sword Fighting, or Fighting in general. He is the most skilled Archer in the Osion court, having the ability to judge the wind, distance and the bows capabilities when one in his hands. He has also never missed a shot in his life, and he has the 'ability' to see where the weakness in armor lies and aim for it. Archers take years to learn these things, and he can do them simply because of his Grace.

    Eren grew up in a family of seven children, and he was the middle child. His Father and Mother were Farmers for the Osion Kingdom and needed all the children they could get to help tend the fields since they were poorer than other Farmers and couldn't afford to hire as many servants to tend the fields. It was when Eren was four years old, that his eyes began to shift colors and shift back to his standard blue eyes. His Mother blamed the color change on the lighting everytime she saw them differently, but one day they changed and never went back to being blue. She was worried, and pulled him around to various areas of the house and outside to see if his eyes really had changed and when she confirmed they had. She was heartbroken, but his Father wasn't. His Father was furious with Eren, and he blamed Eren at only the age of four for trying to ruin his life.

    An argument rose between Mother and Father and his Father went so far as to mention killing Eren so the Osion Crown couldn't get a hold of him. The Osion Crown has never helped his Family, so why should he send Eren? His Mother went behind his Father's back and paid a traveling merchant to take her son up to Estia City and give him to the Osion Court.

    When he arrived at the Osion court, he was taken in and treated 'kindly' by all the servants that raised him. Searching on what his Grace was, but they couldn't find anything on him. They were trying to find out if he could do things like reading minds, or being able to cook or tell when people lie. Something that was practical. One day when he was 12 years old, he was drawn to a bow that was laying on the ground in the training field. No servant was currently watching him and he got away with picking up the small compact bow and proceeded to notch an arrow and fire the bow. He wasn't on the bulls-eye because the bow was too large for his frame, and a soldier noticed him do this and retrieved a small one and asked him to do the same thing. Eren hit the bullseye, then again and again and that was enough for the soldier to see. He reported it to the King right away on what young Eren's Grace was.

    He has been an Archer in the Kings Guard and Army, and even sent on some Assassination tasks that required a bow and a distance to kill the man.

    Captain - He was given the title Captain, but he really has no power. It was meant to 'please' Eren with a title so the King didn't have to worry about him betraying him.

    Knows how to cook, sword fight, and hand-to-hand, but isn't the best at any of the three like Graced ones are.
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  5. I'm not quite sure if children not even seven years of age can really qualify as con men. He might have had quick fingers and I wouldn't count him as a con man for that.

    Fix that one thing up and we're good to go with Robyn!
  6. Character is accepted! Do you suppose Arwen and Eren would know each other?
  7. They probably would, yes.
  8. *awkward cough* Right I'll fix that.
  9. Name: Elidyr
    Title/rank: Lady
    Age: Nineteen
    Gender: Female
    Court: Osion
    Allegiance: Graceling Court whole-heartedly
    Appearance: Elidyr has subjective beauty. She has high cheekbones which gives her a sort of sharp look. Her eyebrows and general expression probably takes care of the remaining "did I do something wrong or is that their resting face". She has equally sharp eyes, one colored a steely grey and the other olive green. She has dark skin, the way skin looks when it's permanently tanned, a sort of pale brown. Very coppery. She's about 5'6", and has deep brown hair, almost always tied back. Her hair goes past her shoulders when let grown out, and is also very curly. When tied back, the top of her head is plated so the curls are flat, but there's nothing to be done about the rest of her hair. She has her share of muscle, especially in her legs, shoulders, and back. Her face is more oval, very sharply oval, with a pointed chin.
    Personality: Elidyr is someone who knows what she wants and depending on how badly, will do next to anything to get it. She refuses to acknowledge emotional invalidation, in other people and as an option. To her, it's a matter of what she feels, and that's the end of it. She doesn't have a big ego or any entitlement beyond basic things, like respect, but if she was deeply wronged she might be inclined to right it personally. Simple disrespect such as being rude or harsh wouldn't garner any action, but (hypothetically of course) being taken away from her family to serve under cruel demands of the King might do it. She also loves to swim, and loves the bonds and relationships between people. She loves to have friends and family and feel people close to them are what makes life so enjoyable. Elidyr also has a very strict understanding of priority, and no matter how much she enjoy something, all else can get swept under the rug for that one goal if it's important enough.
    Grace: She can breathe anywhere there's oxygen (i.e. water, and this comes inclusive with being able to breathe in low oxygen areas, such as the top of a mountain), and in the event there is no oxygen to breathe (i.e. poison gas, under tons of snow), she can hold her breath for twice as long as the average. Over the years, she's practiced holding her breath, making every second count, and especially keeping a steady heartbeat under duress, so that a single breath can last her several minutes, but never more than nine on her best day.
    History: When Elidyr was five, she learned of her Grace by falling into a pond not completely frozen. She held her breath while she was under the ice for quite some time, even if later she realized that she didn't need to hold her breath at all (it probably saved her from dying of hypothermia though). Elidyr was eventually taken to serve for the King, who must have seen some use in her ability to stay underwater for hours if need be, or walk underground mining shafts thick with gases and next to no oxygen for miles. Elidyr was only a child, but she grew to understand herself and the situation of her kidnapping quite well when she realized she could never return. Elidyr is a natural spark, ignited on her own terms, and she began the fire that would lead to years of determined retaliation. When she was 17 she first heard wind of the Graceling Court. She had been feeding the thought of freeing herself from the King for a long time, but now that the opportunity seemed at hand, she only hesitated for a few moments. It was kind of scary, to suddenly go from dreams and ambition to something with plot and purpose. She eventually decided to try joining and learned the depths of her determination and her will to achieve it. The combined revelation and the sense of group purpose has simultaneously given her more strength and stoked her patience. She is impervious to anything but that goal now, and will do next to anything to prevent it from failing.
    Other: As mentioned before, Elidyr only knows enough about fighting to be decent at it. Most of the time she doesn't focus on winning, rather it's more about escaping, but she doesn't deal with it overly much anyway. Her weapon of choice is probably a dagger, or a simple sword. Her talents fall in physical excursion, and she can do pretty good in a fist fight.
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  10. I find her Grace a little confusing. Basically, as long as there is some oxygen in the air, she can breath it and will be fine? And she can also hold her breath for lengthy periods of time?
  11. Now that you've simplified it, it seems a little much. xD; But yes, that's what I was trying to say; I feel like I should leave the one where she can hold her breath and cut out the other one?
  12. No, it seems alright by me. It was just worded a little funny xD The two parts of the Grace make sense together. Although, I figure she should only be able to hold her breath for as long as she has oxygen in her lungs; so a normal lungful of oxygen might last twice as long, but if she had no air in her lungs to begin with, that would probably lead to death, if that makes sense.
  13. It makes sense! ^^ I'll add that, since if I'm going to keep both I might as well make her a little less impervious. I'll try to rephrase it a little better too. xD; Sorry about that.
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  14. So, I need some clarification. If we want a royal, we need to tell you our idea before we decide to make an entire character sheet?
  15. I'd prefer it, yes. But it's not necessary.
  16. No worries. I'd rather go by what you expect rather than going ahead and creating a character, then learning it's not accepted as what I want because of your personal limitations.
  17. That's why I wrote it in. With the royals, I don't really want people going out and creating what I guess I can describe as a random character. Since they have more of an impact on the universe of the roleplay, their character is important. An OP Graced royal would be a big no-no. Same thing with a regular royal that somehow has control over an entire army, despite the fact that their parents still live and rule. Etc.

    Update: all characters have been accepted!
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  18. Alright, Sorry I wont be able to get a CS up tonight.. I will try to get one up tomorrow. I will try to send you a PM to talk about the details of my character.
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  19. Alright. Take your time ^^
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